Some SPG Platinum Members Can Earn Extra Suite Night Awards This Year

At some point this August the Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest programs will be merged. While Marriott has shared their vision for what the program will look like, there are so many little details that we’re still not sure of. I believe Marriott is doing everything they can to provide clarity on things, though I’m guessing they’re quite overwhelmed trying to figure this all out themselves.

In the short term there are some pretty cool opportunities due to the new program. For example, starting in August the cost of redemptions at Starwood’s top hotels will go way down for the remainder of the year. It looks like there’s another potential opportunity where SPG members may be able to benefit this year.

SPG’s 50 Night Choice Benefits

Currently SPG Platinum members who earn Platinum status by staying 50 elite qualifying nights (and not 25 stays, or through any other means) receive their pick of a Choice Benefit. The most popular option is 10 Suite Night Awards, though members can instead choose to nominate someone to Gold status, receive a free night award, earn five elite qualifying nights, etc.

Marriott’s 50 & 75 Night Choice Benefits

When the new Marriott program takes effect in August, the good news is that they’ll be introducing Suite Night Awards, which Marriott Rewards otherwise never offered. The way this is structured will be different, though:

  • For earning 50 elite qualifying nights you’ll receive five Suite Night Awards or a gift option
  • For earning 75 elite qualifying nights you’ll receive five Suite Night Awards or a gift option

So this is great for Marriott Rewards members, since they didn’t receive these in the past, while it’s bad for Starwood Platinum members who ordinarily stay 50-74 nights, since they’ll receive half as many Suite Night Awards. On the plus side, they’ll have more properties at which they can use them.

This year members can earn up to 15 Suite Night Awards

Given the mid-year program transition (which I find to be puzzling), there are some short term opportunities available with the program. Frequent Miler notes one of these opportunities for Starwood Platinum members. Historically Starwood Platinum members can earn up to 10 Suite Night Awards per year, while this year it should be possible to earn up to 15 Suite Night Awards. Specifically:

  • If an SPG member has 50 elite qualifying nights before July 27, 2018, they can choose 10 Suite Night Awards as their Choice Benefit
  • Then if that member passes 75 nights once the new program launches, they can once again select a Choice Benefit at that 75 night threshold, meaning they could choose a further five Suite Night Awards

This opportunity is only available this year, because in the future you’ll only receive five Suite Night Awards at both the 50 and 75 night threshold. It also seems like the only way you can potentially get all 15 Suite Night Awards is if you have 50 or more elite qualifying nights by late July, but have fewer than 75 nights (if you’re over 75 nights then you wouldn’t receive another Choice Benefit under the new program).

Suite at the St. Regis Dubai Polo Club

This doesn’t necessarily make a huge difference, though this is something to be aware of if you’re expecting to be anywhere close to 50 or 75 nights around late July.

For those of you not familiar with Suite Night Awards, each of them can confirm a one night suite upgrade up to five days in advance, subject to availability. All Marriott Platinum members will receive complimentary suite upgrades subject to availability at the time of check-in.

Will you benefit from this opportunity to earn up to 15 Suite Night Awards this year?


  1. I have stayed 35 SPG nights so far this year, and the Suite Night Awards are so frustrating. I have had 2 nights clear out of 20 that I have tried to apply. To add further frustration, after already receiving the “sorry, we can’t clear your upgrade right now” email 5 days out, I have subsequently received emails from the hotel managers trying to up-sell me available suites for cash. So they can’t upgrade me with the SNA, but I can pay for it? Pretty poor taste in my opinion.

  2. I have 87 nights so far this year with Marriott, how many suite night awards do I get and will I get both Marriott suite nights and SPG Suite nights?


  3. I am have found the SPG suite night upgrades to be mostly useless. I did not see the difference whether or not using them. The image you are using is from Sheraton Waikiki – try getting suite upgrades there!
    A better question is whether 1 free SPG night will be still awarded as an optional gift at either
    50 or 75 night level and whether there is a chance getting two such nights this year.

  4. I have 25 Marriott nights and am close to 50 SPG. If I push to 50 SPG, am I good? Or do I have too many Marriott nights too soon?

  5. Not sure why you guys are so Marriott-friendly on this. No they absolutely are not doing everything they can to figure this out. I have straight up asked VP level people (multiple) for clarification on things and they refuse to give a straight answer in a manner SPG VPs never did. We’re approaching the 24 month mark of the merger (and clearly they began work on it pre-merger) and they still have made mistakes in *every* release of written material (the initial website had the lounge confusion, the subsequent .pdfs had mistakes with Courtyard breakfast that was corrected but a couple more that haven’t).

    They’re implementing this half way through the year causing confusion for everyone which is of their own making, this could easily have been pushed ot 2019. Not to mention that they’re borderline illegally taking some earned benefits away for members midway through the year.

    “All Marriott Platinum members will receive complimentary suite upgrades subject to availability at the time of check-in.”

    I know they’ve promised this…verbally. But their written statement includes nothing of that sort, repeated efforts to clarify this have brought non-answers in writing. This might be wishful thinking just like the verbal promises like breakfast benefit etc.

    According to what we have in writing, Plats will be entitled to “enhanced upgrades”, a pool which includes suites, so the upgrade “may/can” be a suite (Exactly Marriott’s old program language rather than SPGs).

  6. SPG plat for many years. Many hotels do not accept SNAs. You don’t really know ahead of booking unless confirming with Plat CSR that can check property details.
    My average success rate is 10%; great decrease since acquisition of SPG.
    Most denied five days before arrival. At checkin, I look up inventory and find there are suites.

    Some properties only make lowest tier suite avail and it is usually a small rate increase over next room.

  7. Am I reading this correctly? I have 12 stays and 27 nights currently. Platinum status for several years.
    I need to have 50 by July 27th in order to requalify?

  8. So contrary to most posters I have a had 100% success rate with my SNAs – 35 nights redeemed with 15 nights pending.

    I also agree that Marriott has done an exceptional job fairly executing this merger.

    Since I highly value SNAs I will be disappointed if the fact that I just hit 100 nights means I will only get the 10 SNAs I already received vs. a member who times it right and hits 50 prior to August and 25 after that.

    Marriott has IMHO bent over backwards to apply rules fairly. In that spirit, if they are giving some elite members 15 SNAs this year they should give them to everyone who hits 75+ nights this year.

  9. Lucky,
    Can you confirm with M/SPG the expiry date of the P50 earned before 1 August?

    I called SPG plat CS and the rep said they will expire on 31/Dec/2018.

    She said this was not in writing, but, my account would update to new expiry date. (I forgot to ask which account; SPG or new program.)

    -The fog of acquisition

  10. Not ok article.
    In my case I have 63 nights with spg and 19 with Marriott right now.
    Even if I don’t stay with SPG before august, I will miss the 75 bonus as they will add spg and marriott nights to calculate the night stays.

    You should mention : 50 to 75 spg nights (including marriott nights). Otherwise it’s partially correct.

  11. @BK@OAK
    I don’t believe that’s correct…any SNAs earned this year, including those prior to August 01, should expire end 2019.
    That’s the advice I’ve had from SPG ( I have 14 left, 4 carried over from last year will expire end ’18, 10 from requal this year expire end 19).

  12. I’ve had a pretty good hit rate on my SNAs including 7 nights at Westin Maui, 5 at W Leicester Square London, couple at Gritti Palace Venice (for my son and his wife as part of their honeymoon), etc. I’ll miss SPG – it’s been a great run.

  13. Is it possible to redeem SPG Suite Night Awards at Mariott properties prior to August merger of two programs? If yes, who is the right contact – SPG or Marriott customer service?

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