The Starwood Amex Personal Card Is Sticking Around, And Will Have A “Rich Welcome Bonus”

At the beginning of the week we learned about the future of the Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest programs, which has a lot of implications for a lot of people. Going forward, Marriott will have credit cards issued by both American Express and Chase, which should be great news for consumers.

We first learned this new co-brand agreement last December, when we were told the following:

  • Amex will offer super premium and small business cards
  • Chase will offer mass consumer and premium consumer cards

It sure seemed to me like they were basically dividing out the card agreement, and the two issuers would have the rights to different consumer segments.

A couple of days ago I shared my thoughts on the new Starwood American Express cards. Specifically, American Express currently issues two Starwood cards, and starting in August will issue a further premium personal card:

  • The Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express is already available, though will see some benefit changes
  • The Starwood Preferred Guest Business Credit Card from American Express is currently available, though will see some benefit changes
  • The Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Luxury Card will be the new $450 annual fee card with some great benefits

Based on what we’ve known until recently, my assumption was that the SPG Personal Amex would no longer be open to new applicants as of sometime soon. That’s because Chase has the rights to issuing the mass consumer and premium consumer cards. Logically that means the card would continue being honored for existing cardmembers, though eventually would no longer be allowed to accept new applicants.

Apparently that’s not the case. Amex has confirmed to me that the SPG Amex Consumer Card will continue to be issued after August 1, and that there will be a “very rich sign-up bonus on the card in the coming weeks.”

This is surprising to me. Looking back at the initial announcement from last December, there was nothing explicitly stating that the agreements were exclusive, though I think it was logical enough to infer that, especially based on similar situations we’ve seen with other agreements. That’s not happening after all, and I’m quite happy about that, as it means more choices for us.

I can’t wait to see the sign-up bonus that’s apparently coming in a few weeks!


  1. I’m curious to see what the Luxury card sign-up bonus is. Presumably the regular SPG Amex will be something similar to the 100K points Chase is offering, which sounds dazzling, but isn’t actually that much different from what has sometimes been offered on the SPG Amex in the past. But will Amex break the 100K barrier with the Luxury card?

  2. Lucky does that mean all of us who already have spg personal card will be grandfathered into new amex consumer card on Aug1? Should we cancel ours so we don’t miss out on that new rich bonus or that new product will be counted as a new card?

  3. After years of being touted as “the BEST reward card ever with the single most valuable points currency” I wonder whether there remain many people out there who have not yet applied and can still apply and be approved for SPG AMEX? Isn’t AMEX now just “scraping the bottom of the barrel” with this line of cards?

  4. Have a renewal due on Personal SPG AMEX on current billing statement. Called Customer Service and spoke about value drop since free night does not kick in until renewal after Mar 2019 and reduced earnings drop and was given a retention offer – 7000 Starpoints for $500 spend in 1 month – easy done!

  5. Also had my renewal coming up this month. Called to cancel but first asked about any retention offer. Said they had nothing – so I cancelled.

  6. I called last week, right after the annual fee was charged. They said the only retention offer they had was a $25 credit (no strings attached). I took it, thinking I might keep the card open. But with this week’s new info of the lower earning rate, I went ahead and cancelled anyway.

    Would have appreciated a nice points-based retention offer, but oh well.

  7. Also wondering about future of current SPG Amex cards and the possibility of earning another bonus

  8. Yay! Thank God!
    I managed to get the Business SPG but didn’t get the personal before they changed the sign on bonus to $200.
    I thought I was doomed!

  9. Lucky,

    I got the Amex SPG personal card just LAST WEEK. I am only about $200 into the required $3,000 spend to earn 25,000 Starpoints (75,000 Marriott points).

    What should I do?

    Continue to spend to earn the 25,000 Starpoints?

    Wait for the “new, rich deal”, and call Amex and ask for my new-ish card to be grandfathered into the “rich deal” (like Chase has done in the past when new deals are better than recent deals).

  10. I called to cancel the SPG card after being approved for an AmEx Platinum. They provided me with 2 retention offers:
    1. 7K points for $500 spend
    2. $75 statement credit after $2K or $3K spend

    The choice was obvious. I was also told that if I keep the card open, then any points I have in my account will triple in value on a specific date in July or August (I forgot the date).

  11. I have decided to cancel my SPG Business Card and just got approved for the Blue Business AMEX earning 2 points on everything up to 50K annual spend. I no longer see the value of the SPG Business Card particularly after they pulled the plug on Sheraton Lounge Access.

  12. Since Marriott and SPG are now one program will they allow members who already received a bonus of 75K Marriott points to acquire another 100k SPG points? I am guessing no…

  13. Well, I just got the email from Amex about my “new benefits” on the spg biz card, and it’s such a huge reduction in benefits that I’ll be cancelling mine before the next renewal. They’re not only going to lose a lot if card holders, but I project that Sheraton will see a measurable decrease in guests. I suspect I am not the only one who has stayed in many Sheratons and kept this card JUST because of the lounge access. I’m done with this card and Sheratons. (They’ve also decreased the points for spend.)

  14. Just changed my closing date on the SPG Biz from the 3rd of each month to the 25th. This will allow most of July 2018 charges to post to my account in time to earn 3X rather than 2X. If you spend a lot, this can be a lucrative change

  15. I just called and cancelled my AmEx Starwood Pref. Guest card.

    Wasn’t even interested in a retention bonus.

    * The 15 night credit can only be applied ONCE per year, so having two cards (I have the Marriott Rewards card) doesn’t get me twice the benefit
    * the Silver status doesn’t matter… I’m granted Lifetime Platinum in both programs
    * the free night per year… see lifetime platinum, and a gazillion AmEx Memb Rewards points. Too many points.

    Still keeping my AmEx Platinum and schmancy AmEx Hilton with Instant Diamond Status.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the cards don’t come out in August with a multiplier factor being applied at either Marriott or SPG properties.

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