Details Of The New Starwood American Express Cards

Update: This offer for the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

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As part of the changes happening to the Marriott & Starwood loyalty programs in August, we’re also seeing both American Express and Chase introduce new co-branded credit cards. We first learned the basics of this last December, though we now have more information about what these cards will look like in the future.

In this post I wanted to look at the three American Express credit cards that will be available to SPG members. These are currently branded as Starwood Preferred Guest cards, though at some point in 2019 will be branded based on whatever the name of the new loyalty program is.

The three cards will be as follows:

Let’s take a look at the benefits of these cards:

The Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express

This is a card that American Express already offers, though it will receive new benefits as of August 1, 2018. The card has a $95 annual fee (waived the first year), and will offer 6x points at SPG and Marriott Hotels, 2x points on all other purchases.

On top of that, the card will offer the following perks:

  • Receive an anniversary free night certificate every year that can be redeemed at a property that retails for up to 35,000 points per night
  • Receive complimentary Silver status, and receive Gold status when you spend $30,000 on the card in a calendar year ($35,000 as of 2019)
  • Starting in 2019, receive 15 elite qualifying nights towards status annually
  • Receive free premium in-room internet access at Marriott and Starwood hotels
  • Receive free Boingo wifi

Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express

This is a card that American Express already offers, though it will receive new benefits as of August 1, 2018. The card has a $95 annual fee (waived the first year), and will offer 6x points at SPG and Marriott Hotels, 4x points at U.S. restaurants, U.S. gas stations, on wireless shipping services purchased directly from U.S. service providers, and U.S. shipping purchases, and 2x points on all other purchases.

On top of that, the card will offer the following perks:

  • Receive an anniversary free night certificate every year that can be redeemed at a property that retails for up to 35,000 points per night
  • Receive complimentary Silver status, and receive Gold status when you spend $30,000 on the card in a calendar year ($35,000 as of 2019)
  • Starting in 2019, receive 15 elite qualifying nights towards status annually
  • Receive free premium in-room internet access at Marriott and Starwood hotels
  • Receive free Boingo wifi

The Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Luxury Card

This will be the newest premium consumer card. It will be introduced in August, and the details of the welcome bonus haven’t yet been announced (though Amex has said that it will be “rich”). The card will have a $450 annual fee, and will offer 6x points at SPG and Marriott Hotels, 3x points at U.S. restaurants and on flights purchased directly from airlines, and 2x points on all other purchases.

On top of that, the card will offer the following perks:

  • Receive an anniversary free night certificate every year that can be redeemed at a property that retails for up to 50,000 points per night
  • Receive complimentary Gold status, and receive Platinum status when you spend $75,000 on the card in a calendar year
  • Earn up to a $300 statement credit each year for eligible purchases at Marriott and Starwood hotels
  • Starting in 2019, receive 15 elite qualifying nights towards status annually
  • Receive a TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry fee credit once every four years
  • Receive a Priority Pass Select membership with unlimited visits
  • Receive free premium in-room internet access at Marriott and Starwood hotels
  • Receive free Boingo wifi

The big loss with SPG Amex cards

Historically the SPG Amex cards have been great for everyday, non-bonused spend. That’s because they’ve offered one Starpoint per dollar spent, and Starpoints convert into Marriott points at a 1:3 ratio, so that’s like earning three Marriott points per dollar spent.

Going forward the cards will earn two points per dollar spent, though these points are based on the value of Marriott points. Really this is like earning two-thirds of a Starpoint per dollar spent. These cards will no longer be worth using for everyday, non-bonused spend, in my opinion, at least without a specific use in mind.

That’s sad, because that eliminates one of the things that made these cards special.

15 elite qualifying nights towards status

As you can see, all of these cards offer 15 elite qualifying nights towards status annually. A lot of people have asked whether you can stack those credits. The answer is no. Even if you had three SPG Amex cards, each member can get at most 15 elite qualifying nights towards status annually.

The SPG Business Amex loses Sheraton lounge access

One of the unique features of the SPG Business Amex is that it has offered Sheraton lounge access in conjunction with a stay. That’s a really lucrative benefit, though that’s being discontinued as of August 1, 2018.

My thoughts on the existing Starwood Amex cards

Return on everyday spend aside, the SPG Personal Amex and SPG Business Amex will be compelling in a different way going forward. For me what it comes down to is whether it’s worth having either of these cards for the anniversary free night certificate, valid at a hotel costing up to 35,000 points per night. You can’t use a certificate towards multiple nights, and similarly can’t pay the price difference if you book a property costing more than 35,000 points per night. You can simply redeem it directly for a hotel costing up to 35,000 points per night.

As a reminder, here’s what Marriott’s new award chart will look like:

As you can see, this covers up to a Category 5 property during standard pricing periods. This should cover a majority of properties, and I suspect most people should be able to get value value from this benefit.

My thoughts on the new SPG Amex Luxury Card

This card will have a $450 annual fee, and will offer a $300 credit that can be applied towards the room rate at virtually any Marriott or Starwood hotel. I think that’s almost worth face value, so to me that makes the “out of pocket” on the card about $150 per year. For that you’re getting a free night valid at a property costing up to 50,000 points per night, which covers up to a Category 6 hotel during a standard pricing period. Personally I think that’s something that most people should get value out of, since that should cover most properties.

The ability to earn Platinum status through spend is also something that has the potential to be interesting. For someone who spends a lot on credit cards, that’s a great opportunity that wasn’t previously possible with SPG.

Some will also find the Priority Pass membership and Global Entry fee credit valuable, though personally it’s not something I value much, since I get that with so many other cards.

Future availability of SPG Amex cards

As part of this new credit card deal:

  • The SPG Personal Amex will continue to be open to new applications
  • The SPG Business Amex will continue to be open to new applications
  • The SPG Luxury Card will become available as of August

Bottom line

We’re seeing some changes with the SPG Amex cards, both for better and worse. Existing cards used to be great for everyday spend, but going forward will probably be worth holding onto for the anniversary free night certificates, as the value of the points they’re earning is decreasing. I do think a free night costing up to 35,000 points is generally worth more than $95.

Meanwhile I can’t wait for the new SPG Luxury Card to be introduced, as it will offer an anniversary free night certificate at a property retailing for up to 50,000 points, plus the opportunity to spend your way to Platinum, which I think a lot of people will find valuable.

What do you make of the future SPG Amex portfolio?

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  1. Lucky, you didn’t differentiate between personal & business cards in the more detailed section of the card

  2. Titles for the first two are the same:

    The Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express

    Think you meant to add “Business” in there for the second one.

  3. Cat 5 is almost useless in the US at Marriott. Courtyards are often cat 6. Wouldn’t expect that to improve. Great in Asia though.

  4. Hi Ben– If the Chase Ritz card ups it’s earning to 2pts/$, that card would be vastly superior to all 3 of the options you mention, right?

  5. Hey ben, my annual fee for my biz spg amex just came due. will i get an annual night credit now or would it have had to come after the changes in august? May make sense for me to cancel if I don’t get that credit and sign up for the $95 chase 100k offer later this year since the only reason i keep this card is for non bonused spend.

  6. I find it somewhat amusing that Marriott/Amex are basically going down the same path as a number of hotel cards (IHG, Marriott, Club Carlson) whereby it *might* make sense to hold the card for the free night but there is zero incentive to put any spend on the card. I haven’t decided whether I’ll keep my SPG cards but for sure come 8/1 they are in the safe/sock drawer. I haven’t decided where I’ll shift my non-bonused spend yet but probably a combination of Amex MR and Chase UR so Amex won’t lose all my SPG business.

  7. Once the luxury spg American express comes to Canada I will get it. It will go well with my platinum card

  8. As someone who has had the Marriott Premier for 5 years and struggled to find properties to use their Cat 1-5 certificates each year, my observation has been that each year the hotel I used my certificate at the prior year moved up to category 6 or higher. It was almost like they were tracking my moves and basing their devaluations on me personally lol.

    With that as background, combined with the fact that they are now handing these certificates out like candy to anyone with any one of 5 different credit cards I am very skeptical about the way they will choose to assign hotels to categories. I don’t think it is any coincidence that they did not announce hotel categories with their major announcement. If it were going to be a positive, they would have wanted to announce it with the big splash announcement. The fact that they held back announcing hotel categories was so that bloggers and the press wouldn’t dwell on all of the negatives in the details of the category driven devaluations they are planning.

  9. Great Lucky is still writing about the important stuff. Suggest making a separate section for Lucky’s columns, which are the best.

  10. I currently have both the Starwoods Am Ex and Marriott Chase. I only use them when staying at their respective properties, as I use my CSR for other travel/dining spend. I am trying to determine if there is any case for keeping both cards. It would seem that I would get a free night from each card each year. Otherwise it sounds as if I would just be earning the same rates (6x for my hotel stays), paying two annual fees and then combining points anyhow. Am I missing something? If I was to get rid of one, is there a strong case for which one to drop?

  11. Sounds like they are pretty much offering anyone 10000 SPG points at this point to keep the card if you are thinking about canceling. My wife and I both recently called to cancel our SPG cards but after that offer we obviously decided to keep them.

  12. @Lucky

    my annual fee for the SPG Personal Amex was paid in my last billing statement so when the new benefit kicks in on the SPG Amex will I automatically receiving a anniversary free night certificate benefit or will I have to wait till 2019 when the annual fee hits again before I receive the anniversary free night certificate benefit. thx.

    i wouldnt expect Cat 5 choices to dramatically improve in the US either but at least SPG properties will be added to the mix now which may or may not help.

  13. I spend close to 1M a year on my canadian SPG amex, so I will be very interested in seeing what happens up here…

  14. Lucky (or others),

    I currently have booked an SPG stay for late August for 140k SPG points (5 nights at 35k + fifth night free). It sounds like, as of August 1, that same redemption will cost 80k SPG points. Can I call Marriott in early August and have them credit me the 60k SPG (180k Marriott) point difference?


  15. @Erik I am not sure that is guaranteed I have heard of folks getting nothing when calling in even with significant spend on cards. I have never done retention with Amex before but I will with my SPG. My renewal is up before 8/1 so no cert for me this year and card will be neutered for earning. If Amex doesn’t offer me something this year to make up for no cert and neutered earning I’ll cancel for sure.

  16. @ Ben — The Luxury card sounds like a sign-up, get bonus, place in sock drawer, close at end of year kind of card. Hope the AMEX RATS don’t come after us “abusers.”

  17. If I had to guess, I would say that the starpoint as points currency is being phased out. It is likely to be discontinued altogether as soon as most of the millions of starpoints that AMEX had purchased but has not yet awarded have been exhausted, and then point transfers to partners would be based on the new merged program’s points currency at a rate that may not be as favorable as the current transfer rate. This is already evident from the fact that the ability of earn significant numbers of starpoints through general spend has been severely crippled.

  18. These are generally negative changes to SPG cards. I have the business version and am struggling to see the reason to keep. Simply no use for everyday spend, no lounge at Sheratons (if you actually stay at that brand) and useless level of status. Biggest question is the definition of category 5 properties – if maps to existing Marriott category 5, then of borderline value; generally terrible selection of underwhelming options; I struggled to get use out of these certs with Marriott card. For SPG Luxury card, may make sense if high enough sign-up bonus and then have a year to figure out if worth keeping.

  19. @Lucky – Your description of the Luxury card says “Earn up to a $300 statement credit …”

    That language concerns me. What does one have to do to “earn” the credit, and does “up to” mean some cardholders would get lesser credits? Or does this just mean you have to put $300 spend at Marriott/Starwood to “earn” the full credit?

  20. Also, I thought the new luxury card had little appeal compared to the Aspire in terms of credits.

  21. Ben do we know what changes are in store for the Ritz Carlton Card? SPG Luxury vs Ritz Card? Thoughts?

  22. Lucky, I have the existing Marriott Chase card with the free anniversary night. I also have the SPG Amex that will be adding this benefit. If I keep both, will I get 2 free nights (one from each), or is it like the elite night credit and limited to one per person even with multiple cards?

  23. I see the 15 qualifying nights are only provided as of 2019.

    So this year MR members get 15, but SPG members get only 5? Or will Amex provide a one-time additional ten nights this year?

    If combined 2018 nights count for 2019 status, it seems to me that SPG and Marriott cardholders should be on equal footing here…

  24. If I had the old standard SPG AmEx card, but cancelled >1 year ago, would I be eligible for new card incentives (if any) under this refreshed/new card?

  25. I am confused about their strategy – isn’t SPG effectively disappearing and the whole portfolio will be under Marriott – so why the new SPG card? Aren’t there supposed to be Amex “Marriott” Cards?

  26. Lucky, with the SPG Amex being devalued, I would be curious to see a post on the best card(s) for earning points toward hotel stays. I guess the UR family of cards toward Hyatt stays might be the best option now? Though there isn’t always a Hyatt at your desired destination so I’d also be curious for other ideas.

  27. It seems like a free night at hotels up to 35K points (New category 5) could be pretty valuable.

    Old Marriott/Ritz had 14 categories on their own, and some of the ultra-premium SPG properties were 1-2 categories above that.

    So they’ve taken ~15 categories in the old programs, and mashed them down to 7 categories in the new one (although that will grow to 8 in 2019). Therefore the New Category 5 could be more like the Old Category 8, simply judging by how far “up the ladder” each one is.

    Of course they could ruin my logic when they price individual hotels, but I’m hopeful.

    It also puts a lot more pressure on the recent IHG/Chase card change — the Marriott/Amex free night could be much more valuable than the IHG/Chase one.

  28. So if you meet the $75k spend requirement on the new luxury card and get platinum status, do you also get the 4 confirmed suite upgrades that go along with achieving that status?

  29. DCS, has been so right all along. I think he is more humble than trump so he may not ask it openly but he deserves to get a big wet kiss on his ass from all of you. So line up people, bend down in your knees and plant a sloppy kiss on DCS’s behind. The trump in him will love it.

  30. My SPG cards renew 04/15 and 07/08 so Amex says no certificate for 2018.
    I just sent an email to corporate Amex at stating that members with a renewal date before 08/01 receive zero value for their renewal fee this year. Will see what they reply.

  31. Hey Lucky – I have a question for you about these cards… As a Star Alliance Gold member I also get Gold Status with SPG/Marriott (sounds like this will continue). Now, what will I need to do to move from Gold to Platinum under the new program?

  32. the ritz card offered gold, which is the new plat, with $10k spend. how is increasing the spend from $10k to $75k a good thing?

  33. meh – I’m still waiting to see what the Chase Marriott card does with this program change. If they do actually release a Premier Plus card with a 100K bonus and a free night based on points rather than category (meaning you could top off the points and use it for a higher category property), then I will probably go for that one.

  34. @Debit — I have also been right about calling you a troll in the worst possible way, but especially in the crudeness of it.

    FYI – other than his improbable stumble into the US presidency, Trump has not be right about anything in his life. Just ask fact-checkers who’ve had to work overtime to keep up. There is not a speck of the buffoon in me or in anyone I have encountered…except maybe in you.


  35. Unfortunately the ride of Amex SPG cards has come to an end for me. It has been my everyday use card for years and now it is not worth anymore. I will cancel both my personal and business one and keep the Amex Platinum for Delta lounge access. Between Costco and Marriott Amex got really screwed.

  36. Meh.

    Amex SPG Luxury:
    -Must spent at Marriot/Starwood to reduce annual fee
    -Amex not accepted as widely as Visa
    -Nice selection of airline transfer partners, but with all of them you have to wait for the transfer to process, sometimes several days

    -Any travel spend reduces annual fee
    -Visa more widely accepted than Amex
    -More limited (but still pretty good) selection of airline transfer partners, with some instant transfers (especially UA).

    I don’t really value the Marriott status much as I don’t stay in hotels a lot, so CSR is the clear winner.

  37. A friend of mine mentioned it to me as he was offered the 10,000 points when he was closing his SPG personal account. Since my annual fee just posted I called 4 or 5 days ago to cancel my business SPG card and was offered the 10,000 points. My wife called the following day on her SPG personal card and was also offered the 10,000 points. I have been meeting spend on new cards for the last 5 or 6 months so I had only about $500 of spend on my SPG business card this year. So yes it is most likely not guaranteed you will be offered this but I think it is highly likely

  38. Gold status under the current structure or the new structure?

    If the former – really abysmal benefit. Gold status does not even get free breakfast under the new structure and uncompetitive with the premium Hilton card.

    Hilton Aspire is a significantly better card unfortunately.

  39. I think businesses (or people) that spend a lot of money can find some real value with the new Luxury card. My business spends around $150k per month and while I am sad to see the reward on spend go gown (SPG Amex business was my go to card) I will still put a couple months on it so I can get enough points for our vacations and now I can get platinum status in just a couple of weeks. The rest of my spend can go to my Ink card. It isn’t hard to spend $300 over the course of a few weeks on food and drinks at the high end Starwood properties so really I see this card as letting me buy platinum status for $150.

  40. Question about the 15 night elite credit:
    If I currently have Gold status, would those 15 nights be added to a point somewhere between 25-49, thus making it easier to qualify for Platinum? Or does it mean that you’re starting with 15, and have 60 nights to go in order to qualify?

  41. I currently have the SPG biz card, and have previously had the Personal card as well. Any word if the new cards are considered “new cards” that would qualify for another sign up bonus (whatever that is at the time)? Or, does everyone think it will be like the Hilton card that morphed into the Ascend with no additional bonus offered? Thanks.

  42. I complained to both a Customer Care Supervisor and to the Retention desk but was offered absolutely nothing on my SPG Business AMEX. They both kept emphasizing AMEX’s right to change the terms of the card at any time, even in the middle of the membership year. What a shitty, unethical company.

  43. DCS you can’t help it though. You are also narcissistic just like trump, just like comey, just like me.

    Why else do we keep coming back even to say I am not going to reply to you anymore. You LOVE the attention.

  44. This is almost like the Sapphire Preferred versus Sapphire Reserve decision for me. I have the SPG personal for $95 a year, but for effectively $150 a year I get the SPG luxury with Gold status, free Boingo (I’ll use that), faster room internet (I’ll use that), and a free night up to category 7 (off-peak).

    As someone who never qualified for Platinum with any hotel and almost never (except 1 year) hit Gold, this luxury card is a no-brainer for people like me.

  45. @Jackie: haha doubtful that Lucky will compare them to the Hilton lineup. He hasn’t posted once about the Hilton Aspire card since it came out despite the fact that it’s an amazing card. I genuinely believe that Lucky wants to write about it even though he doesn’t have a commission link, but it seems that he’s prohibited by AMEX. Only TPG is writing about it, which suggests he has the exclusive commission link, at least for now. As soon as AMEX needs more sign-ups on the Aspire card they will give Lucky a link and then he will suddenly start posting on every individual aspect of it and how it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. The ironic thing though is that the Hilton Aspire card is now the greatest thing since sliced bread when compared to the new AMEX SPG Luxury card.

  46. Another data point on SPG Personal retention bonus from this afternoon. Customer service rep said no retention bonuses were available. I pushed a bit harder and got transferred to the retention department. I was offered 7000 Starpoints for $500 of spend over a 30 day period or $75 statement credit for $2000 of spending over three months. I took the points. YMMV

  47. Cancelled my SPG biz card two weeks ago. My SPG personal card renews next week. Unless they want to offer me 10K starpoints as a retention bonus for again coughing up the $95 annual fee then the card goes in the shredder and I’ll take the Chase personal Marriott card instead. Because 2/3 of a Starpoint per dollar spent after 8/1 isn’t worth it. And I doubt right now they want to dangle a future luxury card in front of me. Hmmmm well there are always those new Hilton cards out there…

  48. As a LTP. I will probably keep my SPG Business and Personal and get the Amex Luxury for the free nights, assuming the hotels in the applicable categories are reasonable. My wife is most likely to cancel her SPG business (well, unless they offer her 10,000 points) as she will lose the lounge privileges. It would not even make sense for her to use the free nights when with me as she would be the main registered guest and we could not get my Platinum benefits (unless someone can figure a way around this). We both have Hilton Amex Aspire cards so we can both use our free nights when traveling together and get full benefits, as we are now both Diamonds. Also, I am less likely to stay at a Marriott portfolio resort property that has a club level as no club access, if a comparable Hilton is nearby as my understanding is that we can get the lounge at Hiltons even at resorts.

  49. @Grant Turberville:
    You don’t get Marriott Gold for Star Alliance Gold- it’s specifically for United.
    I am *G through a European carrier and don’t receive any Marriott/SPG benefits

  50. So both the existingl SPG Amex card and the new Marriott Premier Plus will earn the same 6x Marriott points at Marriott and SPG hotels moving forward in August?

  51. I used this card for my SPG stays which was a decent amount of spend as Ambassador. I think that is going to switch to my CSR which is a big loss for Amex. I did use this card for some non bonus spend but I get 2x with the biz blue now. I think Amex cannibalized themselves and will help keep them from losing so much unbonused spend. I’m going to call and cancel my SPG biz card for now. Don’t see it’s value anymore. I’ll prob upgrade my personal SPG card to he luxury one though I don’t really want to. But if I’m gonna have that Amex I might as well upgrade to the more valuable one. 15 nights and the cert are worth it to me.

  52. Will this card be available in Canada?

    Also, do you get regular Platinum status or the Platinum Elite status, now that there are two Platinum categories.

    If you spend the $75k in a month, do you get Platinum status the following month or the following year?

    When it’s live, can you post a link for it so we can credit the commission to you?

  53. My wife just canceled her Amex SPG card last week when it came up for renewal (bad timing!). If we could convince Amex to re-open it, do you think that would that count as a “new” card for Chase’s 5/24? Also, exactly when would she receive the free night certificate and would she have to renew the card again and pay another annual fee next year, or would she get the certificate based on having renewed the card and paid the annual fee this year?

  54. I’d second Richard’s question. Will the new $95 personal card be counted as a new product eligible for a sign up bonus?

    Also curious if Marriott will now be an MR partner and at what rate…

  55. My SPG business annual fee is up this month. Since I won’t get the annual free night till 4/2019. I can’t seem to justify the fee to keep the card. I called in to cancel the card and wasn’t offered any retention bonus. So I proceeded with the cancellation.

  56. Data point: was just offered 10k points to keep my SPG biz and I am not a huge spender although I do use it monthly for non bonuses spend.

  57. Ben is really burying the lede here, I can’t understand why.

    By far the primary attraction of the SPG cards was that Starpoints were a very flexible currency with a transfer ratio of 1.25 points into a large variety of programs, from $1 unbonused spend.

    Now, unbonused spend transfers at less than 1: 1, which is basically a minimum industry standard, not even an optimal ratio.

    See Santastico and snic above for more. WTF Amex, are you listening? Ben is your cheerleader, and as he correctly says above:

    “These cards will no longer be worth using for everyday, non-bonused spend”

    Game over.

  58. @Billy2011:

    Looks like there is no bonus, and they removed the referral links from accounts. I was going to have my girlfriend and sister signup before they change the bonus, but didn’t catch it in time unfortunately 🙁

  59. @Drew I’m in the same boat with my and my husband’s cards. Here’s what Amex sent me through chat.

    “Beginning with the first account renewal on or after August 1, 2018, the Basic Card Member will receive 1 annual Free Night Award from SPG during their Card Membership. The Free Night Award can be redeemed for a 1-night stay, inclusive of room rate and applicable taxes, at eligible participating SPG and Marriott Rewards properties…”

    Basically people like us who are up for renewal soon are screwed. We’d have to pay the annual fee now and would NOT get a free night for it. I put a LOT of spend on this card but now I’m canceling because 1) no more sheraton lounge access, 2) no more marriott lounge and breakfast at $30k spend, 3) return on unbonused spend went from good at 3x pts to bad at 2x points. Also everyone is saying the miles transfers are the same ratio, but having to transfer 60k at a time is way less valuable than only 20k which can be more easily used to top off accounts.

    The worst thing is that I have hotels booked for October in Portugal, assuming I’d get Sheraton lounge access (mine is a business card), and now I won’t. And I’m traveling with other people, so now I have to talk them into switching hotels, after I talked these.

  60. I don’t know if it’s a good deal ! 6 points per $ ok but with the conversion it’s like 2 SPG points per dollars, cool but for other purchases 2 points, valued 0,7 SPG points (old program)…

    I was only using SPG to transfer my points to airline and now it’s not a good deal at all 🙁

  61. Can someone tell me where did you read about the annual free night for both spg preferred guest credit card personal and business credit cards?

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