New Marriott & SPG Promotion For Stays April 16 Through July 20, 2018

Both Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest are offering global promotions for stays through April 15, 2018:

  • Marriott’s MegaBonus promotion offers 2,000 bonus points per stay, starting with your second stay, plus an additional 1,000 bonus points when your stay includes a weekend night, for a total of up to 50,000 bonus points during the promotion period
  • Starwood’s Great Weeks, Grand Weekends promotion offers double Starpoints starting with your second stay, plus 500 bonus Starpoints when your stay includes a weekend night, but only at participating properties

Marriott and Starwood have just announced the details of their new global promotions, with registration opening today. Both of these promotions are valid for registration between April 2 and June 30, 2018, and for stays between April 16 and July 20, 2018. On the plus side, there will be no gap in promotions here, as one promotion ends on April 15, and the next one starts on April 16. Here’s how the promotions work:

Marriott Rewards MegaBonus

With Marriott’s MegaBonus promotions, members will earn 750 bonus points on every night of every stay, starting with their third night. Members can earn up to 36,000 bonus points during the promotion.

Nearly all Marriott Rewards brands are participating in the promotion except for Marriott ExecuStay, Marriott Executive Apartments, and Marriott Vacation Club owner-occupied weeks. All stays at all other brands qualify for the promotion.

You can register for the new MegaBonus promotion here.

SPG More Nights, More Starpoints

With SPG’s More Nights, More Starpoints promotion, members will earn 250 bonus Starpoints on every night of every stay at participating properties, starting with their third night. Members can earn up to 12,000 bonus Starpoints during the promotion period.

While the Marriott promotion is valid at all hotels belonging to participating brands, the SPG promotion only is only valid at participating hotels that have opted in, meaning you can’t earn this bonus at all hotels. That’s even more restrictive.

You can register for the new More Nights, More Starpoints promotion here.

Bottom line

We’ve seen Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest offer aligned promotions in the past, in the sense that they allowed registration and stays over the same period. However, now for the first time we’re seeing virtually identical promotions, offering the same number of bonus points per night, with the same maximum number of points to be earned during the promotion (when you consider that you can convert Starpoints into Marriott Rewards points at a 1:3 ratio).

On the plus side, these promotions are pretty straightforward. I’d say 250 Starpoints/750 Marriott Rewards points are worth $5-6, so that’s the incremental bonus per night. You can earn the bonus for at most 48 nights during the promotion period.

Unfortunately that’s about the only good thing I can say, though. Earning 250 bonus Starpoints per night starting with the third night but only at participating hotels is really restrictive.

What do you make of the new promotions from Marriott & Starwood?


  1. Wow. If I stay three times I’ll get $5? Let me rush to realign my stays! Thanks Marriott/SPG!

  2. “Then starting on your third night, you’ll earn 250 bonus Starpoints for each night* you spend at participating SPG hotels and resorts from April 16 through July 20, 2018.”

  3. Anyone else getting an error when trying to register? I keep getting a screen that says:

    A Note About This Promotion
    We’re sorry, but there was an error in directing you to this promotion.
    The reason for this error could be:
    – You’re trying to access a miles promotion and are a points-earner, or vice versa
    – You are not eligible for this promotion
    – This promotion has expired

    And, well, none of those things are true.

  4. The outgoing MegaBonus (3k for a weekend) was far more useful. This new one isn’t worth bothering with, at least for me. Then again, I’m rarely in the same place for more than 2-3 nights.

  5. @AdamR: I was just trying to sign up for the bonus and got the exact same thing. When I go to Promotions I still see the existing MegaBonus but no mention of the Q2 one.

  6. It is truly interesting how much this is aligned to focus on business travelers. If I look at the average steady Monday to Thursday traveling consultant they will hit 40 nights at SPG during this period. So add in 8 nights for those who do more M-F or S-T travel and you easily hit 48 nights in the period.

    SPG used to focus somewhat on the millennial yuppy traveler, incentizing with points bonuses and good service at just Gold, but, Marriott is not focusing on that – the data points to business travelers being more profitable and this promotion shows that. This isnt enough to have me jump from Hyatt to SPG, but, as someone already loyal to SPG this extra bonus will keep me from trying someone new. The golden handcuffs are real in loyalty.

  7. When promotions are this poor I don’t even register nor should anyone else just because they might by chance have a few stays. Give them the message its not even worth my time to click much less think about moving stays to the brand.

  8. @AdamR and @AlexS: Same here … promotion not available.

    Registration for the SPG Promotion, however, worked seamless.

  9. To me a promotion should be one thing… “An incentive to move more business to your brands.” Ill happy take 250 bonus points a night, but its not going to stop me from booking elsewhere. If I have a 4 night stay getting a 1,000 points isn’t that much incentive. I understand making people stay 3 nights to start, but maybe give a bigger bonus after the 3rd night and then 250 each night thereafter. These promos should be tiered based on nights. Hit 5 nights get X, hit 10 nights get Y. This way you will push people who are only at 9 nights to stay an extra to hit 10 nigts and get the bonus.

    This is all really simple stuff that the Marriott department doesn’t get.

  10. Sadly I consistently find better values when not booking directly via Marriott and SPG sites, so perhaps they are trying to throw darts at jello to see if it fixes this issue of getting loyal members to book directly with them?

  11. Having a participating property list is restrictive but like most recent SPG promos, the list seems to be pretty comprehensive? After looking at a handful of cities the only property I can come up with that seems not to be participating is the Great Northern in London.

  12. Well this is….uninspiring.

    IHG may have just hugely devalued their points, but at least they still throw thousands of them at you with every Accelerate promotion. You start earning a bonus on your third stay? Really? I make about two trips per quarter at most, often of one night, so…no thanks.

  13. So, SPG/Marriott switched from a “Second Stay” for points earning, to, a third qualifying night.
    Restrictive participating hotel list; four SPG hotels in Tokyo and only one participating.

    The non-promotion promotion.

  14. Does anyone know a detail about the SPG promo above? Specifically, is the third night defined as the third night of any particular one stay…or just the third night during the promo period no matter where or what stay? In other words, let’s say that during the promo period I have 10 stays…but only 2 nights each stay. Do I get the bonus or no?

  15. And to think I was critical of Hyatt for limiting their 1000 points per night to only the first 25 nights. At least their promo 1) kicked in immediately, 2) had a higher value, and 3) had a higher total points. I value Hyatt points at or nearly at SPG points, so clearly a lot more value to be had from Hyatt.

    Sadly, I think we are seeing all of the hotel chains discontinuing the lucrative promotions of years past.

    I travel 10-15 nights/month for work, and will sign up for this. But it will not motivate me to move my stays.

  16. @Steven M: Where are you finding better deals? I’ve only gotten 2 BRGs in recent months. Marriott’s site + AAA rate has been a better deal for most of our bookings.

  17. Really poor promotion. Very disappointing. The current SPG Great Weeks, Grand Weekends promo is VASTLY better. 250 points per night is pathetic.

    If you do a lot of longer stays in very cheap hotels I guess it’s good. I’m surprised Starwood want to push away their high spending guests.

  18. Trying to book a Marriott stay … the number of points is ridiculous! You are better off getting the gray-hair rates and go with any of the competing hotel chains.

  19. Insulting as a card holder that NEW applicants receive 100,000 points! You need to avail yourself and offers to those who have been loyal to Marriott/Visa.

  20. I have been having the same issue getting an error when trying to sign up for Marriott Mega Bonus (since APRIL!). I called and was told they would register me today and it would start today. So I asked to speak to a Supervisor and they just sent me to another employee. I explained my situation and she said, “there aren’t any current promotions”. I told her I just spoke to someone who was registering me as of today and I can see the promotion on my screen. She told me she was “doing too many things she has never done before” and “could I please hold”. She then came back after 10 minutes and told me she found it and it would retro back to April. I am one of the lucky ones who is a consultant and stays 3 nights almost every week in a Marriott hotel.

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