Check If You’re Eligible For Starwood’s Newest Targeted Promotion

Every so often Starwood offers Select Member Exclusive promotions, where members are targeted for different offers. Typically members will be emailed when they’re targeted for a promotion, though often they aren’t, so you can log in with your SPG number on this page to see if you’re eligible. I’ve been targeted for offers in the past without receiving an email about it.

It looks like Starwood has just come out with some new Select Member Exclusives, for stays between March 1 and May 31, 2018. With Select Member Exclusives, some SPG members are targeted for additional bonus offers. This is the second such offer in a short period, as Starwood also published a set of offers in early February (so if you were targeted for that one you’re unlikely to be targeted for this one, as they’ll typically only give you one offer at a time).

You’ll want to log-in and see if you’re targeted. Last time around Ford got a great offer (7,500 Starpoints after two stays), while this time around I got a great offer. Specifically, my offer is for up to 7,500 Starpoints after three stays, which includes 2,000 Starpoints after the first stay, 2,500 additional Starpoints after the second stay, and 3,000 additional Starpoints after the third stay.

That’s a great offer — I value Starpoints at 2.2 cents each, so that’s like $165 worth of points after three stays, even if they’re each one night. That also doesn’t include the points you otherwise earn.

These promotions are stackable with whatever other promotions Starwood is offering, inclduing Starwood’s current global promotion, SPG Great Weeks, Grand Weekends. Through this promotion you can earn double Starpoints starting with your second stay, plus 500 bonus Starpoints when your stay includes a weekend night.

Bottom line

It’s always worth checking to see if you’re eligible for SPG Member Exclusives, as they can be a great way to rack up more Starpoints, or sometimes even get a fast track towards status. Last time around I didn’t get lucky, while this time around I did.

Were you targeted for a promotion, and if so, what’s your offer?


  1. Bupkis for me yet again on Starwood promos. Was hoping maybe my luck would change as I just received the SPG Amex

  2. 2,500 first stay, 5,000 second stay. I’m Gold status and had 10 nights last year. Thanks fot the heads up on this.

  3. I got an amazing offer- double elite qualifying nights and stays between March 1 and May 31.

  4. 0/2 for me as well!! I’m Lifetime Gold with several stays already this year and also have had the Starwood AMEX forever. What gives?!?!

  5. Also nothing. 50+ night Platinum last year with 5 nights so far this year. What they don’t know is i’ve got 25+ nights already this year with other brands. I could have been swayed by an additional promo for sure though.

  6. I was about to post a grumpy remark on how I am never targeted but I received the same offer as Lucky! I’ve been curious about these offers as I’ve been Platinum for the last few years and never received an offer.

  7. Why does SPG make it impossible to see what bonus you signed up for, deciding between SPG and Hilton for next weekend and I cant see anywhere that says what the bonus is, they just tell me im registered and already received the targeted promo.

  8. @Lucky I received the same offer of 7500 total points after the 4th stay!
    Plat/50+ with 6 stays/12 nights so far. ☺️

    Correction, maybe? The promotion stated that the 2000 points is earned after the second stay (of the promotion, I presume.). That, or I’m reading it wrong!

  9. Zero Starwood stay this year but targeted with this offer:

    2500 after first stay + 5000 after second stay = 7500 starpoints.

    Fortunately, it looks like the venue for an event I am attending later this month in FLL will be a Sheraton at which the organizers have already booked me a room. Easy points that I will just transfer to my SQ Krisflyer account…

  10. This offer is a continuation of the one from early February because I just checked that one out and got the following message:

    “You’re all set. Looks like you are already registered for this member-exclusive offer.”

    The thing is I got nothing when I checked back then. I just registered today after reading this post…

  11. 0/2 in 2018. One solitary, platinum middle finger from SPG again. You know it’s a bad year when DCS is racking up Starpoints faster than you.

  12. I got the same offer. It’s nice to get one of these targeted offers as the airlines never offer me anything.

  13. I got 2,500 for the first stay, 5,000 for the second! That’s one of the better offers, I think, even more so since I’m so rarely targeted by them. I don’t stay with SPG often but did spend three nights with them in January. This may actually sway me to switch a couple stays to SPG.

  14. I also got 2x points on stays of 2 nights or more through 5/31. I have 0 stays in 2018 (except for last night) but am Platinum through Marriott.
    Given Hilton’s pathetic offering this quarter, I am going to have to move everything to Starwood even though it will mean long walks for me.

  15. I actually got one free night with one stay. Second free night with second stay. Max two free nights. Currently in a status match challenge on Hilton diamond so need some Hilton stays or this sounds great.

  16. Thanks Lucky
    great link…I logged in and am now qualified for “Double Elite-Qualifying Credit” which is for both stays and nights through May 31.

    [I’m based in New Zealand not sure if that makes any different and already Platinum]

  17. What is Starwood’s strategy here? Don’t bother emailing members with details of the promo/offer, instead requiring them to login to one of a number of sites ( app, home, Dashboard, promo…confusing enough) and have plausible deniability when people don’t see the offer: ” Oh, you should have checked page XXXX”. I mean…how difficult is it to email these offers? While I skip 90% of marketing emails, I’m not going to ignore one from SPG that has ” promo” or equivalent in the subject line.

  18. Thanks Sir! I would have never seen this I’d I hadn’t started reading you blog a few weeks ago.

    And just an FYI, I was a very loyal TPG reader for the past two years up until recently. The quality of articles over there really went downhill, I was tired of all the grammar and spelling issues honestly. I have happily found a new home here at OMAAT! Thanks for the quality posts!

  19. Platinum and got double elite qualifying nights and stays between March 1 and May 31, i’ll take it. I should hit 75 night by the end of May!!

  20. I got an email saying ‘member exclusive offer’. On delving deeper, it said I am eligible for 2x nights & stays until 31st May. This is fabulous timing since I have some 20 odd nights in this period, which makes it 40 nights. Makes retaining Platinum a breeze and I can then explore Marriott properties for the remaining year.

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