Now Live: Double Avios With The British Airways Shopping Portal

A few days ago I wrote about how the British Airways shopping portal is offering double Avios this weekend. This offer is now live, and is a great opportunity for those in the US and UK to earn bonus points for online purchases this weekend. This offer is available through Sunday, February 25, 2018, so if you have any online shopping you need to do, now is the time to do it.

When you visit the shopping portal, at the top right you can decide whether to search the US or UK portal. Here’s a listing of retailers based on the number of Avios offered (the first several offer a fixed number of Avios per purchase, but then you get into the retailers that offer a certain number of Avios per dollar spent.

Some retailers are excluded, though there are some nice elevated bonuses, especially when you consider that many of these retailers sell products with fixed pricing (like perfume, skincare, shoes, etc.).

Avios earned through this offer should post to your account within 40 days of when the purchase is made, though in practice will typically post much faster than that.


  1. Just took advantage of this to buy a new iPhone. The shopping portal was also offering an additional 1,000 points when making a purchase with the British Airways credit card, so that was a nice bonus as I was using that credit card anyway since I am working towards the second tier minimum spend of $10,000.

  2. Retailers excluded from this campaign are:

    …too many to list.

    I have acquired quite a few Avios points via the shopping portal in the past, though.

  3. husband wanted to buy me diamond earrings at BlueNile last Christmas 2017. I waited for this promo. They were well over 10K, the max is $7500. I earned 75000 miles !! (10X points)

  4. Some of the offers are a con. I bought from Goldsmiths through Avios when they offered 12 per £1. Turns out though if you use a discount code they provide you, then they take it down to 2.5 Avios per £!!! Without any notification. Shocking. DO NOT TRUST GOLDSMITHS OR AVIOS STORE. read small print guys… 🙁

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