The Hertz Partnership With Marriott & Starwood Is Now Live

Last November, some minor changes were announced to the Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest programs for 2018. Among these changes was that Starwood and Hertz would be introducing a new partnership, and the existing partnership between Marriott and Hertz would be expanded.

As part of this expanded partnership:

  • All SPG members can now access discounted rates and earn 200 Starpoints for their Hertz rentals; to earn Starpoints, SPG members must add their SPG account number to their car rental reservations for rentals picked up at any airport or off-airport location
  • Members are also eligible for status matches — Marriott Rewards and SPG Platinum members receive Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star status, and Marriott Platinum Premier and SPG Platinum Ambassador members receive President’s Circle status

In order to take advantage of this you’ll need to register on this page. Here’s what you can expect in terms of Five Star and President’s Circle elite benefits:

As you can see, Five Star gets you a one class upgrade subject to availability, while President’s Circle gets you a confirmed one class upgrade. There are a few other perks, though the status won’t exactly be life changing.

It’s always nice to see more partnerships. Personally I don’t remember the last time I rented from Hertz, so this will be of limited use to me. Based on my travel patterns, it certainly doesn’t make up for Starwood and Uber cutting ties, which I found to be a great partnership.

Furthermore, Hertz seems to partner with so many loyalty programs, and arguably there are significantly more lucrative opportunities. For example, United and Hertz have had a partnership for years, which is a great opportunity to earn a significant number of miles, which are worth more than 200 Starpoints.

Anyway, if you have status with Marriott or Starwood but don’t have status with Hertz, you might as well register, as you never know when this will come in handy.


  1. Would be great vice versa. I am President´s Circle and would love if I could match the Marriott Platinum

  2. As always, if you earn points with the same entity, they are usually worth more. For example, if you rent from Hertz a lot, Hertz points are worth more than airline miles or hotel points.

    550 Hertz points or $550 spend = free weekend day Hertz car, which might be worth $39-79
    $550 might represent 2-3 rentals = 400-600 Starpoints, which is worth less than $39

    I don’t rent from Avis much so I specify airline miles for Avis rentals.

  3. Do you know what the rate is to exchange Hertz points to Starwood? It appears to be an option under My Account -> Hertz Gold Plus Rewards -> Exchange My Points on the right.

    I see the following, but no mention of Starwood transfer rate:

    600 Points = 500 Miles, 1,200 Southwest Points, 1,000 Priority Club Points, 1,000 Marriott Rewards® Priority Club® Rewards points

  4. Better booking Hertz through an airline like Delta. As a Delta Platinum Hertz gave me President’s Circle status. Also earn 1,250 Skymiles per rental booked through Delta plus an additional 300 Skymiles per day after that.

  5. These rates are terrible – worse than AAA (which is already like 2X of the CDP i use).

    Still, free PC is nice if you don’t have it already.

  6. I must admit to being confused with how (or even whether) to apply the various CDP codes for hertz rentals. I have an Amex Plat Card as well and UA 1k status and through whatever means I have Hertz Presidential Circle status. Does applying this code stack on top of that? By and large, but not always, I as find booking through UA substantially more to expensive than applying a AAA code which negates the value of the additional points earned with the UA offer.

  7. I’ve been Hertz President’s Circle for three years, one year through Delta diamond status and then two years based on my own rental activity (I still get it, regardless of rental activity through Delta).

    It doesn’t mean much at big airport locations. In some of the smaller cities, as long as the Hertz branch is corporate and not franchised (no points at franchise branches), I get excellent treatment. I always get a premium or luxury rental even though I only rental full-size.

    I use my Hertz points for a 2-week rental every year in England—always renting in Manchester or Edinburgh. I book the cheapest automatic transmission and get upgraded to a Mercedes SUV or Mercedes full-size.

    The biggest problem, as I said earlier, is rentals at franchise Hertz branches earn NO points.

  8. The PC status provide great perks.

    Marriott/SPG Platinum here and earned the PC status the hard way – butt in driver’s seat – to get the 5,500 UA miles per rental. It was very easy to achieve: rent 3-4 times a week one day rental and kept at under $30 all in per rental. After a while, they started giving me the Avalons, Q-50 and 70. The gravy train is ending as the United promo is expiring on 1/31.

  9. I don’t find car class upgrades, unlike hotel upgrades, to be all that worthwhile. A higher class car may be more plush and comfortable but it is generally bigger making it harder to drive and park especially in Europe. And larger cars generally require more fuel.
    My go to car in the US is the Corolla — I know where all the controls are and don’t have to think about to “initialize” the car when I pick it up.

  10. I’m not clear – is it 200 SPG points on top of Hertz points for the rental or instead of the Hertz points?

  11. As a spg gold I don’t see much value compared to my amex platinum. I’m able to save a little if I pay in advance and possible upgrade with my platinum. I agree with you, I prefer their SPG/Uber partnership a lot more but I will try the SPG\Hertz for my future rental.

  12. They can’t figure out how to link the programs. This is the response I’ve gotten now after 3 submissions, talking with my Ambassador, waiting 57mins on hold with Hertz and emailing them as well:

    “Good afternoon.

    Unfortunately, the SPG partnership upgrades are processed via automated systems after verification from SPG. I regret Hertz does not have access to the systems or codes to assist. Please contact SPG Customer Service for assistance. Our understanding is that after registration, SPG will send out weekly notifications either confirming registration or advising of registration failure. We have been advised that these notifications may take up to10 business days to reach the participants. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes.”

    Has anyone been able to get their accounts linked? I’d like to have PC with Hertz but this has been such a cluster that I may never rent from Hertz now just because of it!

  13. How do you enter your SPG number (or more specifically, where? There’s so many places for coupons, CDP, etc. etc.) to get the additional bonus points? Really confusing.

    I’m also moving in June from the NE to Florida. Anyone know of any CDP’s that might be helpful in cutting costs for a moving truck from any of the providers? TIA!

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