Are Marriott & Starwood Already Combining “Lifetime” Nights?

There’s some weird stuff going on at the moment when it comes to my SPG elite qualifying activity. First of all, it appears as if stay and night credits from the SPG Amex are double posting, so those of us with both the personal and business version of the card seem to have received eight elite qualifying stays and 20 elite qualifying nights. Some suggest they’ve received emails indicating that this is intentional, though I’m skeptical. We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.

However, there’s something else going on that I find more interesting. Reader Vasya left the following comment on a post from earlier, about the possibility of changes coming to SPG:

I think there is definitely some kind of integration going on. I just got an email this morning notifying me that I achieved lifetime gold with SPG. I do not meet the requirements of Lifetime Gold with SPG (I have 300+ nights but only 4 years of elite with SPG). However, if you add my one year of Plat status with Marriott, then I do make Lifetime Gold. I may be reading too much into this though because it is possible that SPG may have been aggregating Marriott elite status and SPG elite status years for calculation of Lifetime status for quite some time now. I don’t know.

Sure enough, something similar is happening with my account. Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I spent my 500th night with Starwood. While that’s the nights requirement needed for lifetime Platinum status, I still need three more years of Platinum before I earn the status for life. That’s because you need to earn 500 nights and be Platinum for 10 years.

Based on the stays I’ve made the past couple of weeks, I should now be at 506 nights with SPG. However, when I log into the SPG Dashboard, I notice that I now have 531 lifetime nights. Where did the extra 25 nights come from?! For what it’s worth, credit card nights have never counted towards lifetime status with Starwood.

When I log into my Marriott Rewards account and look at my lifetime total (which can be done by logging on and clicking on “nights” section at the top right of your account), I see that I have 26 lifetime nights with Marriott. So while 26 is one more than 25, that sure is close, and it’s the best theory I can come up with of why I suddenly have more lifetime nights.

Is anyone else noticing something strange with their SPG lifetime activity? I have no clue what’s going on here, but I figure if we have enough data points, maybe we can figure it out.


  1. On another blog the guy called SPG and was informed it was a mistake and the “extra” nights/stays will be taken from the accounts.

  2. I have had the double credit for stays and nights from my SPG Amex show up in my SPG account so far, 8 stays and 20 nights from my personal and Biz Card, but my 300 or so lifetime SPG nights have not had my 50 lifetime Marriott nights added to it.

  3. I randomly had 35 or so nights added to my SPG account, lifetime with marriott is 124 so hard to say what this is…

  4. I definitely don’t see my Marriott nights (of which I have over 200) showing up in my lifetime SPG night count.

  5. Could the Marriot nights being credited to SPG be from a certain date and not counting those before?

    @Jon p about how far back was 35 Marriot stays ago for you?

    @Lucky about how far back was 25 Marriot stays ago for you?

    Lets see if those dates are close.

    That won’t prove whether there is an error or not, but it should be interesting.

  6. Doesn’t the Marriott credit card offer ten qualifying nights (therefore Silver status)? Perhaps they are just aligning SPG and Marriott Rewards financial products?

  7. I had some extra spg nights and now they are gone. I have a bad feeling this is going to be like the large airline mergers. A lot of random errors, lost reservations, status not credited, disappearing nights or stays or points, and incorrect emails. I’ve had multiple problems at SPG properties over the years with reservation confusion and payment mistakes. I can’t wait to see what happens when they try to integrate with Marriot.

  8. Thanks to you and other idiot bloggers raising the visibility of the error to Amex/SPG, it’s sure to be clawed back soon. You just can’t help yourself, can you? Any little thought, no matter how inane, just has to turn into a blog post. Thanks a bunch.

  9. Something is going on with mine too – no emails though.
    -Double credit card nights/stays posted to SPG
    -Lifetime SPG nights added 20-30 (I don’t keep track of that number super well, so guessing a bit, but it is definitely increased.)
    -Lifetime Marriott nights look different as well, though I watch that even less, so unsure if it is about the same 20-30 (pretty sure though.)

  10. @WR – don’t be a moron. They can figure this out quite easily on their own. It’s all over FT already and that has nothing to do with bloggers.

  11. My SPG account had the Marriott nights added; however, my rollover nights for my Marriott Rewards account, which I’m prioritizing for stays this year, are completely gone this morning. No response yet from MR customer service

  12. I’m P4L with Marriott. They sent me a P card for Starwood, but not 4L, so we will see what they do…

  13. No change here. But (a) I don’t have any SPG or Marriott credit cards, and (b) I’m quite far away from lifetime status, anyway.

  14. A couple of questions here.

    1. When you sign up for Mariott Chase card, do the “extra elite nights” count towards lifetime status?

    2. Do any “bonus points” count towards lifetime status point totals as well?

    New to this and switching from IHG to Mariott b/c they refuse to offer lifetime status. Any tips appreciated!

  15. I recently got an email notifying me that I’ve achieved Lifetime Platinum at Starwood. While I have a lot Starwood nights (~600), I don’t meet all of the requirements for Lifetime Platinum. However, I am Lifetime Platinum at Marriott – so I do believe they are doing some degree of combination.

  16. Definitely no addition of Marriott Rewards lifetime nights to my account or I would be SPG Lifetime Gold with 250+ nights. I was at 226 nights in SPG and my account now shows 236, so simply the SPG Amex 5 nights doubled for 10 elite nights posted to my SPG lifetime status in January 2018.

  17. My night/stay credits were doubled for each of my SPG Cards like many others, but they seem to have been carved back this morning. YTD stats right where they should be. Who else is seeing this? My lifetime stats are 10 nights higher than they should be though…

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