Houston, We Have A Problem: Angry Buzz Aldrin Misses Delta Flight

Well this is quite a video. TMZ has the footage of Buzz Aldrin missing his flight at LAX this morning:

It’s not entirely clear what happened, but at 9:20AM he’s still at the check-in counter for his 9:25AM flight. When he’s told that he’ll be rebooked on the next flight he isn’t happy at all, and gets up from his wheelchair to approach the Delta employees.

We’re not sure what exactly caused this, though Buzz tells the Delta employees that “I’m telling you guys, you’re going to be in a little bit of trouble, because we’ve been sitting here now 20 minutes for somebody to come and fix a two minute problem.” We don’t know what that two minute problem was.

Buzz goes on to ask for the names of the Delta representatives, and says “I’m going to see the president, I’m not kidding you.” I’m not sure if he’s referring to Delta’s president or Donald Trump. At first I assumed he was referring to the former, but maybe the latter? Given Trump’s involvement in aviation safety over the past year, maybe Buzz thinks that his next task will be improving airline customer service?

I have to say, the Delta supervisor is exceptionally professional. Even though he’s quite aggressive towards her, she maintains her composure and is extremely accommodating and apologetic. She even offers to “call the tower” so they can tell him that the plane would be leaving any minute and that he couldn’t make it (I assume she was bluffing).


  1. Sad when the 2nd man on the moon acts in a crusty manner. If the Delta agent questioned whether man actually landed on the moon or if it was staged, there would have been punches (Buzz Aldrin did that before).

  2. @Derek I agree it’s a little sad, but that guy has accomplished so much in his life that I’ll give him a pass on this one. People would call his deeds “toxic masculinity” these days. Nah…he’s still a badass in my mind.

  3. My husband had worked with Buzz on several occasions and the only word that comes to mind is entitled.

    He and his wife did not believe in the phrase “ treat people as you would wish to be treated.” How sad to see this type of behavior from someone that could have been a hero to some. What a poor representation of a man.

  4. Omg! I was at that same check in counter at 8:15-8:20am! I saw that old man in the wheel chair!!! No idea who he was but he was waiting for some pass for assistance to get through security. Didn’t think anything of it. The Delta reps just took other people in line and he was off to the side waiting.

  5. I was on a flight with him, MCO – DCA. He was nasty to the ticket counter agents (to the point where the agent had to recompose herself after helping me) and nasty to the inflight crew.

  6. I wonder if the “2 minute problem,” is either (A) they are having some sort of technical issue checking him in or (B) they are having an issue getting him assistance to the gate? Something else?

    Also I am not sure what to make of in the dialog where the female employee says she talked to him earlier and told him where he needed to go>?

    Don’t we have any sources at LAX or Delta? 🙂

  7. Amazing how polar opposites Neil and he were. Met them both at Purdue each year during the anniversary of the landing.

  8. So the check in girl ignored a wheelchair passenger, causing him to miss his flight. And all of you are celebrating it. Disgusting.

  9. Buzz just had another run of the mill day with a dysfunctional U.S. air carrier counter service. Many of these types, to hide actually dealing with a customer’s problem, immediately threaten with calling the TSA or cops. It’s what they are in fact trained to do to stifle the paying customer. Hope Buzz does indeed contact Delta’s CEO. Shame on Delta for treating a hero of America in this disgraceful manner. Shame on Delta for their shambolic and third world customer service. Thank you for your service, Buzz.

  10. DYKWIA. Something went wrong but he assumes the aircraft will wait for him

    He must have arrived quite close to the cut off time Nevertheless, it happened. He’s upset.

    However , why would anyone even recognise him ? He would be booked under his name Edwin I doubt the majority would know who he was

    Ultimately no one on this forum knows and he will have a different perspective

    Move on folks

  11. I forgot to add. And someone is filming him apparently without his knowledge and posting it for all and sundry to see.

  12. I was good friends with Guenter Wendt, pad commander for Mercury through Apollo and he knew all the astronauts very well. He had very nice things to say about all of them except Buzz Aldrin.

  13. @ William Y.

    We’ve all known you were a racist for months, perhaps years now, but I see also a hypocrite. I guess a white American hero/celebrity who is known to have some issues with self control deserves the benefit of the doubt but all 1.3 billion Indians should be judged by complaints of some at FRA…

    “No offense, but we’ve heard the same OMG MUH RAYSISM from Indians transiting in, of all places, Frankfurt a.M.” – William Y. yesterday on “Aeroflot Deports US Citizens To India Because Of How They Look”

  14. Can everyone just take a chill pill?

    We don’t know what happened, and there’s no context. Maybe he has the reputation of being nasty, but can we all just concede none of us know exactly what happened?

  15. Imagine being those Delta employees:-

    [Husband / partner unloading the dishwasher]

    [Front door opens, shuts, woman walks into the kitchen]

    “How was your day, love?”

    “I met Buzz Aldrin today”

    [Husband / partner stops unloading the dishwasher, clean mixing bowl in his hand]

    “WOW! That’s awesome!”

    “Not really. He had a shitfit and I might get fired.”

    “Oh dear. Still, he can’t have been as bad as one of those entitled bloggers.”

    “True, they’re the worst.”

    “Would you like a hot towel and some warm nuts, to help you relax?”

    “Yes please.”

    [Husband / partner places packet of peanuts in front of the woman]

    “F*** you, Jeff. Open the packet and put them in a dish!! What do you think this is?! British Airways?!”

  16. Buzz was on an AA flight MCO-LAX with us a couple years back. He either requested or approved of the FA making a special in-flight announcement (at cruise altitude) that he was on board. He received much applause, and I was among those clapping. Then later at baggage claim in LAX, he and his handlers were dismissing people who were interested in interacting with him. No one would have recognized him but for the announcement. So it seems to me that he yearns for fame and recognition of a modern day celebrity, and when he gets it, he wants to act like a modern celebrity.

  17. @BrewerSEA

    I have to say you are not far from “racist and hypocrite”.
    Especially your lack of common sense there is only one CHINA with Two different Administration.

    I am so surprised you lived in such multi-culture and welcoming city like Seattle, but still full of cold war style mentality.

    Really shocked by your “Chinaphobia”, if you ever visit the Mainland once, you would be realized PRC is not soviet style communism.

  18. Best part of the whole video :”Buzz, was it easier to go to the moon??” (than try to get on this Delta flight!).

    I felt bad for the Delta employees. He’s clearly a curmudgeon.

  19. @Starbucks Reserve

    Please feel free to explain to me how not recognizing the PRC’s sovereignty over Taiwan is racist.

    I’m certainly aware of the history and competing claims of the PRC and the ROC. I also live in the land of Boeing, who only sells missiles to one of the two Chinese governments. The idea that there is “one China” is actually the opposite of common sense, considering it is geopolitical construction that is de facto false. It is perhaps a shared goal. But common sense does not factor into such a complex question. I won’t pretend to have more than a superficial understanding of cross-strait relations.

    But it is ironic that you accuse me of a Cold War mentality, considering Mainland China’s approach to relations with Taiwan is one of the few facets of PRC policy that appears to emulate the Soviet Union. The PRC has been accusing the U.S. of holding a “Cold War mentality” for decades, so it’s no surprise to hear you retreat to that tired canard. Could you try any harder to parrot the party-line?

    I see 3,360 results on Google News for “Cold War mentality” + China…

  20. puffed-up old fart with a false sense of entitlement. What could have been ‘one small step’ from a wheel chair was ‘one giant leap’ for our Buzz- irrespective of whether he got past the Van Allen radiation belt or not…

  21. No reasonable person shows up at the airport 30 minutes (or less in this case) prior to departure and hopes to make their flight. Shame on anyone who arrives at baggage check-in this late and then expects a miracle. Arriving at a major airport comfortably early (3 hours prior to departure), takes much of the stress out of flying. This is simply the inconvenient reality of commercial air travel in the 21st century. Bring a book.

  22. I’m completely speculating here, but it sounds like he didn’t leave enough time to make the actual boarding time for his flight.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the twenty minute delay was for the agents to confirm it was too late for him to catch his original flight and secure a spot on the next one.

  23. Interesting. I think pain in the ass!
    He surely didn’t appear to need the wheelchair after the altercation. Most likely trying to get a step-up on other travelers. Abuse the system for his own convenience.

    On a different note, when are we going to do something about this BS with everyone flying with their dogs? I’m allergic to dogs but nobody seems to care about my health. Enough already!

  24. Actually, I am amazed at the smug superiority and dismissal of this man. I am NOT defending his snit-fit.
    But this man actually DID something and something truly amazing. He is not a Kardashian, famous for being famous. He wasn’t on tv with The Apprentice. He did not carry a football the last 60 yards in the fourth quarter. He didn’t make another 10 million for someone with 100 million. He really achieved something staggering and remarkable, after years of precision training. He deserves respect.
    Okay, he’s ill-tempered in his old age. Many of us will be, with some justification. (Good grief, we constantly talk on here about the deterioration of the domestic flying experience!)
    Second, have any of you ever had to travel with a significant handicap or injury? I have and thank heaven I no longer have to. Frankly, I was regularly treated worse than a Fedex package. I was once left sitting an hour in the sun on the runway apron in Phoenix in June. I tried to get myself into the shade and fainted. No one from the airline helped or took responsibility. A couple of passengers boarding the next flight came to my aid. (fyi: AmericaWest)

  25. @Cassandra, while I agree he did something more significant than the nouveau riche celebrities of today, let’s not overinflate it either. Millions of Americans paid taxes and supported an agency of tens of thousands who planned and executed a mission where three fortunate people were able to leave our gravity well and travel to the moon. Those facts and the perspective that one should get looking at our planet from above should beget humility, not meanness.

  26. @BrewerSeattle
    I’m not sure what sparked the whole China discussion, but I am on your side. I recognize the sovereignty of the ROC, and this whole “One China” policy is complete rubbish just to appease the powerful mainland government.

    Down with dictators, and down with oppressive regimes!

  27. I thought we settled this there is only one China. Those Maoist rebels need to surrender now and recognize the ROC as the legitimate power. Let’s see how many PRC employees this comment gets going

  28. Gaurav,
    Sorry, but I don’t think it is possible to “overinflate” Aldrin’s accomplishments.
    By the same token, your comment about the “Millions of Americans” [who] “paid taxes and supported an agency of tens of thousands who planned and executed a mission” to me illustrates where we were, NOT where we are.
    No wonder the man is disgusted with a two minute problem that doesn’t get solved in 20 minutes. There has been a huge and steady deterioration in systems efficiency internationally. (I won’t go into the causes.)
    As to “‘three fortunate people’ who were able to leave our gravity well and travel to the moon.” That wasn’t a lottery for a free trip. I believe your statement diminishes the work, effort and contribution each of them gave. No one was intended to be Miss Congeniality.
    The man behaved badly and probably embarrassed himself. I still say to look kindly on him and recognize his amazing his contributions. Santastico: he is the source of the name Buzz Lightyear.
    Frankly, I have sympathy for him living in a world that has changed so greatly where we do not unify to accomplish an improved future. Instead, we will be dealing with huge climate change, ever-increasing population growth and a world where opinion and factoids substitute for knowledge.

  29. He’s a veteran.

    He landed on the moon.

    He’s an elderly man.

    Any half-witted rapper would have been a “lounge priority VIP” on Delta.

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