LATAM Status Matched Me To Oneworld Emerald

While I have top tier status with American AAdvantage, I’ve been looking for a way to earn either oneworld Sapphire or Emerald status with another oneworld airline. I explained the reason for this in a post last September.

Why it’s valuable to have status with another oneworld airline

American has recently opened up new Flagship Lounges in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. These lounges are open to international first and business class passengers, American AAdvantage oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members when traveling internationally, and all non-AAdvantage oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members whenever traveling oneworld, even if it’s just a domestic flight.

As you can see, non-AAdvantage oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members have quite an advantage when it comes to lounge access. If you have oneworld Sapphire status through British Airways you can access the Flagship Lounge prior to a Los Angeles to San Francisco flight, while you couldn’t access the same lounge if you have oneworld Sapphire status through American.

Note that you don’t actually have to credit the flight to that airline in order to get lounge access, so you could credit your flight to American AAdvantage, and still access the lounge using your British Airways elite card.

The basics of LATAM status matches

There aren’t many airlines that offer oneworld status matches nowadays (a few did following airberlin’s bankruptcy, but that was targeted mostly at airberlin elites), though LATAM seems to be an exception. Here’s what their general policy is, based on everything I’ve read:

  • They’ll match all the way up to LATAM Black status, which is the equivalent of oneworld Emerald status
  • They’ll only match you if you’ve flown with LATAM at least once in the past 12 months (lucky for me, I just finished a trip on them)
  • I don’t know what the cutoff point is, but they’ll typically match status through March of the following year; for example, I just completed a status match, and my status is valid through March 2019
  • LATAM seems really inconsistent with granting status match requests, and it’s not a quick, reliable, or straightforward process; come in expecting that it won’t work, and you won’t be disappointed

How to request a LATAM status match

I used this awesome FlyerTalk thread as my basis for status matching, as it has some great tips. It seems as if the best way to request the match is through this online contact form, as that actually goes to the correct department in Chile, rather than some of the email addresses that are available online.

It seems as if you’re best off sending the message in Spanish, so I sent an email based on the following template shared by ChocolateFactory:

Estimados Sres de LATAM,

Tengo planes de viajar en el futuro varias veces desde <your country of origin> hacia America del Sur y he tenido en varias oportunidades experiencias positivas con vuestro producto a bordo.

Para mantener mis beneficios habituales con (insert airline, alliance status) me gustaría solicitarles el reconocimiento de mi estatus de viajero frecuenta (status-match) con vuestro programa LATAM Pass.

Mi número de LATAM Pass es: <LATAM Pass FF number>

Os ruego de consultar los documentos que anexo para su consideración:

Foto de mi tarjeta élite actual (<name of program to be matched>, <FF number>)

  • Captura de pantalla de cuenta élite y perfil
  • Tarjeta de embarque y ticket de vuelo LATAM de los últimos 12 meses <booking reference and routing of LATAM ticket within the last 12 months) 
  • (Optional:) Volveré a volar con LATAM pronto, mi número de reserva para el vuelo es <PNR of upcoming LATAM flight>.

Muchas gracias por su atención

Saludos cordiales,

<your name>

I submitted the request on December 16, 2017, and immediately received the following response (translated with Google Translate):

Dear Customer,

We want to inform you that we have created a support request with the following information.

Name: Bschlappig
Identification document:
preferred means of contact:

You Sincerely,
LATAM team.

I didn’t hear anything for a while, and then on January 3 I received the following email:

Dear Benjamin Schlappig:

We want to inform you that your application for match status is being processed. As we get the answer, we will contact you to give the result.

If you have any questions, please call our Contact Center , marking Option 1 and entering your case number _______.

Thank you very much.

And then finally on January 10, I received a message stating that my status match request was approved:

Hello Benjamin Schlappig:

Please be advised that the approval of categories (Match) has been successful. We welcome you to our frequent flyer program LATAM Pass, and its new membership category is Black.

We invite you to review your Statement in for more information .

We look forward to assisting you again in the future.

So all-in-all the process took about three weeks, and didn’t require much intervention on my part. That’s pretty good, if you ask me.

Why I’m looking forward to LATAM Black status

My LATAM status will give me access to American Flagship Lounges and the Qantas First Class Lounge LAX whenever I fly American, even if it’s just a quick domestic flight. That’s pretty awesome.

However, there seems to be value to this beyond that. LATAM also offers unlimited complimentary upgrades to elite members. I want to do more travel to South America over the coming year, so this could really come in handy for those flights.

Hopefully the above is useful for anyone else considering a LATAM status match. I think the thing to stress the most is that LATAM seems to be wildly inconsistent when it comes to status matches, so come in expecting it not to work.


  1. Lucky,
    Here’s my question. If you buy an economy AA ticket, do you still put in your Advantage number to try to get the upgrade? And then after the upgrade confirms, do you then put in your LATAM number?
    or is showing the LATAM card enough?

  2. You can attain Oneworld status by crediting your American flights to British Airways to achieve Tier points, and you will also have to fly 2-4 segments on BA.

    Once completed, you are guaranteed to have the Oneworld status, and you don’t have to worry about communicating in Spanish with the LATAM “team”.

  3. @WilliamC – but matching through LATAM, you can still credit your miles to American, then just show your card for Flagship Lounge (or partner 1st class lounge) access. That’s a huge benefit.

  4. @Allison

    Turkish might still do a status match but it’s more of a challenge…I think you get 90 days status and if you take one international Turkish flight you keep the status for a year.

  5. You also won’t receive a Latam ‘card’ …their program now uses the app only. So your ‘card’ is a picture in the app…

  6. Complimentary upgrades are only granted from 12 hours to boarding. So, unlike on AA, you cannot get confirmation at the time of booking. It’s okay if you are willing to travel coach in case upgrade doesn’t clear.

    Also, they have just made an “enhancement ” whereby the lowest economy level (“basic”) is no longer upgradeable, even for Black Signatures, from March 1st.

    Still a nice perk, from an otherwise bad loyalty program in the redemption cost side.

  7. For several years now, I’ve been earned oneworld emerald via Latam status. I consistently have to fight with the lounge agents to grant me access to the admirals clubs at JFK when flying domestically on AA, even when my Latam # is attached to the reservation. They always give some excuse that their computers don’t recognize Lan status. Beware.

  8. AFAIK the complimentary upgrade is not available for deep discount economy tickets, so if your booking is O, Q, N, S etc you will not be able to get the upgrade, keep in mind complimentary upgrade waitlist is based of online check-in time (if the rules didn’t change in the last 2 years)

  9. Lucky is so dumb he doesn’t even understand the differences in Spanish. Maybe one day he will realize that having lounge access really isn’t all that it’s craxked up to be.

  10. Another example of points bloggers exposing a loophole that will surely be changed once American realizes a bunch of LATAM elites are accessing its lounges or LATAM gets the bill for tis elites accessing American’s lounges. Sometimes you guys ruin everything. Look at all the good Delta loopholes that were ended because of points bloggers like Rene.

  11. @Ed – They do have a “coupon policy” for upgrades, but Black members receive unlimited coupons to use on themselves, so yes, it is unlimited upgrades.

    Black also receive 6 coupons per year to use for others.
    Platinum receive 6 coupons per year in total.
    Gold receive 2 coupons per year in total.

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