CRAZY AIR FRANCE FIRST CLASS FARES: $1,500 Roundtrip From The US To Europe

At the moment Air France has roundtrip first class fares from Los Angeles and San Francisco to London for $1,500 (or you can book one-way for about half the cost). If interested book NOW, as this fare won’t last. If you credit these flights to Delta you’d earn 200% Medallion Qualifying Miles and 60% Medallion Qualifying Dollars, so this is an amazing way to earn miles.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Air France honors these fares, so I wouldn’t make any non-refundable plans surrounding these tickets yet.

Air France’s first class is incredible — I consider it to be the best in the world.

Anyone able to take advantage of these great fares?

(Tip of the hat to The Flight Deal)


  1. Just tried to book and the price jumps to $13K one-way from $637 when you are taken to the AF site. This has to be a Google Flights glitch.

  2. @ AdamR — You’ll want to search directly on Air France’s site rather than through Google Flights. GF doesn’t have accurate availability anymore given how many people have booked.

  3. Three roundtrips booked. But of course I am doing this not because of a deal but to try the gastronomic delights that you mention in your blase reviews 😉

  4. Got it booked for a one way (under $650 a person)! My reservation was ticketed and confirmed in minutes. Hopefully they don’t cancel!

  5. I just booked a DL flight operated by AF and DL shows First and AF shows Premium Economy but seat map is Frist… weird

  6. Nope.

    No space in La Premiere from SFO on the only dates I have available.

    Aw, shucks. A trip to London in LA Premiere would have made a nice Valentines Day present for my old man.

    Still, it will be fun to follow the drama on this one.

  7. @ joe

    same here, it only seemed to happen for the people that booked via DL. I asked some other folks that booked direct via AF and they show the class fine.

  8. booked two roundtrips, but this is definitely a mistake fare as its a FF (fully flex) fare which clearly they wouldn’t offer at these levels! In any case, changes/cancellations are free except of course if you change your tix the difference in fare would be something close to $6,000!

  9. Agree with @EChid. There is no way this is honored and really it shouldn’t be. That first class cabin is one of the most elusive cabins to book. I just hope when they cancel they cancel quickly and don’t string us all along.

  10. If they rescind the tickets I will protest by never again paying full fare price to fly La Premiere. I suggest all of us do the same 😉

  11. I got in and ticketed with a one way in the early summer… fingers crossed, but not expecting much hahaha

  12. I did an initial test booking with some dates that would probably work. Went up to the hold stage. I started browsing around some more dates, then it was all gone. I luckily found the confirmation number for the hold and went ahead and purchased it.

    I’m hoping they honor it. It looks like it should net about $6600 MQD for delta, 22k in MQM, and 33k in delta skymiles for LAX.

    I’m not holding my breath about it, but it would be nice if it went through.

  13. I got it. Booked via Expedia and got ticket number so it did go through. I hope they honor but I doubt they will. I took the long layover back so I can experience AF ground service. Booked LAX to LHR round trip July 8-21. Now need to find flights to LAX and what to do for 2 weeks in Europe

  14. Seriously?? You KNOW this is a mistake fare and that this will cause headaches to those who heed your silly advise and book these fares (Was the Swiss debacle that far back??). Sorry, but this is shameful.

  15. True @ Jeff. But these blog sites are becoming like used car salesmen – knowingly flogging crap to unsuspecting (or naive) readers. All in the name of ” foremost travel experts”, etc. This is truly bottom of the barrel. I guess they need the clicks..

  16. I got mine but it looks like they were pulled. Live in New York though and have to fly to L.A. to benefit from them, so I’m wondering if it’s even worth it?

  17. Anybody know what the free Limo range is? From LAX.
    This puppy went FAST. My first dates in Sept wouldn’t take, so when I picked 2 Oct I omitted seats, etc to get to payment sectiion.

  18. Ben – even you know that this is not the same thing. A 7K or so fare for $1500 – in First – on an airline that wont even let you use an award for that product unless you are top tier elite with their program? A travel expert would guide not flame the fire pal.

  19. Ugh I can’t believe I missed this … was on the phone with Barclaycard upgrading the Aviator Red to Silver when I should have been multitasking and reading Ben on Twitter. Big sigh.

    Well if your fares get cancelled then y’all can complain to Aeroplan and Swiss (wink)…

  20. @ DT — An obvious mistake is an obvious mistake. It was also obvious that the Qatar fares to everywhere for so cheap were a mistake. I thought odds were low that they’d honor, but they did. So please guide me here — I shouldn’t post about any mistake fares? Or only mistake fares for airlines that don’t restrict award space? And if the latter, what about when Swiss opens up first class award space to partner airlines, when they have a record of honoring those tickets on all but one occasion? Did I screw up there as well?

  21. Honestly if you do not agree with Ben, then just stop going on his site. I’ve flown numerous times through a ton of “deals” listed through his page and I am sure others would agree so stop being an asshole dude. It’s a mistake fare and Ben posted as such plus the fact that you should not book anything non refundable related to this flight. The one time Swiss and Aeroplan do not honor an award flight you rip the poor guy.

  22. Ben I hope you ignore those complaining about you publishing this. Even if only 1/100 fares is honoured, that’s still better than nothing. There’s just people that seem to be very selfish/jaleous

  23. Ben – you are not very well read are you? If you were, you would know what that means. Its ok, google it . No identity crisis here. All good 🙂

  24. @Mindjockey:

    Same here. I need to learn to stop asking my partner if he wants to go and just book it and tell him to put-up or shut up. Got all the way through to the payment page after we agreed to do it but the site told me there was a technical error (read: the fare had been corrected) and I was redirected back to the Search Flights page where fares were back up to $6,500 for a one way. Super disappointed. C’est la vie.

  25. People who complain about bloggers in the comments section of blog posts are like those people who used to complain about airline food: “It’s awful! And they give you so little of it!”

    If you don’t like bloggers or what bloggers say… don’t read blogs!


  26. @DT I think Ben was referring to Hamlet’s identity crisis, which is understandable (and funny) since you quoted a line from Hamlet. Maybe Ben is better-read than you think?

    I agree with the last few posters…if you don’t like this blog, why are you reading it? Keep posting the deals, Ben!!!

  27. @DT …. Ben makes it pretty clear it could be a mistake fare AND what to do when booking a mistake fare. If it sticks then great! If not the people who booked and made non refundable plans took the risk. I think it’s great that he advertised this to give others the opportunity to fly a product they may not have had a chance to otherwise – even if it is slim odds it sticks. There’s nothing wrong or unethical about this and this stays within the spirit of the blog. It’s pretty easy if you don’t like it – don’t read it!

  28. Nothing to lose by booking. Everyone should know by now not to do anything else until you’re sure it is honored.

  29. @ericnyc – have you read your Hamlet? Didn’t think so. The line is a remark that applies to someone who is “defending” their position to conceal a lie or an otherwise indefensible position. The “ protestor” is Ben as he goes through the “defense” of his post, well knowing that the fare is fake.
    Also, you can’t run a open form and then use the tired “ is you don’t agree don’t read” nonsense. If you are not up to snuff, you will get called out. Plus, what’s with the fanboys?

  30. The website is no longer recognizing my reservation, but I haven’t received any kind of email communication. Anyone had their ticket canceled and received communication from Air France?

  31. @DT:
    (1) As long as the “mistake” fare has a 1-in-3 chance of being honored (particularly if it’s somewhere you want to go and/or it would pay off in mileage earning terms), it’s reasonable to shoot for as long as everyone sort-of knows what’s going on.
    (2) With that being said, $1500 r/t doesn’t strike me as an “obvious mistake” in the vein of the United incident a few years back. Yes, I know it’s London (with the APD)…but at least if this were a J fare instead of F, it would actually be believable as an unusually good “flash sale”. And therein lies the rub: If the fares for sale were only for taxes then the question is unmistakable. If it’s for something apparently significantly above that (even a “fuel surcharge” that borders on tax evasion), it’s not nearly so obvious.

  32. @DT:
    “Also, you can’t run a open form and then use the tired “ is you don’t agree don’t read” nonsense. If you are not up to snuff, you will get called out. Plus, what’s with the fanboys?”

    But Ben’s post IS up to snuff. His blog is about to airlines and especially flying first class inexpensively. By posting this fare, he is doing is job and doing it well. He is giving his readers information most if them want. (Which is why many of us are baffled that people complain about the content: if you don’t like it, don’t read it, and let us enjoy it in peace.) When people like you complain, we “fanboys” react negatively because we appreciate Ben and want him to continue.

  33. I have 3 booked through Orbitz. They were still showing valid on the Air France website as of Friday afternoon. Friday evening, the 22nd, they were cancelled. I called up orbitz and complained. Spent about an hour on the phone with them and they had a 3-way call with a representative from Air France. By the end of the night my tickets were reinstated. The Orbitz agent (I spoke to 3 different people. The last one was some type of senior supervisor. That was the one that made the direct phone call to Air France) informed me that we will be on this flight and that if Air France cancels us again they will rebook us in F on a different airline. I don’t know exactly how that would happen but as of now I have 3 valid tickets showing on the Air France website with ticket numbers. Any advice on booking hotels, etc for this trip in June of 2018?

  34. My 3 are still showing valid on the AF website with seat assignments and ticket numbers. Anyone else still have valid bookings?

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