Wear An Ugly Sweater And Get Priority Boarding On Alaska & Virgin America

December 15, 2017, is National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day (apparently?). To celebrate, Alaska Airlines and Virgin America are offering priority boarding to those who wear ugly holiday sweaters on that day.

Here’s what Alaska’s managing director of marketing and advertising has to say about this:

“Travel during the holidays can be stressful for guests, especially those who do not travel often. This fun promotion not only allows guests to board early on that day, but gives people another opportunity to dust off that ugly holiday sweater hanging in the back of their closet.”

This is a cute concept, though arguably there are already enough people with priority boarding, and this will only make things worse, especially given that December 15 is a Friday (when a lot of business travelers are flying). However, I doubt that many people will be taking part in Alaska’s promotion.

Would you wear an ugly sweater to get priority boarding, if you weren’t otherwise eligible?


  1. Could be awkward for the CSAs if someone is wearing an “ugly sweater” from their everyday wardrobe who is unaware of the promotion……

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