It’s Back: Earn Starbucks Gold Status After One Purchase

Starbucks is back with a similar promotion to what they’ve offered a couple of times in the past, including back in July.

Through this promotion, those in the US can earn Starbucks Gold status after making a single purchase with the app or a registered Starbucks Card between December 4 and December 31, 2017. Ordinarily you need to earn 300 stars, which requires $150 of spend, in order to earn Gold status. There’s no registration required, and your account should automatically be updated with Gold status if you otherwise meet the terms.

In terms of program benefits, Green members receive the following perks, which include things like a free birthday drink and free in-store coffee refills:

Gold members receive the following perks (the most significant being that you can redeem your stars towards free drinks and snacks):

Bottom line

Starbucks Gold isn’t life changing, but if you do happen to be making a Starbucks purchase anyway between now an the end of the year, make sure you use their app or a Starbucks Card so that you earn Gold status.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this offer?

(Tip of the hat to Doctor of Credit)


  1. Coffee is too expensive at Starbucks. Here in Holland, I prefer to buy the coffee at any Albert Heijn for 1.75 Euros. You have them in most stations.

  2. ^ What Jason said.
    Connect with Ford.
    Connect with Easter Island.
    Be present there and immerse yourself in the experience of Easter Island.
    You won’t lose readership by not posting for a day or two.

  3. Fruit of the loom has 500 thread count BOGO deal on their underwear. Nothing to do with flYing but we all love a good deal.

    I hope someone can make use of this amazing deal.

  4. I bought a latte at Starbucks for 5-6 days per week for 3 years. I stopped when Starbucks made the big changes to its loyalty program about a year ago. I haven’t bought one since then.

  5. @ Kelly, live your life, do something cool today. Practice what you preach. Let him live his life. This post probably took him a few minutes. Maybe it’s raining right now so he has some free time. Maybe it was prewritten on the plane. Maybe someone else wrote it under his name.

    People act like they know what’s best for other people but don’t follow their own advice. Worry about yourselves and be happy.

  6. To bad i’m currently in Europe so no luck. 🙁 Unless someone is willing to go to Starbucks, get gold and give me the rewards account .LOL

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