Save 30% At Starbucks This Weekend

Okay, this isn’t at all travel or credit card related, but since I often post about savings offers at Starbucks using mobile payment services, I can’t help but share this, so your Starbucks gift card balance can go even further. This is Friends & Family weekend at Starbucks, and you can save 30% on almost any store purchase if you’re based in the US. Taking advantage of this is super easy.

Just follow this link and enter your mobile number, and you’ll immediately be texted a coupon code for 30% off a purchase this Saturday or Sunday (December 2 or 3, 2017). This promotion is valid on just about any food, drink, or merchandise. The only exclusions are Mobile Order & Pay purchases, refill tumblers, and Starbucks gift cards. Each code can only be used one time, though you can buy multiple things in one transaction. The number of available coupons is limited, so you’ll want to request a coupon ASAP if you have plans to visit Starbucks this weekend.

You can bet I’ll be taking advantage of this. In the past I’d only either get drip coffee or cold brews from Starbucks, though I’ve recently become obsessed with their matcha lattes, and they’re just about all I think about anymore. Mmm….

(Tip of the hat to No Mas Coach)


  1. Ok. I’m not judging or anything but am really curious… trying to reconcile the fussy champagne drinker and luxury travel guru with ummm Starbucks.
    I mean

  2. Hey Lucky! You have a worldwide audience so it would be helpful if you state if a certain promotion is a US based promotion only – thank you!

  3. Starbucks is diabetes and heartattack in a glass. Bastards won’t tip but have no problem paying $5 for glass full of crap.

  4. Thanks for this tip; I buy coffee by the pound for holiday gifts and I was able to save bigly on a bunch today!

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