LifeMiles Is Offering Their Best Ever Promotion On Purchased Miles For OMAAT Readers

A couple of days ago I wrote about how the LifeMiles program is offering a special Cyber Week promotion on purchased miles. Through this promotion you can buy miles with up to a 145% bonus. Not only is this one of the biggest bonuses they’ve offered on purchased miles, but the other great thing is that the bonus applies even if purchasing miles in small increments, while in the past you often had to buy 101,000+ miles to unlock the lowest possible cost.

Well, it gets even better than that. LifeMiles is offering a special 150% bonus on purchased miles for readers of OMAAT.

To take advantage of this offer you have to register on this page between November 23 and November 26, 2017, and then have to buy miles between November 24 and November 27, 2017.

You have to wait 24 hours from the time you register until you buy miles through the offer to get the better bonus. You should see the better bonus reflected on the purchase page once you’re eligible.

You can purchase anywhere between 1,000 and 200,000 miles using this offer (pre-bonus), meaning that you’d end up with anywhere between 2,500 and 500,000 miles. LifeMiles ordinarily sells miles for 3.3 cents each, so if you max out the promotion and buy miles with a 150% bonus, you’re essentially paying just 1.32 cents per purchased mile. I don’t recall ever seeing a better deal on purchased LifeMiles that everyone is eligible for.

To crunch the numbers even further, purchasing LifeMiles qualifies as airfare spend for the purposes of your credit card. So if you buy miles with the Chase Sapphire Reserve you’d earn three Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent, while if you buy miles with the Amex Platinum Card you’d earn five Membership Rewards points per dollar spent. I value those points at ~1.7 cents each, so to me that’s a further return of 5.1-8.5%, which lowers your real out of pocket for those miles even further.

I’d highly recommend registering now, and then you can always still decide if you want to take advantage of the promotion later.

Thanks to LifeMiles for generously offering this promotion to OMAAT readers!


  1. Is it worth for someone who isn’t enrolled in the lifemiles program ?
    Could someone be so kind and tell me roughly how much money would I have to spend to get enough miles for a roundtrip ticket between Europe and North America (in economy)?
    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  2. Well I don’t know the value of life miles nor the taxes, that’s why im asking if they are worth buying to get a ticket..

  3. @Fanb, look for the awardchart of lifemiles on Google, it’s easy to find. And rule of thumb, never-ever buy miles for an economy ticket as revenue prices out of Europe are EXTREMELY low, from Scandinavia regularly even less than 300 euro (+ you even get to collect miles, 25%? Hurray! 😉 )

  4. from experience you pay the airlines lap infant ticket after booking the award at 10% the full ticket price for the cabin. at this rate it could be as much as the award seats. but might be the way to go if there are not enough seats available for award bookings.

  5. @Hong Konger: every passenger counts as an adult. There are no discounts for children or infants. (Source: lifemiles website in spanish)

  6. or if you use the LM credit card you can get extra bonus miles that way as well

    The only issue is that redemption via the website isn’t the best experience. But if you do find a seat this is probably one of the cheapest ways to travel up front. I just completed a trip to SE Asia booked with LMs. 99K each way in F

  7. I forget… does LifeMiles allows multiple carriers on a single Star Alliance award, or is it Alaska-style one partner airline per award only?

  8. That’s a great thanksgiving gift to your readers – already registered. Thank you @Lucky 🙂

    Now the battle for searching for availability!

  9. I’m strongly considering for travel to the ME next year as Turkish has wide open availability. I’m just nervous that a devaluation is coming and we’re going to get screwed.

  10. I’m finding NO award availability from Toronto to London during the summer, not even in economy. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong??? I doesn’t make sense to purchase miles if I can’t find awards.

  11. @Lucky, you really ought to warn readers about the recent troubles with Lifemiles search engine and availability while promoting this. It’s a great deal that’s worth passing on, but there have been so many issues lately on that it could be a serious risk.

  12. There really should be a disclaimer in bold letters anytime buying Lifemiles is mentioned. Their search engine is terrible and routinely does not find award space that is readily available on United and Aeroplan. They seem to block awards on Austrian, Swiss, Lufthansa First, and Air China, among others. I currently have several hundred thousand Lifemiles and have had to instead use Chase UR transferred to United because Lifemiles is particular bad with award space to Europe. If you need to have multiple carriers or 2 connections you can essentially forget about it.

  13. I am buying a few thousand dollars worth of these miles.

    Best way to meet your minimum spend on credit card. You are a fool if you don’t at least $5000 worth of miles.

  14. Does anyone know where Washington state falls in the award chart? “Washington” is listed in United States 1 which is mostly east coast cities so presumably refers to D.C. United States 3 includes Oregon and Idaho so is the logical category for Washington, but it is not listed.

  15. I’ve consistently had issue paying with my Amex Plat, not sure if it’s a glitch or they are deliberately blocking Amex

  16. @Rob – yes, you can have multiple carriers in a LifeMiles PNR, and

    @Robos – yes, you can redeem for other pax, and

    @Norman – they always have issues with Amex – the call centre will help.

    I am flying in three weeks MEL-BKK (Thai business) then BKK-VIE (Austrian business) with my partner and myself.

  17. After registering on 23 Nov. Thursday, the page redirected to the LifeMiles to buy the miles immediately, don’t have to wait until 24 Nov. to buy with the 150% bonus. So, it goes pretty quickly to the time of registering to buying the miles.

  18. Anyone having issues purchasing miles from Avianca? I keep getting this message after submitting “We already have your information , we will process your request and will contact you with the result of your transaction.”

    Any ideas?

  19. @lucky I have already purchased 242400 miles(101000*2.4) by your affiliate OMAAT link earlier this year. How many more miles can I still buy and entitled bonus? (I guess it’s 99000?) I have so many trips waiting so I might need more lifemiles.

    Thank you and happy holidays.

  20. @ Trimal — You can purchase 200,000 miles pre-bonus, meaning you should be able to purchase an additional 99,000 miles before the 150% bonus. 🙂

  21. I registered yesterday and in “my promotions” I can see that I am sucessfully subscribed to the promotion. But under “buy lifemiles” I still get only 145% bonus offered… what am I doing wrong?

  22. Anyone have a date point update with AMEX cards being accepted over the phone? Mine isn’t going through online and AMEX says there have been no declines on their end…


  23. @Justin—yes. They took my Amex platinum over the phone. I had the same problem.

    Thanks lucky! Just bought 40k miles to have my wife and I travel round trip from Costa Rica to the Galappogos Islands next year! Not bad for under 600 dollars!

  24. @Reuben R – Same problem and the same cryptic message about having my info and contacting me later. Tried with two different cards and no success.

  25. I need quick help, I will be in Peru in Feb.

    I want to from lima to cusco. as a foreigner can I buy the economy award ticket as a foreigner ?
    for normal fare they wont allow you to buy some low fare classes. They want to rip you off 🙁
    and also never bought miles or award ticket from them, but for domestic 3000 miles +10-13 usd tax is the last price or do ı have to pay some booking fee ?

    I cant check it without having miles in my account

  26. @Metin
    Best way to fly from lima to cuzco using miles is with British airway avios.

    4500 avios can get you latam flight.

  27. Tried to register yesterday but couldn’t due to site being down. Now it says the deal has ended. Not impressed a bit.

  28. Also tried some shorthaul test bookings on UA flights. UA site shows space on 20 days in the month. Lifemiles shows space on ONE DAY ONLY! Furthermore, Lifemiles charges $55 IN FEES for a single segment domestic award! Why has no one written about this?? Pitiful.

  29. Doesn’t work, like usual. Error after entering the credit card data and clicking submit – “We already have your information , we will process your request and will contact you with the result of your transaction.”

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