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Get a $20 credit by using this link (and please leave your link in the comments below!)

If you’re using Google’s Project Fi for your phone service (and if you’re a person who travels frequently, you really should consider it), Google has a special promotion for referring friends to the program.

Typically, if you refer someone to Project Fi, both you and the person being referred receive a $20 Fi credit. Through December 17th, Google is upping the ante. In addition to the normal referral credit, there’s also a chance to earn some tech goodies:

As someone who loves their current phone and hasn’t had a television since 2007, neither of those are terribly interesting to me personally, but it’s a fun idea that some of you might appreciate (so please leave your link in the comments below!)

Get your Project Fi referral code

To find your referral code, log in to your Google account (you may need to use Chrome), then click on “Share the Fi love” in the upper banner.

You’ll see your referral link, which can be copied to your clipboard with a click, or shared via social media and email:

Google Fi or TMobile?

I am incredibly evangelical about Google Fi — I think it’s the hands-down best phone plan for high-frequency international travelers, and tell that to pretty much anyone who will listen.


We’re saving well over $800 this year in my house by switching to Google Fi.

  • I love the pay-as-you-go pricing, and the flexibility that provides
  • The additional data-only SIM cards are great for tablets, back-up phones, and even family when traveling

At the same time, actively campaigned for Ben to get T-Mobile. Why?

  • Ben is on a family plan with his parents, and the pricing on T-Mobile seems slightly more competitive when you’re paying for multiple people with varying data needs
  • The tie-up between T-Mobile and Gogo is super convenient for those who don’t travel enough to justify a monthly Gogo pass, so is perfect for Ben’s parents
  • T-Mobile has storefronts, and Ben is….well, it’s better for me if he can go and talk to the nice people at the phone store versus Tiffany Tech Support, let’s put it that way

I would probably send my mom to T-Mobile for similar reasons. I’m sending my cousin Heather to Google Fi. And for people who travel rarely, or are already committed to other phone companies for other reasons, a portable hotspot can be a convenient choice.

But Project Fi has a great little quiz to help you determine if it’s an option that makes sense for you, and what the costs would be.

Bottom line

If you’ve been thinking about trying Google Project Fi, now is a great time to join. You can get a $20 statement credit by using a friend’s referral link, and we generally see some deals for Fi-friendly phones this time of year as well.

My link is here (and if you decide to sign up through it I’m of course super appreciative), but if you have Google Fi please post your links below! Especially if you can make use of these extra gadgets they’re giving out.

For more on Project Fi, and why I’m so thrilled with the service, see:


  1. I signed up for Google Project Fi after reading Tiffany’s review a while back. I’m a big fan of the international coverage and pay-per drink model of billing. Also, that the international data is the same rate as the US.

    I’ve had great coverage and speed so far in:
    China (PRC), El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Palau, Pohnpei (Federated States of Micronesia, related to US coverage).

    I’m looking forward to using my phone and data (gotta keep up with Fantasy Football lineup) in Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, St. Kitts, and Martinique!

    Feel free to use my link:

  2. I have put my Fi Sim into my iPhone and it works ok. You don’t get the benefit of having access to both T-mobile and Sprint Networks. I believe it only connects to T-mobile.

    I actually have both Google Fi and a Verizon unlimited plan. Verizon phone is my primary phone when I am in the US and Fi is my primary when travelling abroad. I like having the redundancy and network reliability of multiple networks. The data on Fi is too expensive for me to use it as my primary phone, but it is cheap enough and I travel enough to justify carrying both.

    Here is my Fi referral link

  3. @TCCQuest: If you read the “Downsides to Project Fi on an iPhone” on the article you mentioned it kills it for me. Unless Google makes it fully usable on an iPhone it won’t make sense. I get them trying to protect their hardware but they would probably get way more users if they open it officially to iPhone users.

  4. My link

    I’d also recommend using this with a google pixel phone or a moto X4 to take full advantage of the network switching between Sprint and T-mobile. Improves coverage and also works with older Nexus phones, eg 5x.

  5. Google Fi is wonderful, we use it as ‘Data Only SIM’s’ with our iPhones and love the simplicity of being able to land and go without having to track down a SIM, worry about arriving late, or finding a store or end up with a person who refuses to sell us a SIM.

    Here’s our referral code!

  6. Tiffany – thanks for another well written, excellent article! You may want to write an update mentioning the Cyber Monday $100 Fi credit if you purchase a new phone, now until 11/30.

    Here is the link:

    It’s good on all of the phones currently offered by Google Project Fi including the new Android One Moto X4 @ $399 and the Pixel 2’s. Also the referral credit for $20 will stack with the $100 credit. I used your link so eventually you should see it after I get the phone and activate it.

    Thanks again for all that you do!

  7. I have been using Google Fi for almost a year now and have had no issues. I have used it in Germany, Canada, Japan, Norway and Scotland with great success.

    Here is my referral link:

    (or just enter the code: H5D3MM when signing up)

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