Hyatt Is Offering Double Points Through The End Of The Year

There’s finally some good news from World of Hyatt! While Hilton, IHG, Marriott, SPG, etc., have each offered multiple global points promotions this year, Hyatt hasn’t been as generous. Hyatt’s last global promotion was between April 1 and June 30, and that was the only major promotion they offered this year. Hyatt is finally back with another offer.

Hyatt is offering double points through the end of the year

World of Hyatt is offering double points for all stays between November 15 and December 31, 2017. Registration is required by November 30, 2017, at, and eligible stays must be booked via or Hyatt’s mobile app. Bonus points should post 2-3 weeks after the completion of a stay.

Previously booked stays qualify (as long as they’re consumed during the promotion period), and M life stays qualify as well, as long as bookings are made through Hyatt.

World of Hyatt members ordinarily earn five base points per dollar spent, meaning that through this promotion members will earn an additional five points per dollar spent. I value Hyatt points at ~1.5 cents each, meaning that an extra five points is the equivalent of an incremental return of 7.5% on Hyatt spend.

Globalist members ordinarily earn 6.5 points per dollar spent, meaning that through this promotion they earn 11.5 points per dollar spent. For Globalist members that’s a return of 17%+ on spend.

While I wish we’d see some sort of an original promotion, this is certainly better than nothing, and a nice development for Hyatt.

Hyatt also has an Exhale partner offer

Recently Hyatt acquired Exhale, which is a wellbeing brand. This is part of Hyatt’s strategy of expanding beyond the traditional hotel market and adding other lifestyle brands. So far not much has been done to integrate Exhale, and they haven’t participated in World of Hyatt in any way. As a first step to introducing World of Hyatt members to Exhale, there’s a special offer for World of Hyatt members to experience the brand and better understand what Exhale services they might find most valuable.

From November 15, 2017, through February 28, 2018, World of Hyatt members who are new Exhale customers can buy a $30 “Week of Wellbeing” package, which includes unlimited fitness classes, 20% off spa therapies, and 10% off wellbeing boutique purchases. This is valid at Exhale locations in Atlanta Midtown, Boston Battery Wharf, Boston Back Bay, Dallas, Miami Downtown, Miami Bal Harbour, and Miami South Beach.

On top of that, over the same dates World of Hyatt members can save $10 off a fitness class or $25 off a 60 or 90 minute spa therapy at participating locations. This requires providing a promotion code upon check-in.

Maybe some will find this promotion valuable.

Bottom line

I’m thrilled to see Hyatt once again offering a bonus points promotion for hotel stays. Here’s to hoping that 2018 is a better year for World of Hyatt than 2017 was, with lots of promotions.


  1. Thanks for posting this!

    Sad thing for me is I have an upcoming stay at the Park Hyatt Chicago but I booked it through Citi for the fourth night free benefit, so no double points for that stay.

    I have a stay tonight, though, so the timing is perfect! 🙂

  2. However, there’s no such thing as “eligible stay” per WoH T&C definitions. The Q2 promotions specifically defined “Eligible Stay” in promo T&C as they had to start after “2nd eligible stay”.
    The new WoH heads must adapt for a while then….

  3. Too little too late, and that’s just from a loyalty program aspect. And I just completed my 3 stays for the quarter…nice of them to run a 1.5 month promo for their valued customers…

  4. Unfortunately I just can’t make it work with Hyatt anymore. I used to sacrifice comfort and convenience and book us into Hyatt hotels for work, then mattress run the rest of the way to Diamond. It’s just not worth it since I don’t have a clear path to Globalist. I’m sad to be leaving :-\ but SPG is fitting my travel better and better these days.

  5. I have a stay currently booked from November 9th – 21st, will any of this be eligible for double points?

  6. This will make for an eventual great HBR case study on how to destroy a loyalty program

    Wonder if it will ever be revealed what % of their elites ended up “leaving” from or down-statusing in the program as a result of the WOH change.

  7. What strange timing- just after a less than wonderful third quarter earnings report we have the only promo ( albeit a lame Marriott Rewards ” mega” (HAH! ) promo Hyatt has offered in 6 months.

  8. @ Travelinwilly, Citi Prestige over phone or email books online with Hyatt usually so counts as qualifed stay and likely hits this promo. But if you booked citi website, then no.

  9. Note that you have to book through one of Hyatt’s digital channels – i.e., Hyatt’s website or App. A phone reservation will not qualify for this promo.

    And btw, what program does 6 week promos with no advance notice? Someone just wake up these morning and go, “hey, let’s do a promo!” Great example of how to run a great program into the ground.

  10. My experience with WOH over the last 18months has been nothing short of appalling . Previously a consistent Diamond level high spend loyal supporter. Following the worst customer experience over the transition to WOH when all my data was lost due to their inept IT system I have and will never step foot in a Hyatt property again. Double points, triple points or quadruple points all meaningless.Their dismissive ,rude and arrogant disposition towards dedicated members is unacceptable and as one that has experienced such disdain it is a warning to others . I now support SPG and they have been superb including their amazing IT system.

  11. 75000 points for 25 stays was about twice as valuable as this (if not three times as I have 36 nights upcoming on that timeframe which will only give me about 30,000 points). But hey, it’s better than nothing. Finally.

  12. Please don’t book Mlife stays via the Hyatt website or app. Any bonus points you get is worth less than the cost different when you use the Mlife website or VIP line.

  13. HEY! HEY! HEY!
    The problem with this promo is that you have to book using the DBL Points room rate. Not the “normal” rate.
    In my case, to get the DBL points my rate would be an additional $34 a night. That equates to extra points costing .03 a point. No thanks.

  14. Yessssss! Staying at a Hyatt Place tonight, then getting on a flight for ten days at a Hyatt Ziva tomorrow morning. I support this promotion!

    As long as they still offer great value with Chase points and cash + points bookings it is worth it. Best hotel redemption values in the world.

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