Obnoxious Vlogger Sets Up Pop-Up Shop In Emirates A380 Shower Suite

I’m sure just about all of you have seen the video that YouTuber Casey Neistat made about his trip in Emirates first class, which was possibly the best unpaid advertisement the airline has ever received. The video has nearly 50 million views.

Casey Neistat is very much an acquired taste. A lot of people find him obnoxious, and I did at first as well, though over time he has grown on me, or at least I can appreciate him for who he is.

Well, another YouTuber has just posted a video about his experience in Emirates first class, which I find slightly less charming, to put it mildly. I’d like to think I’m usually pretty good with pop culture and internet celebrities, though I had never heard of Logan Paul before this. He has nearly 14 million YouTube subscribers, which makes him one of the world’s most popular YouTubers.

Well, he recently flew Emirates A380 first class from Los Angeles to Dubai, and made a video about the experience. Roughly the first half of the video is about the first class experience as such. Personally I find him to be obnoxious, but then again, it seems like a lot of people feel otherwise, based on how many followers he has.

The last several minutes of the video is the part that’s truly cringeworthy. He planned all along to set up a “merch shop” on the plane. Originally he was going to set it up in his suite, but then he decided to set it up in the shower suite. He seemingly did this without the knowledge of the crew.

The puzzling part is that he then had several people come up from business class into the shower suite to look at the merchandise. His friend seemed to pay him cash for something he bought (more as a joke than anything), while he gave away the merchandise to several other people.

Passengers from other cabins aren’t allowed to come up to first class, and for that matter, wasn’t the crew curious what was going on when he was bringing pre-teen boys and girls into the shower suite? At the end of the video you can see the shower attendant coming into the shower suite, and she clearly didn’t know what to do. Then the purser made an appearance, and after that he had to take down the merch shop.

Here’s the video:

I’m still conflicted as to whether Emirates was in on this, or if he was truly going rogue here. It almost seems like Emirates may have upgraded him to first class for the video, or who knows, maybe he paid (he does nothing to indicate that he or anyone else paid what he claims the cash price is).

Also, while it seems like he eventually had to remove the merchandise, that was only after several people came to the shower suite from business class, which makes me think the crew must have known.

What do you guys think? Is this charming or obnoxious? Was Emirates in on this, or no?


  1. Obnoxious. Have you seen the one where he puts his “little person” friend in a bag and checked him for an international flight? He’s an idiot. But what do I know? He’s flying $21,000 First Class tickets and I’m working behind a desk…

  2. Being obnoxious gets you followers whether on YouTube or on twitter. A lot of them might actually be low iq, tribal, loyalty for the sake of loyalty people. I.e not very bright

  3. You’ve never heard of Logan Paul? Well, I guess that’s better because (in my opinion) all him and his ridiculous brother do is waste time with pranks while attracting the attention and eventually money of millions. I find this “merch shop in shower suite” to be just stupid. It’s clickbait, plain and simple. I feel sorry for the people who watch this and actually enjoy it. I’m sure everyone learned something important from watching that video(!). What a waste of time.however, I find what you do, lucky, a lot more useful and entertaining. Keep up with the news and reviews!!

  4. Lucky – thank you for not being like this guy and instead, providing us with good, solid reviews and advice. The worst that I can say about you is that you wear “sneakers” and you have incredibly bad taste in champagne. Oh, and the fact that you have a Shawn Mendes poster hanging on your living room wall. Other than that, you’re a pretty swell guy!! Keep up the great work!

  5. Didn’t watch. Didn’t want to give him anymore views. Posting this article is only advancing his stupidity by getting him more views.

  6. Proof that money doesn’t bring class
    Tasteless, tacky, crass, uncultured
    If emirates had agreed and it was for charity then it may be different.. I doubt it

  7. Please don’t use followers as a metric of who is actually being followed. You can pump these kinds of numbers at very economical prices.

  8. Having loads of followers doesn’t mean his YouTube videos are of great quality. If you look at the trend of what’s popular in social media and reality shows, you can tell it’s always some stupid stuff that’s high in ratings. If everyone has a minimum level of IQ in them then there be less conflicts in the world.

  9. He’s pretty obnoxious but has the following…. so good for him I guess. He’s def doing well for himself. Casey’s and Logan’s videos are nice but why don’t you share my video about my $27,000 first class weekend trip to hong kong for $140!!! I used points and miles for everything so it’s relevant for your blog :):)


  10. This guy is an ass clown. And no, I would not even consider following him on any social media platform. I have to believe that Emirates was in on it.

  11. It was all shot on the ground with Emirates’ cooperation, but you’re a smart guy who already knew that.

  12. Eric, he’s not a “retard”. He’s a fucktard. People with learning disabilities, wrongly called retards, can’t help it. Fucktards can.

  13. If the Purge movies were real, I would target this guy and only this guy. Oh my goodness I hate him so much.

  14. @Lucky – Logan Paul is only one. Search up Jake Paul and team 10.

    Also he and his brother are millionaires from various reasons (youtube, Disney channel’s Bizardvark , etc.) Therefore he probably bought his own first class ticket. He was actually headed for a meet and greet in Dubai with Mo Vlogs (a youtuber).

  15. @Lucky I used to work in the building where he lives in Hollywood. I think their mom made a huge inheritance. He is very wealthy and his copycat brother Jake Paul is 20 times worse.

  16. @Sheri

    yeah, because it’s so difficult to tell the sound of an airplane in flight. Apparently you’ve never been on a plane- to help you out… that noise in the background is not a plane sitting on the tarmac.

    it’s so weird that dumb in your face obvious non-humour humour is what gets the attention of you millennial imbeciles.

    it’s also weird that anyone with a video that isn’t leftist SJW insanity gets demonitized by youtube/google, but this idiot’s antics are ‘advertiser friendly’ and make him millions.

    The Decline of Western Civilization is in the 8th inning…

  17. What I’d like to know is how he got all that crap onto the plane in just a carry-on? :-/ What a waste of space … Very grateful now that I had no idea who this clown was!

  18. I agree that Emirates was in this all the way. I guess this is their way of trying to attract millenials! While I really cant see the attraction a lot of younger people do and this guy (no matter what you are thinking” is laughing all the way to the bank. His revenue comes from the amount of clicks /views he gets and these kind of antics attract a lot of attention. The only way to hurt a guy like this is to IGNORE him.

  19. This idiot gets paid to make this type of stuff all the time. I mean paid huge money. He is very successful and financially very well off. I have no clue if the airline paid him (seems way off brand) but he does this for a living and is difficult to watch.

  20. Absolutely stupid this Logan Paul is a obnoxious prick and this video is bad Casey Neistats was so so so much better.

  21. It’s so uninteresting I stopped watching at the 1:30 mark.
    Now, a better video would me posting my nonstop private jet flight to Hong Kong with my 4 cloned puppies. During the flight, I take the controls and do some negative g maneuvers causing the puppies to float around the cabin.

    While I do have 4 cloned puppies and a commercial pilot’s license, I don’t have a jet.
    It’s only a slightly limiting problem:
    Wasn’t it one of our boarding area bloggers that solved that problem by posting how you could rent the private jet on the ground for $191?
    Any ideas on how to make the puppies look like they are floating?

    This guy is Waaaaaayyy too excited.
    My video would be obnoxiously snarky and entitled.

  22. Very creative, come on, don´t be so hard on the kid, you´ve got to give him some credit for creating THE most innovative pop-up store! Plus, great marketing, after seeing the video now I want a pair of Maverick boxers, just like his! 😛

  23. This puts Emirates first class in a bad light.

    It really puts me off, when I such a video and I see what scum is flying Emirates first class.

    I wouldn’t want to fly Emirates first anymore, because I wouldn’t want to be associated with people like that.

  24. What a disgusting type. On the few occasions I am able to fly FC I definitely prefer more classy co-passengers.

  25. Well for one it seems Emirates was on it. Even though they pretended they were surprised, it was clearly staged judging from their reactions. After all Emirates would not actively be looking to condone something like this and Logan Paul of course has to do some daredevil stunts but hey the free publicity works for both. Ultimately both got what they wanted- Logan paul pulled of yet another absurd stunt and Emirates came across as professional yet with a sense of humour (I mean imagine if this was United?) apart from the eyeballs. Overall, even though I don’t personally like Logan Paul this is some very slick placement. Well done!

  26. Well for one it seems Emirates was on it. Even though they pretended they were surprised, it was clearly staged judging from their reactions. After all Emirates would not actively be looking to condone something like this and Logan Paul of course has to do some daredevil stunts but hey the free publicity works for both. Ultimately both got what they wanted- Logan paul pulled of yet another absurd stunt and Emirates came across as professional yet with a sense of humour (I mean imagine if this was United?) apart from shouting to the whole world how crazy their shower suits are. Overall, even though I don’t personally like Logan Paul this is some very slick placement. Well done!

  27. I do fly Emirates F on paid tickets sometimes ( it doesn’t have to be $20,000+ either), and – based on your description ( I don’t want to waste my time watching that silliness) – if I were in the cabin during that nonsense, I would have been very unhappy. I might have actually contacted the airline to see why they and their crews could possibly allow that. I would have strongly reconsidered flying EK again. If they wanted cheap publicity – it would have backfired because people who can actually pay for their first class cabin are not the same people who watch or enjoy such vloggers. Shame on Emirates if they actually knowingly allowed that.

  28. Sadly this is reality of how low some of these so called vloggers have become and worst is a part of society supports these ridiculous acts.
    If I was a paying passenger in F, I would have immediately complained on the spot to the purser especially with him gabbing away in the cabin and hogging the toilet including the passing traffic. If EK did cordon to such promo, I would certainly not fly them (which I already don’t), but not even redeeming my miles with them.

  29. I hope Emirates wasn’t aware of this retards intents for the flight, and if they in fact knew, and if I was stuck in the same cabin as him, I’d demand a full refund for the “21,000$”

  30. I am really upset and dissapointed that Emirates allowed to make this film. Did you see folks the crew member, who visited the shower during filming? She was so happy and allowed to make stupid faces. If Emirates would not known about it, it would be simple forbidden. So its rather obvieous that Emirates knew about it and even paid for it. But why? What was the purpose to make such a stupid video? I am now very sceptical to fly again their first class if I could meet such a young idiots next to me.
    Would you please Lucky writte the official letter to Emirates asking them why did they allow him to make such a bad advert? Who takes responsibility? The answer would be intresting….

  31. WHAT AN ANNOYING BASTARD. Everyone and I mean everyone should flag his videos on YouTube and take it down for good. Truly a shitehawk.

  32. Wow, you guys are brutal!

    The 1st time I heard of Logan Paul was just in passing from watchinh a video that literally made me laugh out loud so hard my abs were hurting! I looked him up and thoughe he was hysterical! Yes he has way too much energy. Yes, he’s obv a rich kid who must have access to props, screens, and good cameras. But so what. He can be so funny and the videos are often really high entertainment value.

    In this video, I’d say it’s a little much, a little staged…and he is acting so excited it’s kinda overbearing. But he’s a big goofball dork and most of the time he’s hysterical.

    When I had watched that 1st video, I made my husband watch it bc I couldn’t stop laughing. He couldn’t either. Then a couple months later, my hubbie, who is in advertising went to an Ad Week talk in NYC and Logan was there. He went up to him and told him I had just discovered him and thought he was hysterical. So he made me a video on site, just to me, asking me where I was? I thought that was pretty cool. He obviously is just a fun loving person who enjoys life. We need more of those kinda people in the world.

    So I’d say give him a chance!

  33. Well, others (for the most part) have already said it. He’s a crude, vulgar thoughtless fool (but apparently a well off crude, vulgar, thoughtless fool). It’s amazing what we reward in the Internet/YouTube world. And I agree with others suggesting that it was staged with the approval of Emirates. I can’t recall if there are one or two shower suites on this plane but he obviously monopolized use of the shower suite for his own commercial benefit. His “energy” grated on my nerves very quickly.

  34. OK, he could be funny. Maybe he is somehow. But was it really in a good taste? We still don’t know if Emirates are happy with his video. We know for sure that nobody would like to have this kid in the same first or business class during fly EK. Do really Emirates need to promote their showers in such way? And are really crew so happy watching whats going on (as we could see)? I do hope that Lucky will find the answers…

  35. Haha! Agreed! If Logan or Jake was in my first class on a long flight that I had somehow paid for or more like used all my miles for, I might have to smack him! Also, we dont know how long he had the pop up shop for…maybe it was just up for the 30 min. The other blogger guy says they give you only 30 min and 5 min of water! Thats concerning to me as I need 15-20 min of water! 10 bare min!

    Has anyone taken a shower on emirates? Do you really only get 5 min?

  36. Logan is certainly not charming. In fact, I dislike him a lot and wished the crew threw him off the flight United-style at 37,000 feet or whatever.

    That would have really enhanced the video.

  37. Just to clarify my comment directly above…. I didn’t mean to suggest that United threw passengers off the aircraft mid-air as it’s illegal!

    I just thought that the image of Logan being manhandled off the aircraft mid-flight at cruising altitude would be quite cathartic. As far as I know United have never done this and never will. They just do it on the ground.

  38. Well, Emirates or at least the crew were ok for this, as you can see in the video during the shower, he is actually taking the shower with the glass-door open which is impossible do to as a passenger, that door must be closed for the shower to turn on. Some crew must have switched the « cleanup » setting in the shower spa to allow him to make the video like that, and it’s a big no no usually. Second thing.m, you’ll never ever be allowed to be two people in the shower spa. Especially a crew will come in to show you how to operate the shower but they will always leave the door open. Closing the door and a crew+pax together inside is again a big no no. Source; I’m an ek crew First Class crew (FG1) operating on the A380.

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