American Is Offering Up To 50,000 Bonus Miles For Holiday Partner Activities

American has just announced a promotion offering bonus AAdvantage miles for qualifying partner activities this holiday season. Through this promotion you can earn anywhere between 500 bonus miles for one partner activity, to 50,000 bonus miles for 10 partner activities. Registration is required for the promotion using code AAHOL, and qualifying partner activity has to be completed by December 31, 2017, to qualify.

Here’s the chart showing how many bonus miles you earn based on how many partner transactions you complete:

With each partner, there’s a minimum number of miles you have to earn in order to qualify for the promotion, and then there’s a special bonus offer from each partner to earn you even more bonus miles, though there’s no need to take advantage of that special bonus to earn the 50,000 miles.

There are exactly 10 partners participating in this promotion, so getting qualifying partner activity from all 10 won’t be easy. Here’s the required qualifying activity with each partner:

  • Miles For Opinions — earn at least 300 miles
  • Lifelock — earn at least 7,000 miles
  • Sprint — earn at least 417 miles
  • Rocketmiles — earn at least 5,000 miles
  • AAdvantage eShopping — earn at least 3,000 miles
  • 1-800-FLOWERS — earn at least 2,000 miles
  • AAdvantage Dining — earn at least 500 miles
  • Avis or Budget — earn at least 1,500 miles
  • Vinesse — earn at least 500 miles
  • Hilton — earn at least 1,000 miles

Some of these offers are easy and cheap enough to take advantage of, like AAdvantage eShopping, AAdvantage Dining, Miles For Opinions, etc. Meanwhile others are more difficult to take advantage of, like Lifelock and Sprint, and others come with an opportunity cost, like Rocketmiles and Hilton.

This promotion is certainly worth being aware of through the end of the year, because you can stack these bonuses on top of other ones. For example, at the moment there’s a holiday shopping bonus through AAdvantage eShopping, so on top of that promotion you can earn a minimum of 500 additional bonus miles through this promotion.

So while it’s the incremental last few partners that are most rewarding (and offer up to 12,000 miles each), those are also the toughest to unlock.

While this is a tricky offer to maximize, I love these types of gamified promotions that have the potential to engage members.


  1. Do you guys really share your personal details with websites for a few hundred miles?

    American paradox: act like you crossed a line when ask even a reasonable question but gladly share more intimate personal details for pennies

  2. Just tried signing up for Miles for Opinions and got sent to a page that they’re not accepting new members at this time 🙁

  3. @ Boufneesha

    I found a working email invitation to the program sent by AA on September 27th subject “By Invitation Only.” Check the email associated with your AAdvantage account.

  4. If this is a by-invitation-only promotion, please do not bother me with it — or any of those in future. “Chat helpers” at those sites, including AA have no idea what is going on and it is all a great kerfuffle over nothing. Unless this and any other promotion is wide open to all comers, please start off with a notice that is invitation only.
    Enough wild geese. They’re clogging my engines and eating my wifi.

  5. >>@ Cassandra — The promotion is publicly available. It’s not invitation only.

    I get the same message that they are not accepting new members.

  6. I wish they would call it Christmas bonus miles and not “holiday” – the advertised pictures are clearly Christmas decorations

  7. dude. guys…

    am i the only one that sees how stupid this deal is? am i missing something here? this promo is unlike any other partner airline promo. this totally sux ball sac. you actually have to MEET MIN SPEND REQ for EACH partner to even get the bonus to count towards the final 50k chart. am i reading this right?!

    for example: AAdvantage Dining – earn at least 500 miles (THIS MEANS YOU HAVE TO EARN 500 MILES FIRST)

    so i need to keep eating until i hit 500 miles with dining to make that particular partner count as “one partner” on the chart?! fuk that. this is the worst. nothing is easy to hit here. hell no.

    Lucky, please confirm because i dont think you did a full analysis of this promo. its not worth it.

  8. also, one other thing i forgot to mention which makes this NOT “cheap enough to take advantage of…”

    each “level” does not tie to a specific partner. meaning, there is nothing to indicate you have to qualify in a specific order. meaning any partner you qualify for will only unlock the lowest level bonus first in the order you qualify and then you move up. so naturally, you may save the hardest for last which will unlock the most points. you can also do the hardest first but that will only get you low level points. but that also means you can hit the higher level awards easier later based on your holiday plans.

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