Pictures Of British Airways’ Revamped Concorde Room

British Airways is investing in their premium cabin experience, which sure is an area where they could use some investments. As part of that, British Airways has made some cosmetic updates to their Concorde Room, located at London Heathrow’s Terminal 5. This is their flagship lounge, available to those traveling in British Airways first class (oneworld Emerald members and those traveling on other oneworld airlines in first class don’t have access).

British Airways Concorde Room pre-renovation

I’ve never thought the lounge lived up to the hype. It doesn’t rank in my list of the top 10 first class lounges in the world. While it’s an okay lounge, to me there’s nothing special about it, other than the excellent champagne they serve.

Here’s how British Airways describes the changes they’ve made to their lounge:

The refurbishment to the airline’s exclusive lounge included re-upholstering iconic pieces of furniture, and adding new feature pieces to the room, all of which are illuminated by hand-blown glass lighting with bone linen shades and ochre silk linings.

The terrace, which is so popular with travellers thanks to its position overlooking the runway, features luxurious sofas and new elegant loungers.

Mobile phone chargers are also on hand for travellers to ensure their devices are fully charged before they fly.

Customers will still be able to dine before they fly in private booths with a full waiter service. If they wish to unwind ahead of their flight, private cabanas with a day bed and en-suite are available to book.

Here’s a video explaining the changes in more detail:

Here are some pictures of British Airways’ refreshed Concorde Room:

I’ve gotta be honest — some of the furniture here doesn’t look especially high end to me, but rather looks like something I’d expect in the lobby of a Sheraton. I had to get a second opinion here, so I sent Andrew the following, and here’s how he responded:

So apparently I’m not alone?

However, even that is an improvement over much of the old furniture, which was worn and badly in need of being replaced.

What I really wish they had done is upgraded the bathrooms, which are horrible. However, I’m guessing that would have gone over their budget.

British Airways Concorde Room bathroom

British Airways’ one other Concorde Room is at JFK, and that one should get a renovation next year.

What do you make of the refreshed British Airways Concorde Room?


  1. Not been but looks typical cr*p from BA. Cheap garbage!

    The English people will know what I mean – the couches look like they were inherited from weatherspoons!

  2. enh, I’ll stick with the Terminal 5 open air Biz lounge. Moving away from the Chase BA card to the Chase Sapphire Reserve as Avios, and the Avios system, is a PITA.

  3. enh, I’ll stick with the Terminal 5 open air lounge. Moving away from the Chase BA card to the Chase Sapphire Reserve as Avios, and the Avios system, is a PITA.

  4. Ugly furniture, and straying again from the brand identity. It’s good they are upgrading the room, but I think what most people miss about BA of the “old days” was their old-school “Britishness”, and that’s the feeling they should be going for. At the first-class level of service on BA you want to feel like you’re sitting in Claridge’s hotel, not a W (or worse a Sheraton as you say).

    Having said that, they have been improving the Heathrow experience a fair bit lately (first class wing), and their newer non-LHR lounges (eg EWR, or the newly refurbished LGW lounge) are improved a lot. Let’s hope they continue this.

  5. Wow. New couches and cushions. Ground breaking.

    I live in the UK so can collect Avios easily. I gave up on BA premium cabin redemptions a long time ago and now burn as soon as I earn on short haul Europe redemptions where I can get more than 1p per avios value.

  6. Looks like the furniture section of an upper-mid-market department store – Peter Jones, say, to take a London example. What a waste.

  7. Do BA executives not know the standard of First Class lounges at LH, AF or CX? Why in God’s name do they think their current Concorde room is even remotely competitive?

  8. Wow, while I generally enjoy this column, this one just made me realise how bitchy it is! I love traveling in business and first, and comparing them, but honestly who among us would bitchcabout a sofa if you’re lucky enough to be traveling in first?!

  9. Several of the photos suggest the style is mid-century modern (the last century of course) which can be nice in its place — a Palm Springs home would be a good home for it. However in my mind it is definitely not the image an airline wants to convey.

  10. Them there Limey’s must be Brain Dead I flew that 9/5/2003 from JFK ($3100 return 747)..Lets talk about WW11..
    I wondered what happened to that room BUT !!!


  11. I never allot more than 2 hours at the Concorde Room precisely because it’s just so terrible. I’d rather make the trek to the CX lounge if I had to spend a decent amount of time at LHR. That said, I guess I’m not terribly bothered by the look of the furniture because the lounge, as a whole, seems to be not so great. The taste in furniture seems to be of minimal impact.

    Even before I’d read the entirety of the article I was already commenting on the sad, sad state of the shower rooms. They’re…functional. At best. Even then, the shower enclosure’s doors don’t go all the way to the floor so you run the risk of getting your clothes wet. So maybe they’re about 90% functional. I’ve been in better Admirals Club showers. And I neverlike to say anything good about American carriers.

    But I do like their champagne and I’ve never really been disappointed by the food. The service on the terrace, yes…always disappointed. But the dining room has been great and the drinks have also been nice. Still, definitely not a destination for any frequent flier.

  12. Oh honestly, this is worth thinking about?

    I always count myself fortunate to not be in steerage, but the BA business class lounge at LHR is a crowded, chaotic high school lunch room. THAT is something to worry about.

  13. So much of this article has been dedicated to a blow-by-blow account of what the furniture looks like. (Which, when all is said and done, is a matter of personal taste.) How about mentioning some of the aspects which really matter? The staff for example? I don’t use the Concorde lounge – I use the poor relation, the business class lounge. We could likely spend all day listing the factors where it needs improvement but its real strength lies in its staff. The catering / drink service staff work relentlessly and are exceptionally gracious and kind. I look forward to my stay in the Galleries lounge as I know I will be looked after by the staff with the most gracious of manners. How about giving them some credit?

    Sadly, this is the face of British Airways that only a minority of their customers get to experience.

  14. What a disappointing refresh. This lounge was terrible before because it was so old and tired, but agree now it looks like a Sheraton – dated furniture with horrendous colours.

    The fact she uses the word luxury with these design details and colour palette is hilarious. They should have followed the direction they took with their First cabin on the 787 – that’s the best I’ve seen BA look in a long time. Sleek, modern with craftsman quality.

    I hope BA management read this blog. Please do better for Britain!

  15. Is it just me or does anyone else find it funny that they use the terminology from a defunct premium product to describe their current premium product? Either bring back the Concorde or put it to bed.

  16. Whatever it is they replaced the furniture with, it is an improvement. Was there a few months ago and the seats were really bad, especially on the terrase. Ripped, broken springs, etc. It was a sad sight.

  17. This is what their Business Class Lounge at LHR should look like, at it’s worst. Not the crowded Railway Waiting Room that it currently resembles.

    And, don’t even get me started on their claustrophobia inducing “Business” Class “product” – where you have people constantly clambering all over you to get to the other aisle.

    They have a word for it, up in Yorkshire.


  18. “Customers will still be able to dine before they fly in private booths with a full waiter service. If they wish to unwind ahead of their flight, private cabanas with a day bed and en-suite are available to book.”

    You fly in a private booth with full waiter service?

  19. Last time I used a BA Concorde lounge was when I was departing on …Concorde…(London -Bahrain) more than just a few years ago……seems not a lot has changed…

  20. Agree about the horrible bathrooms. I recall walking into a shower room last year after a redeye from LAX, thinking to myself that I might have gone to the wrong lounge.

  21. Super snarky post. I often appreciate Lucky’s efforts but frankly, sometimes his youth seems to cause him to come off as remarkably petty and sour.

    I love BA international F. Emirates is better but BA does a very fine job. I also like the Concorde Lounge—I’ve been a flight instructor for close to 40 years and drinking excellent champagne or Johnny Walker Blue and watching airplanes on its terrace is a great way to kill a few hours. The entire BA staff in F or in the Concorde lounge have always shown me professionalism, kindness and graciousness. They reflect well on BA.

  22. Its just some pieces of furniture. They look comfy enough to me. Didn’t know we had loads of interior designers here. I think the photos make these look worse than they are. Several frequent flyers have commented elsewehere that it looks better in real life. I’m going to have a look myself in a couple of weeks.

  23. The Concorde lounge and experience there is certainly one of the world’s best. Especially the dining experience and the fact there are very few people there too! I also love the cabana. I can’t think of any lounge that matches it for service.

  24. Agree with the last brightbirdsilverwings. Yes – this is a “luxury” blog and you need to have opinions. As someone who has written ad copy – I think Lucky is concise, accurate and descriptive. There’s a reason we subscribe. However – living out of hotels and flying F/J constantly, along with the commercial pressures, can’t be easy. No matter how experienced you are with travel. Sometimes that might spill over into the commentary.

  25. @ Frog
    “Avoid BA like the plague. Worst premium cabin experience amongst the large, global airlines.”

    That’s either a poor attempt at trolling or just a wilful display of ignorance. There are still large, global airlines who offer “premium” cabins without lay-flat beds. You are seriously suggesting BA is “worse” than those? You are deluded.

    Which is not to say I am a huge BA fan. Quite the reverse. The amount of miles I travel on them (all in J) has been in steep decline over the last few years, to the benefit of carriers like JAL and Qatar and even VS. But while those airlines are consistently better than BA – in a different league, I would have said – the very worst standard of long-haul CW seat offered by BA is still actually much better than the lowest quality seat offered by many of their rivals (American? KLM? Ha!).

    So I would say they are obviously not “the worst”.

    But I am intrigued by what the new CW seat with all-direct-aisle-access, arriving with the A350, and then apparently coming to most of the rest of the fleet, will offer. Along with new Do&Co catering (long overdue), new bedding (long overdue), and the start of what I hope is a programme of lounge refreshes (the LGW lounge is actually rather good), maybe BA is slowly getting better.

    Still don’t like the look of the design of this new Concorde Room.

  26. You guys sound like a bunch of girls complaining. Deal with it and realize majority of people in cattle class like myself who aren’t as fortunate to even have access to a lounge. Be happy with what you have, BA has done an exceptional job. It seems these days people have more time to complain, analyze, and compare than to appreciate how fortunate we are to be able to fly across the world.

  27. At least it is new and not thread-bare like the old furniture. I certainly hope they replaced the heavily worn furniture in the Cabanas too. The style looks to my unprofessional eye that they were going for a toned-down mid-century modern vibe. Okay for today but will look dated in five years. I vote for sophisticated British style if it includes and better service and more interesting food, especially breakfast. Take a cue from the Savoy, Claridge’s, and the Ritz. Thats where the customers they are aiming for will be coming from. Those places have just as much traffic but no worn out furniture, ever.

  28. Just a note to let you know I booked on BA, MIA to ZRH, for my son and his fiancé’. I paid an additional $500 per seat for premium economy which BA advertises gets business class meals, advanced entertainment system in addition to more room. On the flight BA ran out of food and the entertainment system was down. NO FOOD. NO MUSIC. NO APOLOGY. Customer service, including their VP in charge, simply said “There is nothing we can do for you.” Refused to refund the up-charge. Seriously considering law suit.

  29. “Deal with it and realize majority of people in cattle class like myself who aren’t as fortunate to even have access to a lounge.”

    This is a blog about premium travel experiences. Nobody gives a shite about you or your steerage flights. Come join us when you get some class. In the meantime, whilst you are poor, stop commenting here..

  30. The new First Wing entrance actually leads directly to the regular First lounge which, in some ways, I prefer.

    For a start you mostly help yourself, which I like over having somebody serve me. In the Concorde Room, for instance, drinks are served and I’d rather make my own as I like drinks a certain way.

    Ditto with food – I’d rather customise my dish than get it as it comes.

    The champagne is better in the CR of course. But I typically split my time between the two F lounges.

    Of course the Virgin Clubhouse is better but it’s young and hip vibe isn’t for everyone.

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