You Can Now Earn Marriott Rewards Points For Shopping

Marriott Rewards has launched a new shopping portal, Marriott Rewards MORE, which allows members to earn (and theoretically redeem) points for their purchases.

The portal is available to members in the US, UK, and Canada. Each country has slightly different retailers and earning rates.

You can currently earn 1,000 Marriott Rewards points for your first purchase. And if you have the Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card, you’ll earn an additional 25% bonus on the cash portion of any purchase.


Earning points through Marriott Rewards MORE

Unlike other shopping portals, Marriott MORE functions as a browser extension, meaning you have to install something for it to work. It takes about four seconds though, and you’ll be prompted:

Once the extension is installed, you can click on the bookmark or just navigate to the Marriott Rewards MORE site to start shopping.

The selection of retailers is fairly limited, but the points earning rates are decent. In the US, for example, the following retailers are included (yay Amazon!):

When you click on a retailer, you’ll see a message appear at the top of your browser with information on your points balance, the approximate cash value of those points (according to Marriott), and the earning rate for the retailer you’re shopping with:

From there, you can complete your purchase as normal, or use points to pay for your items. Keep in mind that while you can use retailer gift cards, you’ll only earn points on the cash portion of the transaction.

Redeeming points through Marriott Rewards MORE

One of the options emphasized in the marketing is redeeming your Marriott Rewards through the shopping extension. This is a horrible value, and not something most people should even consider.

At best, you’re getting 0.37¢ per point towards your purchases. OMAAT values Marriott Rewards at 0.8¢ each, and while your valuations may be different it’s hard to imagine this being a good deal for most.

As an example, let’s look at the Amazon purchase I was making earlier.

Every retailer will be slightly different, but in the case of Amazon I had the option to choose to pay with Marriott points.

After clicking “Pay Now”, the extension defaulted to spending 10,215 Marriott Rewards points to pay for a $37.79 item.

The number of points used can be adjusted up and down, but I wasn’t able to find a “sweet spot” where the redemption value was worthwhile.

So I’d personally recommend avoiding this method.

Bottom line

This is a great improvement for Marriott Rewards. Finding unique ways for members to engage with the program is always good, and helps to build brand loyalty.

And I certainly won’t mind earning points at Amazon, which doesn’t participate in most other shopping portals.


  1. Is there a related app to download? I don’t tend to use a full computer for a lot of my shopping and would like to be able to use the portal on my phone.

  2. I’d guess that 3 True Blue points per $ at Amazon are worth more than the 2 Marriott Reward points per $, absent a specific use, right?

  3. @ beachfan — In general yes, but depends on the individual, I think. I’d rather have 2 Marriott points than 3 TrueBlue points, even though they have less value on paper, because I don’t live in a JetBlue city and have plenty of JetBlue points already, and I can always move Marriott points to SPG and then to other partners.

  4. I just signed into my wife’s account and she has much lower earning rates in her portal compared to mine. I have Platinum status but she has Gold status (thanks to AMEX Plat -> SPG Gold -> Marriott Gold) and hasn’t stayed at a Marriott this year.

    I wonder if Marriott is making earning rates dependent on status or number of stays/nights per year?

  5. @Adam, I’m wondering about that too. In the first post above, @Karim mentioned 5pts per dollar at When I logged, mine shows 6pts per dollar, but I’m a plat so I wonder if it affects the earning rate.

  6. For the Canadian site, points earned depends on Marriott status. My Plat gets 6 pts/$ at Amazon, my parents Gold gets 5 pts/$ and a new account gets 4 pts/$.

  7. 2pt/$, US Platinum (via SPG Platinum)

    Most of the time I’d get better value out of other shopping portals, but might consider this for Amazon purchases since I rarely fly JetBlue.

  8. Is anyone else getting a “server not found” error in the extension bar up top when they go to shop? I’ve tried on safari and firefox and am getting the same error in both

  9. I used the portal to make a purchase on and received 5 base points per dollar (excluding taxes and shipping). On top of that I received a Gold bonus (status matched from SPG) equal to 25% of the Base Points earned. I also used my Marriott Visa by Chase to get an additional 25% points, but those didn’t show up in the confirmation email. The other downside is that I could not use my log-in or Pals Rewards program as you have to check-out as a guest.

    The site doesn’t show earnings rates until you log-in, I think that they display them with your appropriate status bonus baked into the rate.

  10. Seems that only credit card purchases earn points and only 3 types (Visa, Mastercard, Amex).

    Discover credit cards, all debit cards and gift cards do not earn points.

    If you use a gift card to pay part of your purchase you only earn points on the amount left that you pay with a credit card.

    Marriott has removed some major staking opportunities by implementing these rules.

    Strange Marriott seems to dislike Discover for some reason.

    I really hope this doesn’t spread to other shopping portal programs.

  11. I use SPG AMEX card, I star poinnt/$. 1 starpoint = 3 Marriott points. SPG card still a better deal for those less than 3 points shops.

  12. I’d love an answer to the business Marriott card getting 25% also. Another question is do we have to use it to get the 25%?

  13. 3pt/$ on Amazon, Gold with Chase Marriott credit card. That’s effectively 1 SPG per $1 Amazon spend? I like this.

  14. “Using any cash? You’ll earn up to 3 points per $1 USD spent in cash on your purchase.” Amazon as Platinum

  15. 3 points per 1 USD here as well. Have just purchased a 25 dollar amazon gift card but have yet to see the 1075 points deposit. I did use my Marriott Business card so hoping to see those extra 25% as well.

  16. Does the Ritz-Carlton Reward Card get treated the same as the Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card and give you a 25% bonus for purchases? Does anyone know?

  17. I’m confused.

    I’ve installed the browser extension on two browsers, one for my account and one for my wife, as well as the iPhone app on my phone that’s connected to my account. I’m keen on using this portal for Amazon purchases, but I’ve now seen earning rates from 1 pt/$ (on the app), 2 pts/$ (first time logging in with the browser extension), and now 3 pts/$ (after logging in again with the browser extension a few hours later), all of which was with my account and I have SPG Platinum -> Marriott Platinum.

    Adding to the confusion I see that my wife only shows 1 pt/$ on Amazon and she has Gold status.

    Even more confusing is when I went to buy something. I went to the most logical easy purchase to test this portal out. I purchased a $25 e-gift card from Amazon. Using my account I saw that I would earn 1,039 pts. Using my wife’s account I saw that I would earn 1,014 pts. Both times I was purchasing a $25 gift card. I wanted to see the point breakdown in the ‘Order History’ but that page says “You do not have any transactions.”

    As any good travel hacker does I tried to make sense of things by doing a deep dive on the fine print. Seems like Marriott has covered themselves pretty well with differences in earning rates when they say,
    “The Points you may earn will vary among Retailers and are subject to change or may be removed without notice. The number of Points you earn for a particular purchase will be calculated as of the time of your purchase.”

    I also found that gift cards are actually explicitly INCLUDED as valid purchases,
    “‘Merchandise’ means any goods or services (including gift cards) purchased on your Account through MORE Shopping Mall from a Retailer.”

    So my confusion leads me to these questions:

    1. Will I earn points for purchasing Amazon Gift Cards?
    2. If I earn points, how many points will I earn? How is this number calculated?
    3. Will my gift card purchase show up on the ‘Order History’ page?
    4. Why am I seeing different earning rates across status, time, and platform?

  18. Very difficult to make a transaction on my iPhone. I have an existing gift card balance and attempted to buy a $25 gift card. I could see no way to complete the transaction with a credit card; I kept getting an error about paying with a gift balance

    While I successfully made the purchase on my laptop, it wasn’t much easier. I nearly blew 6800 Marriott points on a $25 Amazon gift card!

    Now that I’ve got the ordering piece down, I see no reason not to make all my Amazon purchases through the portal. I’m earning 3 Marriott points/dollar. If I put the spend on my SPG Amex I’m effectively earning 6x Marriott points on my Amazon spend.

    Thanks for the tip, Tiffany!

  19. Have people seen the earned points go to their account instantly? I bought a gift card last night and have yet to see them deposited.

  20. @Chris- yep, it would be nice to know how long the points take to post. I used the Alaska shopping site last year and I swear it took 8 weeks for my points to post.

    Any word on this, Tiffany?

  21. Given the general state of Marriott’s IT, I’m unsurprised about all the glitches noted above. I too get an error about not reaching the server (which is the same error I get when I try to visit their site on Chrome). The only way I can access Marriott’s site lately has been by going in incognito mode, which seems like it might be a problem if I want points to post. *sigh*

  22. The Shopping Portal is A PAIN. First the toolbar (on a desktop) errored out. Next day it loaded first time when I just went in to see if it worked after I reported an issue. 3 hours later I go in to make an Amazon purchase while logged into my MarriottRewards account and tool bar popped up and said it didn’t recognize me. And, on top of that Amazon disappeared off my list of merchants. I really wish developers would test stuff in the real world under different configurations and situations. This portal SUX!!!

  23. Amazon is not showing up as an option at all on my options. 🙁 First listing is Ann Taylor. Wonder why or is it across the board, now?

  24. I had Amazon listed yesterday and it’s gone today…
    Also noticed several earnings rates changed from 2 days ago to this morning. Very odd system.

  25. What happened to Amazon??? It no longer shows as a Retailer! Fr the first few days it was there–I even put things in the cart. Upon going to checkout today, it’s gone!

  26. I made some purchases through before it was pulled. I used the app and it wasn’t that hard (I put stuff in my cart first in the Amazon website).

    Interestingly while I didn’t use my Marriott Visa for the purchase, I did get the bonus points – perhaps because it just checks that you HAVE the Visa. YMMV of course.

    I am bummed that the pulled Amazon form the program, since I don’t think there are any other portals to earn bonus points for Amazon in Canada

  27. I used the Amazon link for 2 purchases, the first one was 5x points, then it was 6x points for the second one, and all the points are in my Marriott account already 🙂

    But now the Amazon link is missing, I hope it comes back!
    Anyone else have the Amazon ink?

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