Today Only: Earn 1,000 Free Marriott Rewards Points!

Marriott Rewards has been giving away free points for the entire football season through social media. In order to take advantage of this, you’ll need to link your Marriott Rewards account to your social media accounts here. You can earn up to 1,000 bonus Marriott Rewards points just for doing that — you get 750 Marriott Rewards points for connecting your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and 250 bonus points for following Marriott Rewards on Twitter and Instagram.

Once your accounts are connected, you can earn bonus points every Sunday during the football season. Today you can earn bonus points for answering the following:

How high (in feet) is the crossbar on an @NFL goal post? Answer with #RewardsPoints by 8pm EDT on 10/29 & score 1,000 points if you get it.

The answer is 10 feet, so just make sure your accounts are linked, and that you Tweet something like the following at the @MarriottRewards Twitter account:

10 feet #RewardsPoints

If you do this correctly, you’ll get a response from @MarriottRewards saying the following:

You got it! Your points will post in 24 hours. Come back next week for another chance to score.

It could take a couple of hours to receive that message, and then the points should post shortly after that.

I value Marriott Rewards points at ~0.8 cents each, so that’s $8 worth of points just for a few seconds worth of work, which is an absolute no brainer. You can also convert Marriott Rewards points into Starpoints at a 3:1 ratio, so this is also the equivalent of ~333 Starpoints.

Be sure you take advantage of this before 8PM EDT tonight!


  1. Don’t you think this promotion is a bit sexist? Football is traditionally a male sport. Why not tie the promo to something more gender neutral?

  2. The points from previous weeks “expired” and were removed from my account a few days ago. Anyone else encounter this?

  3. hmm time is running out. it’s night here so I better link my social media accounts to my Marriott rewards (or is it vise-versa)?

  4. For the first time the points did NOT post nor any reply from MR… Sent message to them but no reply to that either… Anyone else with the same issue? Usually the points have come VERY fast

  5. @ Tony – It’s hit or miss for a lot of folks and Marriott’s social media team either can’t figure out the problem or doesn’t care since they are already getting plenty of publicity. If the points would just post as expected, fine. Otherwise, I’d rather not clog my Twitter account with a bunch of silly tweets.

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