24 Hours Only: FREE Tickets To Frequent Traveler University Chicago

As Ben wrote about a few months ago, the next Frequent Traveler University will be held at the Marriott Chicago O’Hare the weekend of November 17-19, 2017.

What’s different this time around is that there’s both an FTU Signature event, as well as an FTU Expo, and for the next 24 hours we have discount codes that save big on both.

FTU Travel Expo

For the first time ever there will be an FTU Travel Expo with 36,000 square feet of exhibition space and three simultaneous educational stages. This part of the event is on Saturday, November 18th only, and runs from 9AM to 6PM.

I’m really excited for this part of the event, as I’ve long felt there needed to be more “travel” in the FTU content. Stefan Krasowski has put together a fantastic assortment of speakers, including yours truly and the usual FTU crew, along with new voices like:

And many others. Seriously, it’s a great-looking schedule.

And what’s the fun in being excited about something if you can’t share it with others? So for the next 24 hours, One Mile at a Time readers can get free tickets to FTU Expo using code OMAATFREE.

Just go to the event registration page, click the link for Expo, and enter the code on the payment screen. Once the 24 hour flash sale expires, tickets will cost $39, so this is a nice savings for our readers.

FTU Signature details

In addition to the Expo there will be an FTU Signature event, intended for intermediate and advanced miles and points enthusiasts. This is for those who really want to get into the nitty gritty of miles and points. FTU Signature attendees will still have full access to the Expo.

Tickets to FTU Signature include the following:

  • Cocktail reception on Friday
  • Coffee, tea, and seasonal breakfast breads Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • Two full days chock-full of classroom-style sessions, on Saturday and Sunday
  • Plated lunch on both Saturday and Sunday
  • Free wifi in the conference rooms

This is a two-day event, with another great mix of speakers. If you’re interested in a more in-depth experience, you can save $20 off FTU Signature using code OMAAT20. Same process here, just go to the event registration page, click the link for Signature, and enter the code on the payment screen. Once the 24 hour flash sale expires, tickets will cost the full $249, so if you’ve been debating attending I’d jump on this.

Bottom line

This should be a really fun event. I’m excited about the diversity of speakers, and coming off an amazing Chicago Seminars weekend I’m looking even more forward to connecting with miles and points enthusiasts.

Regardless of whether you’re interested in the one day expo or the entire event, you have 24 hours to save on your tickets (especially for Expo, where the tickets are just free), so this is a good opportunity to try it out.

Which OMAAT readers will I see in Chicago next month?


  1. Already have my ticket 🙂 The problem I have is that there seem to be so many great sessions at both the Expo and Signature event that I’ll end up missing out on some good stuff.

  2. I applaud you all for building a career around something so trivial (yet useful and appreciated). But I have to say that attending this or any similar event seems incredibly boring.

  3. I know I am asking for more, Can I use the Airport shuttle service, scheduled, complimentary from ORD to the Venue ?

  4. So If I understand this correctly the Travel Expo runs at the same time as the ‘conference’ does on Saturday? So the attendee can choose between travel expo talks and scheduled sessions of the conference? Obviously, you can’t do both, correct?

  5. @ Alex @ Ram — Nope, the point of the Expo format is that it’s chock-full of content, so you can wander in and hear the talks, visit the various booths, etc., with a less-regimented schedule.

  6. @ Kimberly Lobe — If you’re registered for the FTU Signature conference you also have access to the Expo, so can pop in for any of those talks. The organizers have typically scheduled multiple talks at once, so there’s always an element of choice involved. This is an expansion of that, and hopefully helps cater to a range of interests.

  7. I am confused (easy to do), but why are there two of these events just days apart? Are we all not playing nice. Do you know how many trips I have to make to WM to get the miles for these trips. I would have rather stayed a couple more days at minimal cost.

  8. Just booked my ticket and thanks for the coupon code! I look forward to meeting some of the writers! People in my network think i’m so “smart” about travelling! From my boss to the Vp and others they are always asking me to help them and when I sign them up for Silvercar and Clear and Grab…. and do it for free or with a discount they really think i’m something. I do confess to OMAAT to them! Thanks for making my travel better, less expensive, and more rewarding!

  9. I’ll be there! My friend has asked me to check it out now that this year has been a year of diving deep into the points and miles game!

  10. Thanks, Tiffany! Just got my ticket for the expo. Looking forward to your presentation on the other speakers!

  11. @Tiffany; Is the content only relevant for Americans? Points collector from Scandinavia here who will be in Chicago during those dates. Wondering if it will be useless for me or?

  12. @ Damon — I don’t think so. My credit card talk during the Expo will be more US-focused, but most of the Expo talks are on global travel concepts.

  13. Thank you very, very much for the discount code! Quite generous of One Mile at a Time. Looking forward to checking out the expo–and your talk specifically.

  14. @ Evan — It’s a very different style of event in general, and while there is some overlap in speakers, it’s organized by a different group. The Expo is about inspiring travelers, both those familiar with miles and points and not, while the Signature even is for the more hardcore mileage enthusiasts.

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