Incredible Southwest Companion Pass Offer For California Residents

California sure has become a competitive market for Southwest. With Alaska’s takeover of Virgin America, Alaska and Southwest are battling over who is more dominant in California. This competition has been great for consumers.

In their latest move in this battle, Southwest has come out with an awesome promotion that many California residents will want to consider. Specifically, California residents can earn the Southwest Companion Pass if they apply for a Southwest Visa Card by November 30, 2017.

There are a few restrictions to be aware of:

  • Companion Pass will be valid through December 31, 2018
  • You’re not eligible for this product if you’re a current cardmember of any Rapid Rewards Credit Card, or a previous cardmember of any Rapid Rewards Credit Card who received a new cardmember bonus within 24 months
  • It can take up to 15 days for your account to be updated with Companion Pass status
  • You must have a California address listed on your application and Rapid Rewards account

For those of you not familiar with Companion Pass, it allows someone else to travel with you for the entire year. You still have to pay the taxes on their ticket, but the Companion Pass is valid on both award and revenue tickets. You can change your designated companion three times in a year, so you can potentially even use this for different people.

Ordinarily earning Companion Pass requires accruing 110,000 Rapid Rewards points, which can still be worthwhile. However, in this case you can get it with just one credit card application that earns you 40,000 points.

The only downside to this offer is that right now the Southwest Card is only offering a sign-up bonus of 40,000 Rapid Rewards points after completing minimum spend. A few weeks ago it was offering a bonus of 60,000 points. However, in this case you’re getting Companion Pass so quickly, so for most it absolutely makes sense to forgo the extra points and take advantage of this offer.

Do any California residents plan on earning Companion Pass through this promotion?


  1. Me and the wife both applied yesterday when the news broke out but due to the 5/24 rule (I guess) did not get an instant approval. She recently got approved for the 40K points Hyatt card and got another approval from BoA for a $12K Alaska card on Monday. Not sure we will get approved, but pulled the trigger anyways because it is worth the risk. Our family of 4 has many domestic trips in the planning stages.

  2. I already had a card and am churning and burning to get my companion pass, yesterday the wife applied and was approved, so we will have 2 passes for 2018. My goal was to be able to have one grandson as my companion, now I can have my grandson, and she can have the granddaughter. Between that and the miles we have already accumulated, and cheap sale fares, we are going to have a lot of fun weekends. My question is, can we book all four of us at one time, or will we have to do 2 separate bookings – one for me and my companion, and another for my qife and her companion?

  3. @ Doug — I *think* you can book you and your wife on a single booking. You’d both then log into your respective Southwest accounts, click on “My Reservations” and then “Add Companion”. But it wouldn’t be much more difficult to book you and your wife out of separate accounts, as you’d each still have to go in later to add the companions.

  4. if you get the card & got the 40K pts into our acct in 2018, then you just need 70K pts more to get CP till end of 2019?

  5. @ktc only if the 40k points do not get posted to your Rapid Rewards account before 12/31. If they post after 1/1/18, then you are correct in your thinking. What this means is, DONT meet your spend requirement for the 40 k points until AFTER your december statement cycles.

  6. Wow….that sort of “sucks” for those of us who managed to achieve the Companion Pass the “old fashioned” way….

  7. @SWxprt Would it be safe to do the remaining of the $1000 requirement in the first of week of Jannuary 2018 to be able to get the 40,000 bonus posted in 2018?

  8. The terms seem to suggest that the offer is targeted–i.e., the CC offer is only for those CA residents who received the email/offer from Southwest.

  9. Does a companion pull from SWA’s inventory at the wanna get away price? If so, strategically this may have minimal impact if they reduce inventory at that price – thus companions accelerate price increases for the rest of us, and a companion on an anytime ticket is as profitable as if they had more ‘get away’ fares.

  10. I have 2 sw cc from over 24 months ago. Do I need to cancel both then apply? Or just apply for the 3rd that I don’t have?

  11. Applied two nights ago and was told I’d receive their decision in the mail (my husband is self employed). Called the reconsideration line today to see if I can offer them more information to approve the card. I have three Chase personal cards – Hyatt, Marriott, Reserve, and two business cards – Ink Visa, and Marriott Business. What they said was that they aren’t looking to extend me any NEW credit, however, if I’d be willing to transfer some of a credit line from another account, then they would run that through. So, I took $3000 from my $29000 reserve account, and it was approved! I’m so excited!!! Companion fare until 2018 for $69!!!

  12. @Leo thats exactly what you’d want to do, wait until after your December statement cycles ( Or January if you feel safer that way) to meet your spend requirement. that will guarantee that your points are applied to your 2018 totals.

    @Carleen, the only way to “extend” your companion pass is to earn the 110,000 points before 12/31/18. Points can be earned through flights, refer a friend, new account bonus offers, and purchases on a SW RR Card. Transferred points will not apply.

    @Angelina the stipulations for the new account compaion pass are that you do not CURRENTLY have ANY SW credit card accounts AND you can’t have received the bonus from old cards within the last 24 months.

    @Quynh you will need to do it from that page. The refer a friend link will apply you to a different offer regardless of where you reside.

  13. Re what @andrew commented, the fine print seem to explicitly say “Only the individual who received this email/offer from Southwest Airlines® is eligible for this promotion.” Does that mean you had to have received an email from them regarding this promotion to be eligible or just so long as you sign up through the link for the companion pass promotion?

  14. I feel like this is a bait and switch scheme. I hope I’m wrong. I applied and was approved but I am afraid if I didn’t get the email then I won’t get the companion pass. If this is the case I would have never applied for the card and will cancel it immediately. It should have not been advertised like that on their website if it was only available by email invitation!

  15. Okay so I didnt get the email, but I applied via this link for CA residents.

    I just got my card in the mail, among the paperwork there was no mention of the companion pass deal.

    I met all the requirements otherwise, I even signed up for a rapid rewards account. Im worried that I won’t get my pass if I make a purchase with this card I didnt really need.

  16. F- no need to worry and no need for a ‘re account you get one automatically with the card. There’s never any mention of it with the paperwork, just give chase a call and ask, it’ll be thare as long as you met the other requirements! (Live in California, etc)

  17. I didn’t use the direct link, but applied before 11/30 and am a CA resident. Will I still get the companion pass?

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