Video: Singapore Changi Airport Has A Simulated Terrorist Attack

Airports are always preparing for the “worst case scenario,” though typically the preparation happens behind the scenes. Well, in the case of Singapore Changi Airport they did a simulated terrorist attack training exercise early this morning, and it’s fascinating to watch. This was called Exercise Northstar, was led by the Singapore Police Force, and was the 10th such exercise involving more than 650 personnel from the Singapore Civil Defense Force, Singapore Armed Forces, and other agencies.

This simulation included a few different exercises:

  • Two masked gunmen stormed the Changi Airport MRT station and fired throughout the platform
  • A suicide bomber detonated his vest in the departures area, causing a loud blast
  • In the gate area there was a bag with an explosive device in it

Here are some videos of the incident, which give you a sense of just how serious this exercise was:

Per Channel News Asia:

“Exercises such as Northstar 10 Phase 1 allows SPF and other agencies to jointly test and validate the multi-agency emergency response to possible terror attacks,” SPF director operations Assistant Commissioner (AC) How Kwang Hwee said.

“The ability to work well with various public and private stakeholders, in this instance the aviation sector, is critical to ensuring an effective response to any attack.”

In attendance for the event was the prime minister, deputy prime minister, home affairs minister, defense minister, and minister of education. The next phase of the exercise will be held on October 28.

Apparently there were signs posted all over the airport indicating that this exercise was happening, and it’s clear that areas were roped off. However, I have to assume that some people heard the sounds and were caught off guard, not knowing what was going on. This must have been scary for those people.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video before of such a “realistic” simulation. In particular, I can’t help but feel like they’re really going all in with the acting/theatrics of it all, which I haven’t seen in similar simulations in the past.

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  1. I had customs officer train airside in the departure area by hiding “drugs” in the carry-on of passengers and have detection dogs find them. Not as extreme as a terror drill, but still training in an actual terminal with actual passengers seemed odd to me.

  2. I dunno. This seems like a bit much. I am all for training but do we need to actually have a mock suicide bomber detonate something?

  3. We had Bank robbery drills with the financial institution that I managed using the local police department and they were a similar intensity to this. The police would wait until the branch was empty and would put a sign on the door that it was a drill as they came in and locked the doors behind them, but we did have someone see it happening through the windows and call 911 about it once.

  4. The best part is the guy with the baggage cart pretending to be blown away by the explosion. Did they hire a real stuntman for that?

  5. If they do NOT have realistic training like this, then when the real thing takes place, the responders waste time.

  6. In a major incident, when a large no of different forces converge, a lot of coordination is needed, cos the SOPs of the police, paramedics and military people may not harmonise altogether. Apart from the emergency responders, staff working in the facility, whether an airport or major transportation hub like a train station, also should be inoculated mentally, psychologically and workflow wise, when something like this happens. Singapore takes this vy seriously.

  7. The showmanship is also important for demonstrating resolve and competence to both the public and to would/be attackers.

    Consider for a moment that many of the guys who patrol places like Changi are younger than many of us, perhaps by a decade or more – amazing work indeed!

  8. It’s not true that this is for training. They were doing that at national day this year as well. It’s to give the public something to fear so they accept the heavy hand of the state. It’s a place run by a guidelines set up by a homophobic dictator who treats the citizens like his children. Remember that homosexuality is illegal in SIN.

  9. They made announcements at the MRT station and in the airport starting 2 hours before (the training/simulation was scheduled at 2.00am).
    I was flying out at 2.35am.

  10. My guess is the main intention is to show domestic audience (citizentry) they are safe, but only works only if theres no terror attack. Once there’s an attack, the stats will swing in opposite direction. Secondary intention is to try to dissuade potetial bad guys to think twice and find other easier targets.
    In real situation, I doubt if law enforcement can respond that quickly as seen in this video.

  11. @JM

    I’m not sure how Singapore’s stand on LGBT factors into this. This isn’t a political tactic to “give the public something to fear”. The only thing they need to fear is the reality that these attacks are happening all over the world and have become too frequent for anyone to lay idle and just hope it never occurs on their shores.

  12. I’m not impressed with the security people in the second video.
    They did nothing and allowed a second person to be stabbed.

    Not very reassuring

  13. With training this realistic, and firms out there specializing in provision of “crisis actors” for such exercises (including amputees to simulate limb loss), one has to wonder if any of the terrorist incidents reported in the MSM as “real” are actually state sponsored false flag events designed to steer public opinion, ease the way for draconian legislation, etc.

    Just saying …

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