$690 One-Way Business Class Fares From Europe To The US

TAP Portugal is known for having incredibly attractive transatlantic fares, both in business class and economy. For example, earlier this year I wrote about how TAP Portugal published ~$400 one-way business class fares from Europe to the US, as well as ~$150 one-way economy fares.

While the current fares aren’t quite as good as they were earlier in the year, I do think it’s worth noting that TAP Portugal still has exceptionally good business class fares from Europe to the US, which could be worth considering if you’re taking a transatlantic trip anytime soon.

As noted by Gnopps on FlyerTalk, TAP Portugal has ~$690 one-way business class fares from Copenhagen to Miami, which are available through the end of the schedule. For ~$740 one-way you can fly from Copenhagen to Boston. TAP Portugal’s other US destinations are a bit more expensive.

You can also fly roundtrip for roughly double the price of a one-way ticket, though you do have to originate in Europe (the fare isn’t valid for travel originating in the US).

TAP Portugal is in the process of installing a new business class product throughout their longhaul fleet. As it stands, certain flights to Miami feature flat beds. When you pull up a flight on Google Flights, the dates scheduled to have flat beds will say “lie flat seat,” while the dates scheduled to have angled seats will say “angled flat seat.” Keep in mind that’s subject to change, though.

One of the other cool things about this fare is that you’re allowed a stopover of up to three days in Lisbon and no extra cost. Portugal is a beautiful country, so that’s a great opportunity for anyone planning a trip to Europe.

Your best bet for searching the fare is Google Flights, and then you can use the multi-city feature if you want to add a stopover. Google Flights will then direct you to an online travel agency or to TAP’s own website to book.

TAP Portugal’s business class product isn’t amazing, but at this price point it’s tough to beat.

This fare books into the “J” fare class, so see this page on wheretocredit.com to see how many miles you’d earn for this ticket with various programs.

Anyone plan to take advantage of these great TAP Portugal business class fares?


  1. Buyer beware. Wife flew TAP MIA-LIS when she arrived at the airport was advised biz class seat recline was not working. Told flight attendant could recline the seat which was not the case. Told by customer service that resolution is being worked on since June.

  2. I flew with TAP in business from YYZ to MUC this August. The service on board was friendly. However, the angled seat was really uncomfortable and food was barely edible.

  3. Definitely not worth it to fly on TAP. Would rather fly on China Eastern, and that’s saying something.

  4. I took advantage of TAP’s sale a while back and got $407 OSL-BOS tickets in biz and flew them last month on the a330. I was very pleasantly surprised — even impressed. Food was delicious, the lie-flat seat was comfortable, and the service was perfect.

  5. TAP customer service is god awful and I would not fly them if the seats are angled lie flat outside of the ex-Azul airplanes.

  6. @MACH81 If the food is going to be inedible on both airlines, I’d at least like my seat to life flat. Fares are cheap for a reason.

  7. @ Ben, I see on your first report that there is marked on the Flight CPH-LIS on a A319 “In-Seat and USB Power.
    Well just like you I fly about the same every year for about 25 years (fr Business) and a lot with TAP, tough a little ago, but i NEVER entered a TAP A319 with that on board, nor in Economy, nor in Business.

  8. Isn’t TAP the airline that served only a cup of water “one per customer” while the crew ate hot food? Even if their union dispute has been resolved, that story left a bad taste in my mouth and so I think I’ll take a pass on TAP forever.

  9. I was Able to find this fare on googleflights but can’t get the fare to show up on http://www.flytap.com. Orbitz, etc show it available too but not on TAP. Any thoughts on how to book it other than through one of the consolidators?

    As an aside, google says lay flats but when you look at the seat map on FlyTAP, it’s 2+2+2 which means they are angled. Looks like they only have some of their fleet with the new seats

  10. Used TAP a few weeks back for OSL-BOS. The ticket said “Executive Class” but the first leg OSL-LIS was in Economy Class (better triple check your ticket) with inedible food. The trip LIS-BOS was OK, boarding in LIS was chaotic (due to additional Screening), the food was, well, available (nothing compared to LH or even OS), no hot towel service. The Crew was OK. But the worst part (for me) was that my bag got seriously damaged in transit and customer service till now is pretty useless.
    On the return trip i flew LIS-ZHR in Business Class (different ticket) and they had no service other than a cardboard box (with some Juice, a cheese sandwich in plastic and a cookie) which was placed on the seats before boarding.

  11. Took TAP J class YYZ-LHR-YYZ a few weeks ago. Was very pleasantly surprised. Lie flat seats were great, service was awesome, and food was fine. I’d say that the product was definitely worth the price, if not more. This is based on one round trip, though. The cheese on the way back was AMAZING! The rest of the food was … edible? Sort of bland. I’s say that was the weak part of the whole flight.

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