British Airways Is Offering Double Avios Through The End Of The Year

Nowadays I feel like airline promotions offering bonus miles for flying are incredibly rare, so I’m always happy to see an airline offer one. British Airways has a new promotion offering double Avios for travel through the end of the year, though it comes with lots of restrictions, including the number of flights that are eligible, where your account has to be registered to be eligible, etc.

The basic terms of the promotion are as follows:

  • Registration and travel required by December 31, 2017
  • The promotion is valid for the first eight sectors you fly
  • Only travel booked during the promotion period qualifies
  • All fare classes are eligible, and you earn double base Avios (meaning that class of service and elite bonuses aren’t doubled)
  • Valid for travel on all British Airways flights, as well as flights between North America and Europe that are marketed by British Airways and flown by American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia, and OpenSkies
  • The promotion is valid for all Executive Club members, except those with accounts registered in the USA, Canada, Mexico and South Africa (for once we’re not getting the generous promotions in the US)

As a reminder, British Airways Executive Club members ordinarily earn the following number of Avios for flights:

That means with this promotion you’d earn 50% Avios on the cheapest fares, 250% Avios on discounted business class fares, 400% Avios on full fare first class tickets, etc. That doesn’t include any sort of elite mileage bonuses. This has the potential to be a very generous offer.

For context, the last time British Airways offered a global bonus Avios promotion was at the beginning of the year, when they offered up to triple Avios. So this promotion is rare, though not unheard of.

Bottom line

Unfortunately those of us in North America are excluded from this promotion, though for those who are eligible, this has the potential to be a lucrative promotion. Keep in mind, however, that you only earn double Avios for the first eight segments you credit to Executive Club during the promotion period. So if you’re a super frequent British Airways flyer, you may find it worthwhile to credit short segments (or segments that don’t earn a lot of Avios) to another program, so you can maximize the promotion as much as possible.

Will you be taking advantage of British Airways’ double Avios promotion?


  1. That’s not really “double Avios” in many cases though, is it?

    For instance, you cite 250% Avios for discounted Business Class. But from your chart you’d get 150% anyway. So that’s 66% more Avios.

    Or for full-fare First (does anyone pay that?) you cite 400% Avios, but you’d get 300% anyway, so that’s 33% more Avios.

    Not saying it’s not a good deal, only that “double Avios” is only in some cases.

  2. @ Martin — Correct, it’s double of the standard Tier Points earning, so in reality it’s not actually going to double the Avios you’d earn in all cases.

  3. Kalboz,

    Are you US based? US residents are excluded from this offer, as Lucky mentions in the article.

  4. You have to register first and then book your travel.
    I booked mine last week so I’m not eligible -.-

  5. I’m OWE / BA gold, and I just think “who cares?”.

    I’m sitting on nearly a million Avios. There’s never availability on the flights I want to take, and I’ve given up trying – booking seems to be such a tortuous process. I now just buy tickets for friends’ holidays, when they don’t much care when they’re travelling.

    The points are now irrelevant to me – tier points are important, to secure lounge access and pre-boarding. Once I’ve got those in the bag for the next year I book seats on all sorts of other airlines.

    Considering these are all supposed to be “loyalty programmes”, they seem to me to have been poorly designed to generate loyalty. They are now, for me, pretty much wholly transactional relationships.

    As the airlines have sowed, so are they reaping.

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