Casey Neistat Reviews Qatar Airways A350 Business Class

Casey Neistat is one of the most popular YouTubers (his videos collectively have well over a billion views, though YouTubing isn’t his full time gig anymore). Even if you’re not into YouTube, you may remember I’ve written about him a few times before. I shared the video of him complaining about how American took away his comped Concierge Key status, and his incredible video review of Emirates first class, which might be the best unpaid advertisement they’ve ever had. More recently he did a video review of Lufthansa first class.

I think Casey’s videos are sort of lost on many who haven’t seen his stuff before, but the more of his stuff I’ve watched, the more I’ve enjoyed his videos. While he has been a very successful YouTuber (he uploaded a video every single day for years), CNN acquired one of his companies recently for ~$25 million, in hopes that his expertise can help capture a younger and different audience than they’re used to.

Anyway, just today Casey uploaded a video review of Qatar Airways A350 business class between New York and Doha, which you can watch here:

Ultimately I don’t think it’s as interesting as the reviews he did on Emirates, given the “bling” factor Emirates has. He’s also not quite as over-the-top enthusiastic as he was in that video, which is only natural.

However, it was still an enjoyable video to watch. I find Casey’s reviews especially interesting since they reach audiences that wouldn’t otherwise be looking for airline reviews. So it’s always cool to see how premium cabin travel is presented to those people. I’d also note that he wasn’t comped the trip or paid by Qatar for the video, but rather he just happened to be flying them and did the video.

If you want to see some of his previous airline videos, here are his Emirates first & business class review videos:

Then here’s his Lufthansa first class review video:

While I’ve flown Qatar Airways business class many times before, I’ve never done so between the US and Doha, though I’ll be doing so in a few weeks. It was nice to get a preview of what I can expect on the A350 between New York and Doha.

(Tip of the hat to @jmmccarthy2002)


  1. I hate his videos (then again, I’m not the target “yoof” market), but I agree with his verdict on Qatar. It’s my new favourite airline for business travel.

  2. @Sarthi – He doesn’t push cards and do detailed reviews. Look at the comments section, people are comparing EK F to QR J. Disregarding the obvious class difference.

  3. Did anyone notice at 4:33 when the cabin crew dropped a few things from the serving tray when she placed the first dish on the table?

  4. “Ultimately I don’t think it’s as interesting as the reviews he did on Emirates…”

    Travel bloggers plugging travel vloggers.
    The world truly is a beautiful place.

  5. He’s a total douchebag and I can’t stand when his videos pop up on my youtube. Please stop posting his insipid airline reviews and do real content instead.

  6. Not a fan of his. Just a grown up man, trying to be 13 all over again.

    My favorite youtube vlogger for ‘plane seats reviews’ is “When I Travel The World” He also, from time to time, posts his opinions on here as well (and no, I’m not getting paid for this).

  7. @ Jason — It’s right by the entryway at door two, so they just made it a bit wider. It’s not an especially useful space, but I guess they figure the entrance to the plane might as well be impressive.

  8. He looks much, much older than his actual age (36). And no offense to Lucky, but I see it in your face too. Perhaps it’s from all the time in-flight? Not the best for your skin

  9. Lucky, please don’t listen to those folks that don’t want you to post Casey’s reviews. He provides a different angle that’s refreshing. Both of my teenagers love him. As you said, he’s got a different target audience.

    I find your blog very entertaining and informative. The irreverent stuff only makes it better.

  10. A little bit of Casey goes a long ways. I did, however, enjoy the review. BTW, how many 36 year olds travel with their skateboard? (Lufthansa review)

  11. ugh hes AWFULLLLLL.

    Mind you im a 23 year old millenial and I DO NOT enjoy this clown.

    please lucky….just dont….not him….stop trying to make casey happen….

  12. i have to say tho this video of his was actually enjoyable to watch. he was calm, poised, no skateboarding around like a 12 year old, and treated people nicely. ill give him that

  13. i prefer Sam Chui for his reviews. His original Residence review was excellent, I will admit I was not a fan of his 2nd one he did in collaboration with Emirates since it seemed like such bad acting…

  14. I find these remarks humorous. My wife and I watch all of Casey’s videos. Just so you know we do not fit his so called target audience as I am in my late 60s and my wife is in her early 50s. I guess that is why there is chocolate and vanilla. 🙂

  15. Can’t stand his videos and how he presents them…don’t like it from all angles..don’t even know why he got so famous as it’s not a pretty face to look at and always with that silly sunglasses on…what’s up with that?
    But well, if he can make money with what he is doing… and half the other people like his style…go ahead…


  16. Flew Qatar A350 Doh–> JFK on Sunday with high expectations. The cabin and seat area are both stunning, food was reasonably good, service was great (attentive but not overwhelming), but I was a little underwhelmed by the seat comfort (vs very high expectations).

    For context: I’ve only flown intl biz a few times, but read this (and other blogs) closely. Also, I’m 6’3”, so I don’t have a ton of context into how comfortable I should feel after 14 hours. I know Lucky and others prefer seat privacy, which Qatar definitely excelled at, but on Qatar I couldn’t sleep on my side without grinding up on the table (under the TV). Also, i needed to use the pillow on my mid back to be comfortable.

    For comparison, I found the bedding a little better on both Turkish flights I had last month (JFK–>IST on 777, IST–> MRU on A330). Those flights both had far shorter flight times (which likely helped), but I felt less claustrophobic in the admittedly less private seats. The catering was also better (not a surprise since Turkish regularly gets high food grades on most reviews) although Qatar’s middle eastern offerings were pretty good (terrible eggs though relative to very good Turkish omelette).

    Maybe I’d feel differently about the comfort level if I was shorter (or if I flew Qatar for a flight less than 14 hours), but I especially liked that Turkish gave a covering for the seat (albeit a thin one) that Qatar never provided.

    Wondering how anyone else feels.

  17. @Evan. I am 6’2 and know what you mean about the discomfort of not being able to move your legs when in the bed position. The older 777 aircraft are more open and much more comfortable.

  18. I can see where some people mistakenly believe that Casey Neistat is a douche; the whole “wearing sunglasses indoors and all the time” schtick rubs a lot of people the wrong way. But the more I watch his videos the more I have come to realize that he isn’t a douche, really. I understand why some people hate him, but I also understand that a lot of that hate stems from unacknowledged jealousy. Who wouldn’t want to be paid to travel around the world and fly everywhere and do other cool things? And people who don’t get to do that understandably turn into haters of people who do get to do that.

    I for one enjoy most of his output, but I didn’t always feel that way, so again, I understand the hating on him that happens. And I especially like his “flight review” videos, because they are usually very well-shot and staged, which makes for an interesting video.

    In this, as in many other things in life, YMMV.

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