How Much Are The Delta Amex Sign-Up Bonuses Worth?

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Through November 8, 2017, we’re seeing increased sign-up bonuses on Delta’s co-branded American Express cards. The basic details of these offers are as follows:

We’ve never seen bigger sign-up bonuses on these cards, and even though I consider SkyMiles to be less valuable than they used to be, I still think these bonuses are most definitely worth taking advantage of. So in this post I wanted to crunch the numbers on how much I think these offers are worth:

How much are Delta SkyMiles worth?

Everyone is going to value mileage currencies differently. As far as SkyMiles go, Delta is certainly going in the direction of trying to make their miles as close to being a revenue based currency as possible. That’s to say that it’s getting tougher and tougher to get outsized value from SkyMiles.

That being said, at an absolute minimum you can redeem SkyMiles for a cent each towards the cost of a ticket, assuming you have one of their co-branded credit cards. So that’s basically the floor value of SkyMiles.

However, there are also plenty of opportunities to get more value out of SkyMiles than that. Delta surprisingly has pretty good award availability on their own flights nowadays, at least compared to American AAdvantage. Personally I value SkyMiles at around 1.2 cents each, given the opportunities to redeem for premium cabins on international flights. For example, being able to redeem 80,000 SkyMiles for a Delta One ticket between the US and Asia continues to be a very good deal.

Also, in many ways SkyMiles are almost becoming like a British Airways Avios style currency, where they’re especially useful for shorthaul flights. For example, being able to redeem just 6,000 SkyMiles for a one-way ticket from Los Angeles to Seattle is a solid deal. A 60,000-70,000 mile sign-up bonus can potentially get you a lot of domestic flights.

So personally I’m going to say that I think SkyMiles are worth 1.2 cents each, though everyone can apply their own numbers to this.

How much is the Gold Delta Amex sign-up bonus worth?

With the Gold Delta SkyMiles Personal Card and the Gold Delta SkyMiles Business Card:

  • You earn 60,000 SkyMiles upon completing minimum spend
  • You get a $50 statement credit after making a Delta purchase within the first year
  • The $95 annual fee is waived for the first year

I value the 60,000 SkyMiles at $720, and then I value the $50 statement credit roughly at face value, given that you can buy a Delta gift card for that amount, and that would trigger the credit.

I value this sign-up bonus at $770.

How much is the Platinum Delta Amex sign-up bonus worth?

With the Platinum Delta SkyMiles Personal Card and the Platinum Delta SkyMiles Business Card:

  • You earn 70,000 SkyMiles upon completing minimum spend
  • You earn 10,000 MQMs upon completing minimum spend
  • You get a $100 statement credit after making a Delta purchase within the first year
  • There’s a $195 annual fee

I value the 70,000 SkyMiles at $840, and then I value the $100 statement credit roughly at face value, given that you can buy a Delta gift card for that amount, and that would trigger the credit. Then you subtract the $195 annual fee.

I value this sign-up bonus at $745. What that doesn’t account for is the value of the MQMs. For some, the MQMs will be incredibly valuable, while for others they’ll be worthless, since it all depends on whether you’re going for status with Delta or not.

Bottom line

These increased sign-up bonuses on Delta’s co-branded credit cards are fantastic, and even accounting for SkyMiles being less valuable than in the past, they’re still worth taking advantage of. Keep in mind that you’re eligible for the welcome bonuses on each of these cards once, so you can potentially pick up several of these cards. Personally I value the sign-up bonuses at $745-770, though even if you value SkyMiles at only a penny each, they’re worth $605-650.

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  1. Do you know if it’s possible to have one Gold card and one Platinum card connected to the same SkyMiles account? I’ve had a Platinum Delta Amex card for several years and I just signed up for the Gold Delta Amex card as well so I could get the bonus, but upon receiving the card in the mail, it had a different SkyMiles number on the card than what I entered during the application process.

  2. @ Alex S — Yep, you absolutely can have them linked to the same account. Just contact Amex and they should be able to change the SkyMiles number to the correct one.

  3. I Travel mostly on AA
    PHL TO EUROPE AND ALL OTHER POINTS .PHL has a large AA presence especially after the USAIR merger . Hence I use AA CLUBS in between flights
    Thx for your help !

  4. I’ve found that they’re usually worth at least 2 cents a piece as short haul West Coast flights are 6,000 miles per leg SEA to LAX. Been a pleasant surprise.

  5. We got the Amex Delta several months ago and completed our end of the sign up bonus. We have yet to receive our miles even after our 90 days to complete the requirements closed 90 days ago. Have you heard of this happening anywhere else? We’ve spoke to Amex and they’re faulting Delta. Getting frustrated.

  6. Ever had Delta’s gold credit card before? If so that accounts for why they are not sending you “new” gold card AND bonus miles.

    Here’s another Delta “consumers fraud.” Paid upcharge for “Delta Comfort.” Viewed seats, picked out our two seats only to find out that this program will only assign seats in main cabin zone , and we must wait 45 days prior to outbound will we be able to chose seats in “comfort zone .” Until I called Delta and talked to exceptional representative, who explained what I named “Customer Fraud” did I understand their misrepresentation of offering seating choice at time of purchase. DELTA’S SCAM

  7. What’s the best card if you use AA for all your flights and also require free admittance to the Admiral Club and now they also have a first class restaurant for first class pax only …thx for any info that you can post ….

  8. Rochelle, no both me and my husbands first time owning a Amex of any variety. We’ve paid it off and stopped using it and went back to our Barclaycard arrival +. My husband spoke with another inept customer service person this morning and they said theres a “ticket” open for the case but they said most likely we won’t get the 50k miles and instead it’ll be 30k. They’re still faulting delta, which he’s calling now to figure what the heck is going on. My next stop is fb complaints on both their pages

  9. I know AMEX cards have a once in lifetime language in the bonus terms but what if I was targeted by Delta. If you go to and put your skymiles number in, the same offer shows up but without the “if you have or had this card” language. Am I safe to assume that I will receive this bonus since there is no language in the targeted offer? Got a mailing about it addressed to me and with my skymiles info so I’m assuming I’m good. I’ve had both Gold and Platinum for both Personal and Business versions of the card. Anyone been able to get these bonuses more than once after the new AMEX language?

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