CRAZY DEAL: $1K British Airways First Class Fares From London To Ecuador

Update: This deal is no longer available.

This most definitely won’t last. At the moment British Airways has ~$1,050 roundtrip first class fares from London to Guayaquil, Ecuador. The fare also seems to work out of some other cities in the UK. The fare is available through the end of the schedule, so there are plenty of dates with availability. This routes through the US in British Airways first class (you can route through Miami to New York, with the connection on American or LATAM), and the best place to search is on Google Flights or ITA Matrix. Then you can book through an OTA, or even directly through British Airways.

The transatlantic fare is in the “A” fare class, which earns a ton of miles with many programs. For example, you can earn 450% miles with Alaska Mileage Plan, 250% with British Airways Executive Club, 150% with American AAdvantage, etc.

If you’re interested, I’d recommend booking ASAP, as obviously this won’t last. I also wouldn’t make any non-refundable plans around this ticket either, since there’s no guarantee the fare will be honored.

Anyone able to take advantage of this great fare?

(Tip of the hat to emj12)


  1. If I just used this fare to go to Miami and threw away the MIA-GYE portion and the return, would the LHR-MIA leg still credit the miles?

  2. How does credit to AA work if only the MIA-GYE-MIA legs are on AA? How does AA know what the fare paid was?

  3. Look for the British Airways chart on Google “American partner airlines”. If you give BA your AA#, it’ll credit to AA at 150% EQM and some high proportion of EQD (probably .25 or .3 $ per mile flown, off the top of my head)

    Anybody know how to calculate BA TP for this?

  4. All booked for my folks to visit us in the US in April… and fulfill my dads lifelong ambition to see the Panama Canal. Got a hold on some COPA flights from GYE to PTY just in case this doesn’t stick, although at $600 for a 2hr flight, seems a little steep. Need to look at how I can do that with Chase Points.
    I’ve got BA ticket numbers and the usual 6 digit BA booking reference. Does that mean the fare is ticketed and should be honoured?
    So, the next bit of fun is trying to work out how to get them from PTY to SFO and then back from SFO to GYE for the return!
    Thanks Ben for the heads up on this. Hoping it will stick!

  5. 99% BA will cancel these. It’s same fare across all classes, and BA’s record shows they cancel almost all circumstances like these.

  6. Looks like the deal is dead…initially got the discounted price, but while contemplating the purchase it went dead and kept getting error messages. I wonder if it will be honored. Hope so. Keep us posted!

  7. Damn, Citi declined my purchase and sent me a fraud alert. When I went to purchase again, the deal was dead. Good luck to those who got in.

  8. It’s gone
    Was searching for dates and got the price. But just before I could go ahead and book it, the airline cancelled it.

    Thanks for the tip

  9. I called the BA Service Center on +18002479297 as suggested by Google Flights. It was very straightforward, less than 5 minute conversation.
    Just reserved seats so really hoping this sticks…

  10. I got the ticket! Confirmed email from British Airways with ticket number. Looks good but I am not sure if BA will honor this. Do you know if UK law requires airline to honor ticket after the reservation was made?

  11. Bloggers not only ruin everything (iPass which I’ve had for 4 months ) but they post this horse shit that you know is not a real fare. It’s def not going to be honored

  12. Got mine confirmed via BA and booked a second via orbitz.

    What are odds it gets honored? What has BA done in the past?

  13. “Look for the British Airways chart on Google “American partner airlines”. If you give BA your AA#, it’ll credit to AA at 150% EQM and some high proportion of EQD (probably .25 or .3 $ per mile flown, off the top of my head)” …

    That only works for BA flights with BA numbers. AA flights booked on BA that have AA numbers earn under the normal AA chart, but its unclear how AA would tell what the price paid was so how knows what the EQD would be. Trying to find that out.

  14. Just got off the phone with BA….she tried to get me the fare, but after confirming with the manager she said it had expired. She did say though that it was a valid an intentional fare and that they booked two people over the phone and they should go through without a problem. Hope that helps. Maybe it was a mistake fare that they decided to call a “limited promo offer”…who knows..

  15. the deal is now dead. Now AA is asking for $5200, while BA mow is asking for $20000.
    Buy 47500 Alaska miles (0.22 cents each) and a first class ticket for only $1000 definitely won’t last.

  16. Just looked on Wheretocredit and for those who got it, first of all, congrats I’m so jelly 🙂 , second looks like with this trip you’d earn (in terms of redeemable miles) at least either 47,476 Alaska Miles or 26,912 BA Avios or (the worst deal) 13,252 AA miles.

    I love how with deals like this you can almost have enough to redeem on Cathay Business R/T from JFK to YVR for just $1K and get a (somewhat crappy/ancient) BA first class trip ?!

  17. Or you can just buy $1k worth of Alaska miles with the current promotion and get more miles and not have to spend butt in seat time. For about $1,170 I can get 40,000 plus a 50% bonus making it 60,000

  18. @ Steve

    “… and not have to spend butt in seat time”.

    Er … I thought we all *liked* flying, or have I missed something? Is the goal now just to collect the biggest number of points?

  19. @Mon prolly not helpful now, but for anyone else wondering, it’s generally a bad idea to have a frequent flier number in a reservation when you throw away a segment. Once is likely ok, as you can use some excuse. But throw-away ticketing is against the contract of carriage and airlines can and do freeze frequent flier accounts/ seize miles as punishment if they suspect abuse.

  20. @Andy, I am not trying to throw away part of the ticket. Just trying to find out how AA credits the flight if you book a AA flight on BA. Since the F legs are BA there is no issue there, but the AA legs have AA numbers so it would credit under AA scheme, which is confusing since its unclear how BA would report the spend and thus EQD to AA.

  21. @mon: If you’re booking on BA ticket stock, it’ll credit via the BA partner chart online. If you’re on AA ticket stock, American sold you the ticket, so they know the exact EQD. If your ticket number begins with 016, it’s American. Hope that helps!

  22. My experience with throw away ticketing when crediting to partners is that they have no clue which segment you took and didn’t take. I’ve even gone so far as to get the throw away ticket credited to the partner (yes a risk, but up to you)

  23. Settle down folks. The reason I called was because it was no longer showing up online but someone on here said they were still able to book by calling despite it not being available online. No harm in trying to call and book in that case if it was dead online anyway.

  24. @Ben, would you please kindly post a disclaimer in future mistake fare posts reminding readers not to call in to book mistake fares? It would be most helpful.

  25. BA sent me a big fat “f**k you” letter today stating that they’ll cancel the tickets I purchased if I don’t call in and apply the ticket to the “real” F class price by October 9th. Yay!

  26. Shoot! They just emailed me and they cancelled my ticket. I knew it was coming – at least we tried!!! Try again next time –

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