ACT FAST: Amazing Air New Zealand Business Class Fares From Australia To The US

Per koika on FlyerTalk, Air New Zealand has some incredible business class fares between Australia and Los Angeles with wide open availability. You can fly roundtrip business class from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc., for under $1,000 roundtrip. This includes travel over peak dates in December, January, etc.

Unfortunately the fare isn’t available in the other direction, so you do need to originate in Australia to take advantage of this. However, even if you’re based in the US, it could make sense to just use this ticket for the return portion of your trip from Australia to the US, and then throw away the return. After all, it’s not often you’ll find a one-way business class from Australia to the US for under $1,000.

You can search availability on Google Flights, and then book on Expedia (the fares don’t seem bookable directly on Air New Zealand’s website).

This books into the “Z” fare class. Here’s a link that shows all the loyalty programs that these fares can be credited to. For most programs this credits somewhere around 125-200% elite qualifying miles.

Air New Zealand has a solid herringbone business class product on their 777s. While it’s not my favorite hard product, I’ve had good experiences with their service in the past, so would fly them again in a heartbeat, especially at this price.

This won’t last, so book ASAP if you’re interested. Given how low these fares are, I also wouldn’t make any non-refundable plans around these flights yet. You never know if they’ll honor these fares or not.

Anyone able to take advantage of these amazing fares?

(Tip of the hat to Sheng)


  1. I am Sydney based and have booked Easter trips to LAX. Thanks Lucky 🙂

    It’s 4am in the morning in Sydney so the deal seems to be still going strong

  2. Thanks! My in-laws needed tickets back from Australia at Christmas, so this means they can travel in comfort.

    Just hoping the tickets get honored. Any idea how long it’s likely to take before we know whether or not they need to make alternative arrangements?

  3. I tried to manage my reservation online at but says my reservation is not recognized and that I gave to call the customer service. Does anyone else have same issue?

  4. How about you give it a go Lucky? It has been pretty long since you flew air new zealand and you might as well try to give their new 787 a go

  5. Hope it sticks. I set up a flight for next week with a return during Christmas break. Need to book a positioning flight to Australia from the US but the main purpose of this trip is to visit Australia during Christmas. We’ll see if it sticks — a little risky because I don’t necessarily want to book a positioning flight to Australia only to find out once I’m there that this fare won’t be honored.

  6. I have booked two seats from Melbourne next April. I received a confirmation from Expedia. Hopefully it sticks.

  7. Looking back on my earlier post, I can see that I was so excited to have aecured the deal that I conpletely butchered the English language…

  8. Looks like I missed it – need to wake up in the middle of the night to take advantage of a Lucky tip I guess! Next time!

  9. Bought two return flights. Tickets have been issued with eticket so hoping this sticks. Was even able to go to Air NZ site and mange seats.

  10. BNE-LAX 4/17. Now I gotta get to BNE. QF has a direct DFW-SYD-BNE for 40k AA points. THAT’S BRUTAL but i may do it. Melatonin and champagne. Wait can I get champagne in economy?

  11. Just booked on departing march and returning 55 days later in may, so i can get 2 trips out of it (orbitz and expedia wont let u book over 26 days!) – used pay wih points and get 50% rebate as in first year of amex biz platinum. So booked roundtrip biz for 49,128 Amex points!!!

  12. @Robo -what site did you use to book your ticket? I bought two tickets from site. Received reservation numbers but still no tickets numbers.

  13. I booked through and also didn’t receive a confirmation email that the tickets had been issued. Rang Air NZ and they confirmed it has been ticketed and also emailed me the confirmation. What a deal!!

  14. What’s the rule, as far as awarding miles, on a round trip when you miss the second leg of the trip? Will you get miles for the 1st leg? Or is the whole thing null since the trip wasn’t complete?

  15. I am so sad I missed this 🙁
    For everyone who booked this, was the fare honored by air NZ? Was this a mistake fare?

  16. I booked through and got ticket # and nz locator about 30 minutes after booking. Just logged into nz site and was able to change seats, etc so looks good!

  17. which airline would you recommend crediting miles to, SQ for the values or VS for the sake of 200% ? (occasional star flyer..)

  18. Got my tickets issued and also can review on Air New Zealand website.
    I booked it through Expedia, the agent said it is A$ 300 per person for cancellation/change before departure.

  19. News Flash Folks, have inside contact in the airline Auckland HQ , revenue management are going to not honor these fare, be reissued at check in The Y cabin. Under NZ commerce law the airline can do this. Within in the next 48 hours go online see where you are seated, not up front, half way down the plane. Before anyone says ANZ have to honor it,they don’t and won’t. ANZ have industry fares, somehow these end up on booking engines. Unless your are an airline employee , travel agent IATA accredited them enjoy your Y cabin flight. ANZ won’t send out any advice unless you check your booking online you won’t know til you check in. BTW claiming to be a world famous airline blogger won’t cut it either. You dealing the airline owner, the NZ government, the nanny state.

  20. I just spoke to amex, they said it is biz class ticket and ticketed in biz. If i showed up and was not given biz class seat would be entitled to dispute which in my case would be redeposit of my 49,000 points… so i get biz for 49k or y-class for free… wither sound pretty decent to be honest…

  21. Phil , you don’t know ANZ processors , you dealing with a NZ company, you under AUS commerce law. Same as QANTAS, Virgin. There will be a dispute there be no fly free, read terms and conditions of carriage act Australia, unless you are refused to fly. ANZ put you into Y cabin , ANZ acts like IRS , can’t can’t negotiate this one.

  22. @mark – appreciate tour cynicism but at end of day i believe amex will credit me as they say they will in event ticket is converted from biz to anything else, as they are the ones who charged me. This is the pruchase protection u get for $1000 a year in membership fees (for my personal and biz plat). If i had put it on a debit card i would be more concerned.

  23. I booked one and got a confirmation email, which included an eticket number (no eticket sent from ta or anz) .. shows on both TA and ANZ as business class seats to this day .. I am patiently waiting to see how it holds as time goes by and will test the waters in a few months by contacting the ta and asking them to add my ANZ FF number to the booking.

    As for mark’s comments regarding re-issuing to Y .. If they changed my booking to Y in the next month or so, then not an issue (although I would ask for a refund, especially due to the economy fares being cheaper than what I paid for this one, and the fact i do not need to go via NZ to get to LAX) but if it continues to hold as Z class up to the day of check in and they changed it on the spot last minute then they would only be inviting themselves to a big load of bad press, which would not be a smart move on their behalf, law or not from a lot of people ..

    So it is my hope they either fix the problem sooner than later (if that is what they want) so buyers can have options forward, or honour the fares at checkin if they indeed remain Z up to that point… (looking around the web there are a lot of people stating they are still showing Z and have eticket numbers etc, so to re-issue them on the day to Y with that many people .. would be a PR nightmare, justified or not)

  24. update: just checked booking on ANZ site, and it is no longer showing, guess an email will be on its way from cheapoair .. transaction still pending with bank so hopefully that just goes back to account, not even going to try getting cheapoair to refund me their portion.. the hassle experienced with them in the past is not worth $20 haha .. good to know where I stand withnthis booking though, keeping my eye open on next deal or steal

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