Special Airport Parking For Those With The AAdvantage Aviator Card

Most people know that airline credit cards come with perks like priority check-in, priority boarding, free checked bags, etc. However, it looks like at least one issuer has taken the initiative to extend the benefits even further, even if the implementation is limited as of now. So I write about this more because I find the concept of it interesting, rather than because it’ll be useful to most.

Through May 2018, those with an AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard receive access to reserved spots and discounted parking at Philadelphia International Airport. Here’s how the benefit is described:

Now through May 2018 AAdvantage®Aviator Mastercard® cardmembers and authorized users can enjoy exclusive discounted parking at the Philadelphia International Airport. Cardmembers have access to reserved spots on the ground level of Garage B by swiping their AAdvantage® Aviator Mastercard® at the designated entry gate. This limited-time, discounted parking is up to 25% less than the other Short-Term lots. See the questions below to learn more about this exclusive opportunity.

Interestingly you have to actually pay with the card in order to take advantage of this. You won’t be given a ticket when you enter, but rather you’ll swipe your card when entering, and swipe it again when leaving, and the cost of parking will be charged to your card.

The cost of parking is 20-25% less in this lot, and you get a ground level spot. Here’s the pricing:

If you’re just picking someone up and going to the airport briefly, this might be worthwhile. However, if you’re actually flying somewhere for any amount of time, you’re probably better off parking at an offsite lot, where you’ll pay a fraction of even the discounted $32 rate.

I commend Barclaycard for the creativity here, even if this still isn’t much of a “deal.”

(Tip of the hat to Christopher)


  1. Even if you park here, avoid using PHL’s Terminal B Security – Terminal B Security has no Pre-Check line ever since Terminal C Security was made into a Pre-Check-only facility (which I love). It’s a short walk over to C.

    If you’re parking for more than 4 hours, the discount one gets from using the upper levels of the garage beats the Aviator discount (although it’s nice to park on the ground level, admittedly).

  2. A better deal when picking someone up is to use the free cell phone lot, directly behind the B garage, and wait till your party calls after they collect their baggage. Then drive directly to the curb to get then. Couldn’t be easier, or cheaper.

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