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Marriott Rewards’ summer promotion ended just a couple of days ago (on September 4, 2017), and now Marriott has announced the details of their next global promotion.

With Marriott’s next MegaBonus promotion you can earn one free night after two stays. The basic details of the promotion are as follows:

  • Registration required between September 6 and November 30, 2017
  • Valid for stays between September 12, 2017, and January 15, 2018
  • After two stays at any Marriott Rewards property worldwide you’ll earn a free night at a Category 1-5 Marriott property
  • The free night should be issued to your account within 3-5 days of the second qualifying stay, and will be valid for six months

Each member is capped at one free night, so you can’t repeat this offer during the promotion period. However, if a member completes two qualifying stays during the promotion period, an additional offer may become available in the member’s account within 2-3 days of the second qualifying stay.

Ordinarily a stay at a Category 1-5 property would cost anywhere between 7,500 and 25,000 points per night. However, I certainly wouldn’t value the reward here at 25,000 points, since you’re limited in terms of the hotels you can redeem at (for example, the best use of Marriott points is Hotel + Air packages, and you can’t use the free night earned through this promotion towards that), and the certificate is also only valid for six months.

Still, this is a generous promotion, assuming you stay with Marriott occasionally, and assuming you could use such a certificate within six months. I’ll be curious to see what further promotions are offered after members complete two stays.

Last year I stayed at the Marriott Astana, which is only a Category 2 property

Since last year, most promotions have been aligned and announced around the same time for Marriott Rewards, Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest. Hopefully we learn the details of those other promos shortly as well.

What do you make of Marriott’s “Stay Twice, Get A Free Night” promotion?


  1. Possibly nice. I am curious when this promotion is available, meaning, when I am able to register. After logging in on Marriott’s website I was told I could not register because … I don’t know why. And on my account page with current/available promotions? There I saw something along the line of that no new promotions were available and I should check back …

  2. Just tried it again. Three reasons why I can’t register:
    1) It’s a miles promotion and I’m a points earner; or vice versa (not the case here)
    2) I’m not eligible for this promotion (but why? haven’t found anything in the t&c)
    3) The promotion is expired (dont’ think so)

    And still no new promotions.

  3. What?!?! The last Megabonus ended on Monday? I chose a less convenient Renaissance tonight to get the 2,000 points/stay plus 2,000 points for staying at a different brand. Grrr.

  4. Following….I’m in the same boat of not being eligible, which is super-annoying as a Platinum with two stays booked for the next two weeks….

  5. Has anyone registered successfully? If so does that mean that this is NOT a promotion for ALL members but a targeted one … though one might wonder how members get to know they are targeted.

  6. Hey fellas:

    My wife was “ineligible” as well but I called and there was no issue getting her registered and it updated succesfully on the website within a few minutes. Just give them a call

  7. I was able to register online for the first time in a quite a while.

    If you’re having trouble just wait a few days and then email them to request to be registered. I’ve many times been unable to see or register for a promo and they can do it manually.

  8. @Ralfinho

    Registered immediately without a hitch!

    You’re registered – new rewards await your next stay.
    Earn with every stay. Book Now
    Get a free night after two stays* with MegaBonus®—and unlock more. Register from September 6 to November 30, 2017.

    See Details
    Register by November 30, 2017
    Stay at any of our participating hotels and resorts worldwide between September 12 and January 15, 2018
    Earn a free night after two paid stays*.
    Book direct to get our lowest rates worldwide. When you’re ready, redeem points for free nights, flights, exclusive experiences and so much more.

    Earn a free night – and more bonus points for your stays through January 15, 2018.

    *A ‘stay’ is defined as consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, regardless of check-in/check-out activity.

  9. Unfortunately, we cannot register you for this promotion, but if you call our Guest Services number, we would be happy to answer any question you have. Call 800-450-4442 In the United States and Canada, or one of our worldwide numbers.

  10. Am I alone in thinking that this is a seriously underwhelming promotion? Marriott Rewards Points are far more valuable than the free night, since they can be used for hotel + flight packages, not to mention a much wider range of generally nicer hotels beyond the Category 1-5 collection. Also, the promotion seems designed to target occasional guests rather than mid and top tier elites. Previous promotions gave large bonus point awards for staying 10 nights, 20 nights, etc that could become seriously nice vacations or flight and hotel packages. Now the incentive is to cash in quickly and leave for more rewarding programs for the fall/winter. Personally, while I *could* spend up to 25 nights in Marriott Hotels during this promotion period, the Mega Bonus encourages only a couple of nights. Not impressed.

  11. These free nights are great to use on road trips or at airport hotels. free night expires 6 months after earned is pretty quick though.

  12. For those that received the ‘ineligible’ message (as I did): Double check your profile and be sure you are set up as earning Points through MR versus earning miles in one of their airline partners. An easy switch opened up the Registration button for me.

    Now, that said, I was STILL unable to register, but the error message was different and they prompted me to call. Once I got through the robot, hold times were 20 minutes. Hung up and will try again.

  13. Targeted – ineligible. Should add that to the title of this thread.

    Not terribly disappointed as I find very few Cat 1-5 locations where I need them.

  14. 1.) I could not register. Got an error message (the same as everyone else reported). I called Marriott and spend 15 minutes on hold before they told me that it was, in fact, showing up on my account on their end. Just to make sure I logged into my account while on the phone and it was showing no promotions. The rep sheepishly told me he saw it on his end and to try making a stay and if it still didn’t show up in my dashboard to give a call back. I was not confident in this response.

    2.) I’ll probably get and stash the free night but honestly in the past I have had a REALLY hard time getting any kind of value in the US from a free Category 5 certificate. Literally the last time I had one of these 1-5 certificates, I was going through almost every Marriott in or near any kind of decent town with stuff to do and finding out that they were all above a category 5. (The nearest category 5 to Los Angeles was a 45 minute drive WITHOUT traffic and in a very dull suburb.) That’s fine if you want to visit a city like Boston and drive 30 minutes in and out of the city … but its almost more work than its worth. I ended up using the Category 1-5 certificate last time to stay at the Courtyard 10 miles away from my house simply so I could use the Jacuzzi. Of course the Jacuzzi was out of service when I arrived. Really not too impressed. Would rather stay 4 times and get a certificate even for a 1-7 category. It seems like 6-7 are at least within 10 miles of cool stuff. 8+ is where you start getting the places you’d actually want to stay.

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