My Awesome Targeted SPG Promotion

Starwood Preferred Guest offers global promotions that are available to all SPG members. Starwood’s current promotion runs from May 27 through September 4, 2017, and offers double Starpoints on weekday stays, and triple points on weekend stays. At the moment all of Marriott’s three loyalty programs are running a similar promotion, despite the programs otherwise being different.


Starwood hasn’t yet announced the details of their next global promotion. While Hilton has been running continuous promotions all year (there hasn’t been any interruption in promotions), there have been gaps between Starwood promotions.

However, in addition to SPG’s global promotion, Starwood is also known for offering targeted promotions, which they call “select member exclusives.” Different members will be targeted for different bonuses. For example, a couple of weeks ago there seemed to be some new offers, but I wasn’t eligible.

However, today I received an email about a promotion that I was targeted for. Do note that they don’t always email members about these, so you can try try logging in here to see if you’re eligible.


After logging in with my SPG number, I was presented with a pretty generous offer. I can earn up to 7,500 bonus Starpoints after two stays between September 15 and December 15, 2017 — 2,500 bonus Starpoints after the first stay, and 5,000 additional bonus Starpoints after the second stay.

I value Starpoints at ~2.2 cents each, so to me that’s like a bonus worth ~$165 after just two stays. That’s extremely generous, especially as there’s no minimum stay required. Obviously I’ll take full advantage of this, though I find the targeting here a bit weird. I’m an SPG Platinum member with Ambassador service (meaning I earn 100+ elite qualifying nights per year), so obviously I’m going to make two stays over the course of three months. I’ll take the free points, but this doesn’t really do much to incentivize me to give Starwood incremental business.

As a point of comparison, Ford got a different offer. He was offered double elite qualifying nights and stays over the same period.

In many ways you’d think our offers were reversed, as he hasn’t made a single stay with Starwood this year. It would make a lot more sense to offer him bonus Starpoints for staying twice (since it would be more likely to generate incremental business), and offer me double elite qualifying stays and nights, given that I’m someone who cares about maintaining status with SPG.

Were you targeted for an SPG promotion?


  1. Yep, I got offered the 2x stays and 2x elite nights. Whichever sense for me because I haven’t requalified with SPG for Platinum (I did with Marriott already). So it’s interesting. I might push for it since I’m close, and I might enjoy the 50 night benefits

  2. My offer was double elite qualifying night and stay credit. I’m SPG Gold via Amex Plat & Marriott Rewards Gold and average around five stays a year.

  3. I got the 7500 points :(. Could have really used the 2x stays to requalify for Ambassador as I will probably only hit 75 nights this year as-is

  4. Lifetime Plat and got the following offer.

    4000 points after 4th Stay
    4000 points after 8th Stay
    4000 points after 12th Stay

  5. “You’re all set to earn double elite-qualifying credit on all your stays between September 15, 2017, and December 15, 2017.” :))))

  6. “Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this specific promotion.” 19 nights ytd Starwood and 29 Marriott. Sigh.

  7. I’m at 30 stays and 48 nights, Plat75, and I got offered the 2x stays/2x nights via email. I was only marginally ahead of where I’m at now, last year.

    Was possibly going to skip shooting for 75n this year, even given the value (due to cost), but this will make me re-plan.

  8. Only 1 SPG stay this year…
    Got the “double elite qualifying nights and stays over the same period” offer

    Perhaps SPG is trying to counter Hyatt’s fast-track offer.

  9. Lucky, I have a question, i got 2x offer, currently i have 4 stays with spg due to the spg amex, and spg business amex. so if I were to stay 11 more during the promotion period, I can have platinum status until feb 2019? I think this will be great deal, since starting september rate goes down, pretty much i can book 11 stay under $1100 total.

  10. Current Plat. Lifetime Gold. 28 stays/58 nights YTD. No offer. Would the 7500 points have killed them?

  11. Just a quick note that if you’re going for Lifetime Platinum Status, it won’t count if you hit 50 nights via the 2x stays / night promo. I’m 20 nights away from Platinum this year and got the offer, but also close to Lifetime Platinum, so will need to stay 20 nights regardless.

    “Members upgraded to elite status solely as a result of the bonus elite qualifying stays or nights posted will not have a year of elite status count toward SPG Lifetime qualification, unless the member achieves the typical required stays and nights needed for elite status.”

    Do you guys know if the stays / nights we get from the SPG Business and Consumer cards count towards Lifetime Platinum status? I hope so, otherwise I need another 10 nights on top of the 20.

  12. “Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this specific promotion.” 40 nights ytd Starwood and Lifetime Gold. No offfer…wtf.

  13. @ jason — Yep, 11 stays will do the trick then. Just make sure they’re stays and not nights (meaning you have to check in for non-consecutive stays at hotels).

  14. No offer again, 3 years straight. This year I just stopped booking SPG in favor of other programs 🙁

  15. I got nothing. I’m holding my breath waiting for the 11 brands promotion this year, with 9 brands done and only Sheraton and four points left…

  16. 90 nights, 48 stays. Nada!!
    Not really bothered tho, as 100 night ambassador doesn’t seem worth the trouble

  17. This makes me sad 🙁 for three years in a row, I got nothing.
    Did 55 nights with a lot of Dollars per night spend in 2015, was qualified on stays for two or three years before, 26 stays/nights last year and 19 stays so far this year. Ever since I first read about the 2x nights / stays promo 2 years ago, I wanted to receive it.
    Based in Germany and having to earn everything the hard way: No credit Cards to have elite nights added each year 🙁 and not even one earning Starpoints (only Amex platinum with their “generous” 0.3 starpoints per Membership Rewards Point = EUR spend conversion rate…).
    Skipped for three years in a row from this Promotion, this is starting to make me angry.

    But I’m happy for all of you who got this offer, enjoy it!

  18. bahhhh I got nothing. I was targetted earlier this year with double elite night bonus. I’m at 23 nights now with no more planned travel left. Will probably just mattress run to platnium.

  19. NOTHING…..pretty pissed about that. I’m at 44 nights but could have used this to hit 75 for the year.

  20. Unfortunately, nothing. 3 years, 90 nights away from SPG Lifetime Platinum. 19 stays/47 nights this year, will reach 50 nights next week. 121 nights w Marriott this year so far. Any idea if they will amalgamate the programs?

  21. Plat75 last year … did not re-qualify for anything – soft landing to Gold – and 0 nights this year. I’ve not been targeted for a single promo (this one included) which shocks me…

  22. Lifetime SPG Plat and got the same as Kevin – Potential 1,000 point per stay bonus up to 12,000 points max. Doesn’t exactly light my fire to get in 12 stays but better than nothing as I’m often overlooked with these offers which does nothing to enhance my loyalty. I wonder if point totals has anything to do with these offers or if it is based purely on spend. I would think lifetime top tiers would be targeted more generously to discourage straying to other chains.

  23. I got the same as Ford’s offer. 2 stays and 2 nights counted towards elite status!

    I think I will do a staycation soon!

  24. Nothing! I’m a lifetime Platinum, six years Platinum in a row and current status with ambassador service. I already stayed 61 ytd. I got nothing!! But I’m interested to know what will happen next year as this year will be the last year of the SPG program.

  25. Year to date: 5 nights, 2 stays = no offer; no biggie.

    SPG Gold through the AMEX Biz Plat. I have a 5-night stay in a couple of weeks at the Westin Miyako Kyoto, then no stays planned at SPG properties for the foreseeable future.

  26. 2X nights/2X stays–but I’ve already re-qualified for platinum for 2018. I guess it’s better than Hyatt’s Fauxbalist offer.

  27. German LTP Member. I have got the free night certificate offer: 3 stays one free night (category 1-5), 6 stays two free nights. My last offer this year was double credit (nights and stays), which bumped me to P100.

  28. again NO offer. and you know what this would motivate me to stay at spg so you wonder why they don’t offer it. They probably don’t need my money?

  29. Strange system. No mail for me being plat for the last 5 years. Nothing on my Dashboard about the promotion, but when I added my SPG No. to the link Lucky published, I got the 2X nights/2X stays.
    Wonder how I should ever have found out if it wasnt for this post. Thks

  30. If at first it says you’re not eligible, try again. 3 times it said I wasn’t and just happened to click it a 4th time and then I was eligible for double elite credits and points.

  31. Thanks for the reminder. I got the email, clicked to see my offer but it kept saying error. I guess the site wasn’t quite ready. Now that I went back I got the same double night, double stay offer as Ford. It also doesn’t make much sense, my wife travels more so we do all our bookings in her name. I have 2 stays / 5 nights, but only because of the SPG Amex. Wish I’d gotten the points offer, but oh well.

  32. Received the 2x stays/nights promo. Utterly useless to me, as I have 80 nights at Marriott so SPG Plat is assured. A decent bonus points/free nights promo would have gotten all my 4Q stays. Now I’m just going to finish Hilton Diamond.

  33. Got the 7500 after 2 stays offer.

    Can someone confirm – do you absolutely HAVE TO have these be paid stays to get the bonus pts? I know the terms say that, but SPG has been pretty loose with that stuff in the past and I’ve gotten bonus pts on free award stays before. Not recently, but years past.

    Anyone know with 100% certainty?

  34. “In many ways you’d think our offers were reversed…”

    I see your point, but it sort of makes perfect sense (assuming, these promotions are designed to be beneficial primarily to Starwood). Since Ford likely won’t go for elite status, the company probably won’t have to “pay out” a lot on it. But, it might just incentivize him to at least go for Gold. Since you value elite status, you’re probably going to make the effort to re-qualify anyway, so the bonus miles are a cheaper investment for them.

    I was lucky enough to get the 2x stays and nights. I have already qualified for Gold but I was worried that I would have a hard time re-qualifying for Platinum50. This will make it much easier!

  35. 9 nights and 3 stays YTD.. offered 3000 points for 1st 3 stays, another 3000 after 6 stays, another 3000 (max 9000) after 9 stays.

    Any idea when if and when they’ll run their 2x-3x promotion similar to the one that ended on 4th Sept ?

  36. Starwood promos in general suck ass. Hopefully Marriott promos stick. I really liked the 2000 points per stay plus 2000 points per brand. I’ll have 20,000 points posting soon for the brands!!!

    500 / 1000 point promo SUCKS. Watch the fine print. Most hotels don’t participate. I found out the hard way after. Marriott is awesome about that

    I also got nothing back for the Sleect member promo. You also get zero bonus points if you choose breakfast where Marriott I get both. I really don’t get the buzz about SPG. Great for the credit card but earn and burn is even worse than Hilton.

  37. Starwood = SUCKS!!! Marriott promos are 100X better!

    I was not targeted for anything special . Did the explore more , stayed 6 times!! CHECK THIS!! None of the hotels I stayed at participate in the promotions!!! Only about half the hotels participate!! WTF!!!! This company sucks

    *Has anyone tried breakfast at Aloft?! disgusting and not free. Atleast Courtyard its a good breakfast freshly made. Aloft charges for powder eggs.
    * Has anyone tried to have breakfast and get your check in amenity points (impossible) So you just get 3 points per dollar. At Marriott you get 15 pts per dollar!! 5x the amount of points, but the book stays Marriott is only 2-4x more expensive and at Marriott ALL promos are good at ALL hotels AND you get your check in amenity AND breakfast!!!! All you SPG lovers (millenials) are fairly clueless.

  38. Hi, I’ve got the double elite night offer as well, but the thing is the programme expires on 15/12, just wondering if I check in on 15/12 and check out on 18/12, how many stay and nights do I earn? Many thanks

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