Can You Guess Cathay Pacific’s New Routes Based On The Color Of Beer?

Cathay Pacific seems to like to have fun with announcing their new routes. For example, in 2013 before announcing their next US route, they posted the below picture on their Facebook page, inviting people to guess what their next destination would be. It ended up being Boston.


Cathay Pacific is about to announce several new destinations, and they’re having a bit of fun with this. The airline has provided some beer-related clues to encourage people to guess what the routes are. Here’s the caption for the Facebook post:

Guess our new destinations by the different coloured beers and win!

We’re excited to be adding a number of new destinations to our international network. But can you guess which ones, based on the different coloured beers in this video? Those who guess correctly and explain why they want to go there have the chance to win a pair of round-trip Economy tickets to that exciting new destination*. Limit of one destination per entry.

The contest is only valid through August 31, which suggests that they’ll be announcing the new routes in the coming days. Here’s the video they posted:

As someone who isn’t a beer drinker, I’m at a bit of a disadvantage here. 😉

While this isn’t official, there’s a Facebook page called “CX Secrets,” which shares rumors and “secrets” about Cathay Pacific, and they’re quite often spot on. They wrote the following less than 24 hours ago:

According to rumors within 8/F, there will at least be 3 new ports in 2018. Bxxxxxxx, Cxxxxxxxxx and Dxxxxx. We will also be closing 3 ports: 1 in China, 1 in SE Asia and 1 in Europe.

It’s possible they’re wrong or that this is unrelated, though based on that and the beer clue, the first cities that come to mind are Brussels, Copenhagen, and Dublin.

Denver is also a big beer city, but I just don’t see Cathay Pacific launching flights there, given how small oneworld’s presence there is. Copenhagen also doesn’t strike me as that big of a beer city, if they’re truly going with a beer theme here.

However, I’m not a beer drinker at all, so I’ll yield to you guys when it comes to guessing the colors of the various beers.

What new routes do you think Cathay Pacific will announce?


  1. Copenhagen is home to Carlsberg, one of the world’s biggest breweries. They are very big beer drinkers.
    I wonder which Euro destination is being cut? Rome?

  2. I somehow think Dallas is a lot more probable than Dublin (or Denver) – lots of American Airlines feed there.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Denver, the city has been giving away money left and right to get new international routes, Dallas already has a flight to HKG on AA, I could see CX to DEN 3x per week which would allow good connections to southeast Asia.

  4. Dallas to Hong Kong has very strong demand, AA had upgraded it using one of its the very few 77Ws, but I don’t see CX encroaching on AA territories given they already code-share. One of the reasons hurting CX’s profits is that the transpacific tickets are very cheap right now, especially its traditional China-US market have tons of overcapacity. CX is looking at Europe for expansion, so I bet Budapest, Copenhagen, and Dublin.

  5. Carlsberg is also very popular in Hong Kong and SE Asia, I think the middle one is definitely Copenhagen.

  6. if you bother giving credit to the thread, then the rumored answers are


    chopping either DUS or LGW (1 europe), and moving PEK (1 china) and DPS (1 SE asia) over to KA

  7. @brian – maybe because there really isnt great connectivity / demand from Latin / South America, and they already get the majority of the best feed anyway through other sources such as Madrid, New York, and LA? Feed isnt always good, especially if there’s not much of it/ if it’s low fare/ low yield.
    Why do people think Dusseldorf is the one to go? I’ll be sad if it does 🙁

  8. Laugh all you want — but CLT? Up and coming beer city. AA / OW hub. Big banking center.

    Just throwing it out there…

  9. Sadly, the competition is only open to people with a valid Hong Kong Identity Card (which, I suppose, makes sense)

  10. I wonder how CX is doing ex-Zurich. They re-introduced the route in Spring 2015 (closed the route in October 2001) and use the big 777-300ER, and SWISS uses the same plane daily to HKG as well. Maybe they pull DUS A350 and replace the 77W in ZRH with an A350 service 😉

  11. @traveller I wish! I fly the Zurich-HK-Aus route often and I’ve found that Swiss has much better load factors. Would love to see the A350, much better size plane for the route…

  12. @GottaFly – then let’s keep our fingers crossed that CX deploys their A350 to ZRH rather sooner than later 😉

  13. For SE, I guess they’re going to drop Surabaya because Denpasar is currently on the high density B777-300, perhaps downgrade it to an A330-300 in CX metal before moving it on to Cathay Dragon.

  14. Brisbane, Christchurch and Dunedin. All three are really big emerging cities and I think they will be big markets for CX.

  15. Brisbane, Christchurch and Dunedin. They are each big emerging cities that will be big market for CX I think. Also very beautiful scenery.

  16. Would love for it to be Seattle. Since Alaska and Delta broke up, getting to Asia from Seattle with AS miles is a pain. Only non-stop is Korean so you end up on the puddle jumper to YVR a lot.

  17. Portland, Oregon is known for their great beer…

    I dont know if they are flying to Portland but will be really nice.

  18. @James, yea, that’s right, the last 20 years of innovation of small brewers in just about every city in the US never happened. A stereotype even more dated than “there’s no good food in England.” Hope your ignorance tastes better than whatever tasteless fizzy blond piss you consider “real” beer 😉

  19. @Nat, Portland would be rad, but seems highly unlikely given how little yield there would be for CX. Don’t forget that SEA and YVR used to be the biggest transpacific hubs in the days when fuel capacities were limited. YVR held its prized place (especially for CX), but SEA lost it to LAX/SFO for obvious reasons and is only just starting to re-emerge as a key city in Asia-US networks again. PDX’s chances of getting direct service before SEA are nill. But it’s just two hour train ride away 😉
    I’m hoping @Brad B is right and it’s Denver. Beautiful city with intelligent, progressive civic planning. Incredibly friendly for tourists, business and, umm… “day trippers”

  20. @H @RF not a chance. DFW = AA, so CX is already flying there (via codeshare).
    Plus, much as I love Dallas, it’s gotta be said: the beer is freaking horrible.

  21. @Rick if only it were 2 hours by train! Portland to Seattle city center by Amtrak is more like 4 hours assuming no delay, and then you have to get to the airport. You almost always are better off taking the twice an hour AS shuttle.

    @peteynice What about Hainan as another AS option? I took a lovely SEA-PVG flight a fee months back, and they do PEK from SEA too.

  22. If they hadn’t published the first letters I would have guessed Munich, despite the fact that it’s a star alliance hub, I’m surprised Cathay doesn’t fly there yet. Dunlin would be an odd choice, there are no direct flights from Dublin to Asia as of yet (only to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha). Dublin is sort of proving itself a oneworld hub, and I think if Cathay goes ahead it will encourage Aer Lingus to rejoin OneWorld. Also, Dublin is famous for their dark Guinness beer, so the beer theme would make sense. Copenhagen and Brussels are major cities but have very little role in oneworld. It would have been nice if Athens had appeared since now that we have a direct connection to Singapore (and soon to Beijing) I would have thought that demand in Asia would be growing, and maybe offer Greek/Australian passengers an alternative to Emirates and Scoot to getting from Greece to Australia. Rumor has it that Qantas might be considering Athens as a destination for their 787 or even A350 ULR (if that ever pans out). One airline that should definitely relaunch flights to Athens is Thai, given that they used to fly before the crisis and now with demand increasing it only makes sense. In addition, our national airline (Aegean) is also a member of Star Alliance, and we are seeing more star alliance carriers launch flights here, providing good connections.

  23. It is CPH and BRU (4weekly). DFW(Daily) for new route

    DUS will be cancel.
    DPS and PEK operate by Dragon Cathay

  24. @james–How do we know it’s a USA city? I think Seattle and Austin, TX have some great beer. I hope the new city is Seattle.

  25. The Danes are big beer drinkers! Carlsberg, Tuborg… it’s the Swedes who drink vodka, Ben.

    Others on here have speculated about Seattle, which given Starbucks and Amazon and Boeing etc etc headquarters makes a lot of sense. And it is of course microbrew heaven along with Portland. Incidentally, the ‘public market center’ sign picture you showed of them announcing Boston is actually from the Pike Place Market in Seattle. A mistake, no doubt, but suspect it means someone at CX was doing some Seattle research…

  26. For saeed, i don’t think they will drop surabaya.. The demand is not that bad, i mean a lot of workers and business man travelled on that route..

  27. @ saeed, i don’t think they will drop surabaya.. The demand is not that bad, i mean a lot of workers and business man travelled on that route..

  28. If that is B C D then it is definitely Brussels Copenhagen and Dublin but my hunch is that one of them (possibly Dublin?) is wrong and CX is launching to Munich

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