Hilton Is Offering Double Points Through The End Of 2017

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Of the major global hotel loyalty programs, Hilton Honors is the only one that has been offering uninterrupted points promotions all year:

Hilton has just announced the details of their next promotion, which will last through the end of the year. Between September 1 and December 31, 2017, Hilton Honors members can earn double points for all stays. On top of that, Honors Diamond members will earn 10,000 bonus points after every 10 nights, up to a maximum of up to 50,000 bonus points.

The promotion is valid for stays at all hotels globally, except Hampton by Hilton Hotels in Mainland China. Furthermore, registration is required prior to the first eligible stay.

Earn double Hilton Honors points for stays at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem

Hilton already offers a solid return on hotel spend, and it only gets better with this promotion. For example, you can earn:

  • 10 base points per dollar spent
  • 5 additional points per dollar spent for choosing Points & Points
  • 10 bonus points per dollar spent through the double points promotion
  • 2.5 bonus points per dollar spent if a Gold member, or 5 bonus points per dollar spent if a Diamond member
  • 12 points per dollar spent on the Hilton Honors™ Surpass® Card from American Express

A Diamond member paying with the Hilton Honors™ Surpass® Card from American Express would be earning 42 Honors points per dollar spent, which is fantastic. That doesn’t even include the 10,000 bonus points after every 10 nights. Meanwhile a Gold member paying with the same card would be earning 39.5 Honors points per dollar spent.

This is on top of the 500 bonus points per app booking that you can earn through the end of 2017.

Furthermore, you can earn an additional 500 bonus points per booking when you reserve and pay with the Hilton Honors™ Surpass® Card from American Express.

Bottom line

Hilton Honors has been by far the most generous of any hotel loyalty program this year when it comes to the quality and consistency of their promotions. Ultimately all of Hilton’s promotions have been quite similar, and for most members, this promotion is identical to the previous one. For Diamond members, this promotion is better than the last one if your average nightly rate is less than $100, while it’s worse if your average nightly rate is higher.

Be sure you register for the promotion, since you never know when you might find yourself at a Hilton.

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  1. Awesome stuff. HH doing it right this year. Especially like the lagniappe for Diamonds. Thanks Lucky!

  2. Lucky, are you aware of any airline-miles promo’s w/ Hilton for this fall/winter? i enjoyed the 2000 Avios per stay promo that has been running this summer, a shame that its ending 8/31.

  3. @James – the average consumer probably doesn’t care about the promotion point multiple they might earn. The above-average consumer…probably isn’t choosing Hilton due to the global brand/property mix.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up! I booked two nights last week but wasn’t signed up for the OFFER so I missed out. Thanks to you, I won’t miss out on the next booking(s)

  5. I have a stay coming up in September that I booked a couple of weeks ago. I signed up for the promotion just now; is it safe to assume I’ll get the extra points automatically, or should I cancel and rebook to be safe?

  6. The post speaks for itself. I’d simply add that the reason it may appear to some that “Hilton Honors has been by far the most generous of any hotel loyalty program this year when it comes to the quality and consistency of their promotions” is that the competition, which most bloggers favored, has suddenly fizzled, thereby focusing the attention on the most rewarding program still standing: Hilton Honors. For some of us who’ve patronized it for years, the program has been consistently delivering lucrative global and targeted promos going back at least 3 years now. With more than 20 nights between now and the end of this promo period already booked on stays of at least 3 nights, I am about to rake it in Big Time to replenish the 700K+ HH points I just used to redeem award stays for my upcoming 4-week 2017 Year-end Asian Escapade(tm).

  7. @James K. – The average consumer appreciates Hilton Honors just fine. It’s the self-anointed ‘travel gurus’ who consistently undervalued the program, until it simply became silly to keep doing it following the demise of programs that they’d touted as the ‘best in the business’ based on ‘standards of excellence’ that have now been revealed to have been utterly bogus. 😉


  8. Awesome, this will put me over 100k points for one stay at the Conrad St. James in London in a couple weeks.

  9. So are we required to book through the Hilton website or app to get the bonus points? Or can we do it through any site?

  10. Hi Lucky

    I got scammed by a Hilton. A few days after check out, my credit card got charged for internet which I did not use. When I emailed them regarding this, I received a reply insisting I had purchased internet from them. What would you do in a situation like this?

  11. Loving these promos.

    Picked up 20,000 points for a 1 night stay in MA last month due to “Go more, Get more” 3x multiplier as diamond and purchasing a 2x points package.

    Has anyone else had trouble signing up for this offer? I get an error that their registration system isn’t working.

  12. HH Double points Registration link is down. Says, “Opps, we’ve encountered a problem.” Sent a message to HH Customer Care to fix it.

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