Washington State Resident? Earn Free Delta SkyMiles

For several years now Delta has been growing their presence in Seattle, and has been taking market share from Alaska Airlines. Seattle is a different market than most, in the sense that locals are fiercely loyal, and like giving business to companies that they perceive to be hometown airlines.

As a result, Delta hasn’t just been growing their presence in Seattle in terms of the destinations they fly to, but they’ve also been trying to appeal to Seattleites in a different way, by trying to get involved in the community.

The Seattle Seahawks have become increasingly popular the past few years, and they’ve developed quite a connection with Alaska Airlines. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is even Alaska’s “Chief Football Officer,” and has been doing quite a bit of work with them.

Naturally Delta has also been trying to take advantage of Seattle’s recent football success. Last year they introduced “Delta 12Status,” which is returning this year. You can register for Delta 12Status here, and it’s available exclusively to Washington state residents. Note that if you registered last year, you’ll have to do so again this year — your registration doesn’t carry over from year to year.

For those of you not familiar, you can read about the significance of the number 12 for the Seattle Seahawks here.

What are the perks of Delta 12Status? Each member gets:

  • 1 bonus mile for each passing yard at home and away games during the season
  • Priority boarding when departing out of SeaTac Airport on Delta during the football season (August 17, 2017 through February 4, 2018)

Last year you only earned one mile for each passing yard at home games, while this year you earn miles for passing yards at away games as well. Last year the Seahawks had just over 4,000 passing yards, which would mean you’d earn just over 4,000 free SkyMiles this year if results are similar.

Surprisingly there aren’t even 25,000 members as of the time of this post, while Washington state has over seven million residents. C’mon, folks, if you live in Washington or know anyone who does, don’t leave free miles on the table!

Bottom line

If you’re a Washington state resident, signing up for this is a no brainer. You’ll earn thousands of bonus miles for free (hopefully), and there’s nothing you have to do other than to sign up.

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)


  1. Is this what it’s like to live in a market where airlines actually have to compete with each other, even a little bit? I’ve lived in Atlanta and Denver, so it all seems so foreign to me.

  2. Meanwhile, Atlanta, Memphis, and Cincinnati residents get free cup and napkin with every premium Delta beverage!

  3. @Duane: No. Your account still exists. They will require you to enter a new password, but once that’s done you’re good to go for this season.

  4. I’ll fly Spirit before I choose Delta over an equivalent Alaska flight. Maybe Delta should consider some other “sincere” promos that go over about as well as their hilarious pandering “you can’t stop Seattle” transparent attempts to just parachute in and buy loyalty here.

  5. Face it Zmaster, SEA was underserved by AS and their 737’s. The city was Ripe for a Global Carrier and DL filled that need.

  6. They just ask for a Washington Zip Code, so if you put one in, seems you are eligible. Doesn’t even ask for your address.

  7. “……by trying to get involved in the community.”

    I suggest you do some homework about how DL is already involved in the SEA community.

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