Great Deal: $20 Starbucks Gift Card For $10

If you make purchases from Starbucks with any frequency, taking advantage of this promotion should be a no brainer. You can get a $10 bonus card when you buy a $10 Starbucks gift card using Visa Checkout. The process is super easy, so you might as well pick up a $20 Starbucks gift card for 50% off.

The promotion is valid through September 30, 2017, or until 225,000 bonus loads are distributed. You should still be eligible as long as the promotion page immediately shows the $10 bonus load.

To take advantage of this promotion, follow this link and enter the amount of the gift card you want to buy ($10), as well as the name and email address of the recipient (you can send it to yourself).

On the next page you’ll receive confirmation that you’re eligible for the $10 bonus load, and can start the Visa Checkout process.

This is super easy. If you already have Visa Checkout, you just have to log-in with your username and password, and you credit card information should be saved. If you don’t have Visa Checkout, then you’ll have to register, which should take just a minute or so.

The next page will confirm the purchase, and then you should receive an email confirming you participated in the promotion. However, it could take a few hours for your electronic gift card to arrive by email.

We see gift card promotions from Starbucks all the time. I don’t remember the last time I reloaded my Starbucks balance without getting a significant bonus. If you make purchases from Starbucks with any frequency, be sure to take advantage of this promotion.

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)


  1. Lucky can I just say how impressive you have been at pumping out content the last few days – even for you it’s an incredible amount. You leave others bloggers in your wake!

  2. Don’t these promos typically go directly through Starbucks? This one makes you purchase through Cash Star which puts me on edge…
    Does anyone know anything about Cash Star?

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