Awesome Deal: Earn Up To 12x Points Per Dollar Spent At

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Doctor Of Credit shares an awesome deal that’s available to those with the Chase Freedom® CardChase Freedom Unlimited®Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, and Chase Sapphire Reserve®. If you have one of those cards, through August 31, 2017, you can earn 10x points on the first $250 spent at when using Chase Pay.

There are a few things to be aware of here:

  • You can earn an additional 2x points per dollar spent by going through the Chase shopping portal, for a total of 12x points per dollar spent; however, there’s a chance that buying gift cards may not qualify towards that
  • This won’t work if you have a Chase online account that has both business and personal cards linked to it
  • Walmart sells tons of gift cards, so if nothing else this is an opportunity to earn 10x points (or more) on a $250 Uber gift card, for example; I value Ultimate Rewards points at 1.7 cents each, so to me that’s like saving nearly 20% on such a purchase
  • There’s not a landing page for this offer and no registration is required, but Doctor Of Credit has confirmed with Chase’s media team that this promotion isn’t targeted

Taking advantage of this promotion

I wasn’t able to take advantage of this promotion, since I have the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card in addition to the Chase Freedom® CardChase Freedom Unlimited®, and Chase Sapphire Reserve®. Since I have business and personal cards linked to the account, I get the following message when I go through this process:

It’s impressive that they can figure this out before you even log into your Chase account.

So instead we used Ford’s Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, since he doesn’t have any business cards linked to that account.

Start by going through the Chase shopping portal so you can earn an additional two points per dollar spent (again, this won’t work on all purchases, but you might as well try).

Then put whatever you’d like to buy in your cart. To test this out, we bought two $100 Uber gift cards, for a total of $200.

When you get to the payment page, click the “+More” section, where you’ll see the option to use Chase Pay.

Then you’ll be asked to enter your Chase username and password.

On the next page your card information will automatically be populated, and you can select whether you want to redeem points or not (don’t do it).

And that’s it. You won’t even have to enter your card information, or anything. The Chase Pay system is super easy to use, and I sort of love it and want to use it more.

The order was confirmed immediately, and an hour later the Uber codes arrived by email, and could be added to an Uber account. This will combine nicely with the Uber credits that I get from The Platinum Card® from American Express.

Bottom line

If you’re eligible, this is an awesome offer. I value 10x points at a nearly ~20% return, which is huge, especially given the number of things that Walmart sells. I went through the process of making a purchase last night, so hopefully the points post as expected. Doctor Of Credit is extremely reliable, and on top of that has confirmed this with Chase, so I think it’s safe to assume that all of this info is correct.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this great Walmart & Chase Pay offer?

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  1. The T&C at the bottom of Walmart’s Shop through Chase link says gift cards are not eligible for the bonus. How does the Uber gift card get around that?

  2. Also just noticed my Chase Freedom Unlimited is offering 4% back on Walmart purchases through the Chase portal. CSR only offering 2x.

  3. 1) You can ask Chase’s tech support team over the phone to make you a new login for just your personal cards so that you can use Chase Pay.

    2) For some reason, the Freedom and Freedom Unlimited are offering 4x pts per dollar at on Shop Through Chase, whereas the Sapphire cards are only at 2x.

  4. Do the Uber gift cards support transactions in multiple currencies or are they like the promo credits that are locked to the currency of origin?

  5. @Lucky – Ah well, was worth the question. I have orphaned Uber credits in probably half a dozen currencies now!

  6. I wish Walmart were a part of United or Alaska’s airline’s shopping portal. Then you would’ve gotten the miles for the airlines AND the UR points on top of that. Ben, Walmart is not a part of any airline’s shopping portal, right? I just have to confirm.

  7. I noticed a link from to Ticketmaster. Would a purchase on Ticketmaster also earn Chase points? Any guess?

  8. The solution here for those with business/personal accounts is to call Chase and have them create separate logins for you.

  9. I work for Walmart’s home office in Bentonville AR. I’m glad to know that an influx of miles & points people will be contributing in a small part to my bonus this year… Thanks a lot, guys!

  10. @Lucky and everyone else —

    Not sure if I’m the only one having this problem; I can log in to Chase Pay and it shows the right cards (I have a Freedom and a Sapphire Preferred), but once I select the card (either one), the card that “shows up” on the Walmart page is clearly wrong (wrong last 4 digits and expiration date).

    Tried logging in and out of both Walmart and Chase to no avail.

  11. @AC – I believe the card number that “shows up” on the Walmart page is just a virtual card number (something Chase creates just for that transaction to avoid sharing real card info with Walmart). My card showed up the same way as you describe, however transaction went through and charge shows as pending through my Chase account on the correct card.

  12. @Billy 2011 well unfortunately AA miles are of no use to me but I guess if I’m going to be spending the same amount, might as well get some air miles too right? So I might take that into consideration.

  13. Umm…so if I understand this correctly, I could purchase $250 worth of Walmart gift cards, get the maximum 10x points credit now (in August) and sometime in the future (say, “Black Friday”) use the WM gift cards to buy Xmas presents. This sounds almost too good to be true….

  14. Purchased $200 worth of Stubhub gift-cards on Wallmart through the Chase portal and paid with Chase PAY.
    I already noticed the 9x bonus points (+1 point for normal charges)

    (@Lana: you need to double-click on the charge on your Chase account).

    However, no luck so far for the 2x bonus points for the Chase portal.

  15. I can confirm I made a purchase at using my CSR for ~$300, got 2250 points + ~300 points. The process was a breeze, no issues at all signing up for Chase Pay during my checkout on Thank you Lucky!

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