Great Deal: Earn A Free Wyndham Night After Two Stays

Wyndham Rewards is especially unique since 2015, when they overhauled their program. Wyndham Rewards charges a flat 15,000 points per night for an award stay, regardless of what hotel you’re looking to stay at. So whether you’re looking at their cheapest or most expensive hotel, a free night will cost the same number of points. Now, if only they had more aspirational properties.

While their program has an interesting redemption structure, they don’t offer all that many lucrative promotions, so the points can be tough to come by without a ton of stays. Well, Wyndham Rewards has just announced a promotion offering up to 15,000 bonus points after two stays, which is enough points for a free night at any property. This is one of the most generous promotions I’ve seen them offer in a long time.

Wyndham Rewards members can earn 7,500 bonus points per stay when they pay for a stay with Masterpass online or through the Wyndham Rewards app. The promotion is valid for stays through October 31, 2017, and you can earn the bonus twice, for up to 15,000 bonus points. The promotion is valid for members with accounts registered in the US or Canada, and bonus points should post 4-6 weeks after the eligible stay. Both pre-paid and flexible rates qualify, though you have to pay for the stay with the same card you use with Masterpass.

For those of you not familiar, Masterpass is Mastercard’s digital wallet option, similar to Visa Checkout, etc.

When you go through the process of making a booking with Wyndham, you’ll see the option of choosing Masterpass as your payment method. If you haven’t yet registered, it’s free and quick to do so.

For some, this promotion might be worth mattress running for. There are tons of Wyndham properties for ~$60 per night, meaning that two stays will cost you ~$120.

Meanwhile there are plenty of Wyndham properties that retail for over $200 per night.

Whether or not it’s worth the effort to mattress run and earn the points without a specific use in mind is a different story, though.

However, if you have some upcoming stays anyway, it could be worth switching a couple of them to Wyndham.

Do you plan on taking advantage of Wyndham’s Masterpass promotion?


  1. I have never mattress run in my life before, but there’s some days inns near me that are literally $47. I have Silver status with them, too, from a recent work trip, and I”m assuming one earns regular points on these stays in addition to the 7500, so that’s a hefty pile of points.

  2. It’s sad you used the Shelbourne as the photo….this was my go-to hotel to use free nights at.

    Many wonderful weekend getaways down to Miami but sadly they left the brand last winter…a really solid redemption 🙁

  3. When it comes to Wyndham Rewards those of us in the South Pacific who are members never have access to these offers. Wyndham offers us the world access when we acheive a certain status however we are the poor relations when it comes to the good offers. Come on Wydham Rewards if you want to be a worldwide service provider, get your act together and make all your good offers to all your worldwide members.

  4. I just want to make sure that if you book one of the special rates, that it will still count, Like AAA, or the Bonus 1000 point rate. I got a Knights Inn near me for $50 including taxes with AAA. Heck yes I will go there, check in, and then go sleep at home!! HA… If we go through the Masterpass Promo link to book, and the Hotel shows up, I have to assume it is a “Participating Hotel”, right?

  5. Do not even go to this company… you will never get a booking and the bonus point are activated after 180days and cannot be used in peak season.. i worked there and left because of the scams they are pulling so many owners never get bookings and then have to sell their timeshares for under a dollar a point when you shell out on average 2.7 a point. ALSO they will sting you YEARLY CHARGES FOR UPKEEPING THE 3STAR PROPERTIES

  6. Interesting that Wyndham has partnered with Masterpass when the card Wyndham issues is a VISA. I guess it is just another way to screw the customer you already have while trolling for new suckers.

  7. WR had a promo similar to this last year for VisaCheckout – I followed the steps and never got the bonus, they claimed “I just paid with Visa and not Visa Checkout” – I’d be curious, if it’s not prepaid and you pay at the property if you then have a method to use Masterpass rather than just hand over your mastercard – anyone have experience with that? I’d just as soon not wind up getting no bonus all over again. Honestly, everyone at WR and customer service seemed clueless about the whole thing. It’s a great bonus but I’d like a little more step by step detail on how to be sure the bonus winds up arriving.

  8. as a followup I am seeing the Masterpass option running a dummy booking through but oddly, if you use you do not see that option! Still leery about a nonprepaid and showing up at the hotel with no option to finalize payment with Masterpass.

  9. Do not take up offer… ive called a coleague in wyndham ap in the usa and they advise the points above.. masterpass cannot finalise the booking and the bonus poi ts are normal bonus points only activated after 180 days.

    They also make you pay 3.048 for the first 15000 points so theres for your 15000 points has cost you around 45000 dolars.

    Total bullshit!!! And just go and ask when the first booking are open and they will tell you there 14 months away

  10. You say you can book with Masterpass on-line, but watch out. The T&C specifically say you cannot use to do the booking. I called and they confirmed. They said it has to be on app or on specific hotel brand site.

  11. There are a couple $55 per night brands in my city. Spending about $110 for 15K points to use at NYC for my one night in October when the Wyndham in China Town is going for around $400/night might be a good strategy and use of points.

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