Inflight Wifi For Just $10 Per Month?!

I’m generally a firm believer in the concept of “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” That’s why this offering leaves me scratching my head.

View from the Wing notes that US Mobile offers unlimited inflight internet service through iPass for just $10 per month. That’s an insanely good deal that gets you access to 35 million hotspots around the world. However, there’s another aspect to this that excites me a whole lot more.

What makes this truly incredible is that you get access to both Gogo and Panasonic wifi on one device with your plan. Here are the airlines that you get wifi on with this plan:

As you can see, this doesn’t just get you wifi on domestic Gogo flights, but it even gets you wifi on American’s international flights, Etihad, Lufthansa, etc. This is an insane deal. To use this on a Gogo or Panasonic flight you’d connect to the inflight wifi, and then you’d see an option to log in with your iPass credentials.

As a point of comparison, a Gogo membership on a single airline will cost you $50 per month, so this is 80% cheaper and gets you wifi on so many more flights.

The only catch is that you’re limited to one device. That works great for me — I get wifi on my phone through T-Mobile, and could use this for my laptop. And heck, I could even buy two or three memberships and still save a lot of money.

This is an unbelievable deal, I just don’t get what I’m missing. Some people have been using this for months without issue, but it’s just puzzling that Gogo and Panasonic are onboard with this. This is clearly a conscious decision on their part, though I think this will end with many of us canceling our Gogo memberships and switching to US Mobile for a fraction of the cost.

I plan on signing up for this and giving it a try, though for now I’ll keep my Gogo membership, since I have grandfathered pricing. I figure if nothing changes here in the next few months I’ll cancel my Gogo membership and just use this..

Do you plan on using this US Mobile iPass membership to access inflight wifi? Does anyone have any clue what they’re thinking here?


  1. Could someone explain how to actually connect to inflight wifi once you buy this plan? I’m having trouble since US Mobile and iPass are two separate entities and it keeps asking me for my iPass credentials (though I don’t have any??)

  2. @David you have to link your device on the US Mobile account page and it will install iPass/update credentials automatically

  3. That’s probably one of the best things with SAS, free wifi for all travelers in SAS Plus and SAS Business and Star Alliance Gold members!

  4. In the UK you can get free iPass with the HSBC World Eite credit card. However, I’ve yet to get iPass working on a flight…

  5. Have a flight coming up on BR, curious which planes and routes the plan works with on Eva, as it seems to only work on 5 planes in the pictures above (or perhaps just a case of outdated pictures from back when Eva was rolling out wifi?).

  6. Question:

    Does this work on non-Gogo United domestic/intl flights equipped w/ Panasonic? It looks like it does not based on the above graphic, but wanted to clarify.

  7. I think this deal is great, however airlines should give business/ first class passengers free access to wifi period. Paying 2 – 4K for a flight and then paying 25$ or so for wifi is not customer friendly. You can say: “If you can spend 2K on a flight, you can also pay 25$ for wifi”. For me it is just out of principal, I am not paying 20+$ for internet when I am flying a premium cabin. Only a few airlines give free wifi for premium passengers which I think should be the standard.

  8. Having a bad experience with this so far. Went to the link, paid, clicked on the activation email, downloaded iPass, and it requests my ‘company name’. The help page on the iPass site literally links to a blank page. And I see no instructions for Gogo access.

  9. @David – I had the same issue but found information to help. On the site, I found a help page if you were having issues such as being requested to submit your company email. I was directed to click the “RENEW WI FI PLAN” option. It reconfigures the app to the plan. Once I did that, the app popped up again. This time it stated to wait. After waiting, it worked perfectly.

  10. Is this service only for corporate accounts? I went to the Support page and then Faqs. From what I could see, it was about connecting, not purchasing.

    Any clarification is appreciated.

  11. Attention Perfectionists….please list a bullet point step by step from the very beginning for us techie newbies!! Very much appreciated!!

  12. Beware that you can only use one device with the plan.
    You cannot have several devices linked, even if they are not used simultaneously.

  13. So I signed up this weekend. It only works on one device but if you do the monthly GoGo plan you are paying at least $50 per month. I can register my phone, tablet, and laptop and still come out on top. One other perk is the hotel wifi. I am using the standard free wifi on my lap top and it is about 10 up and 2 down. With my phone which is registered with iPass I get 200 up and down using the same speed test for both tests. I have a voip app for my work phone to call Europe and Asia and this is one of the few times it is actually better on hotel wifi than the cell signal.

  14. Just flying Lufthansa LH490 from Frankfurt to Seattle in C.
    Telekom charges for 1 hour of its Flynet $10, for 4 hours $15.50 and for a “full flight” (up to 24hours) $19.
    The iPass app recognized Flynet immediately. All I had to do was enter a captcha and that was it. The connection speed is great. Fast enough to watch a youtube video without any problems.
    Great service! And everything for $10 a month. Unbelievable.
    And I cannot agree with a previous remark about the service. When I had problems installing the app a chat with a USMobil service agent solved the problem within minutes.

  15. Can you change which device is linked?

    Meaning if i link my phone and take a flight… Can i switch it after the flight to my laptop before my next flight?

  16. I think it’s only monthly. The app gets a “token” from the registration site. I don’t think you can fool it. I know I can’t use my mobile router to share a connection. That being said $30 for three devices is cheaper than $50.

  17. @will when you say the “app”, is there an app that needs to be downloaded to use it? I was looking at my account on my browser but didnt start my first 30 days yet.
    Also, are you saying each month i can change the device registered?

  18. Thanks for alerting us to this! I just signed up.

    My guess is this is a marketing strategy to acquire new customers (just like the credit card mileage bonuses we all love). In the TOS it’s pretty clear that the monthly price can change at any time. So I’m guessing once they hit their target of new customers, we’ll see a sizable rate increase. Hopefully it will still be a good deal!

  19. I have successfully utilized this on a number of domestic and international flights. However, on 2 separate occasions on Gogo 2ku equipped flights, the Ipass app was unable to find an internet connection by way of the wifi access point.

  20. Ben, I used the IPass this past week on the flight and I was truly amazed that it worked so well. I kept thinking, what a great value -thanks Ben! I told my seat mate and she told me she had a monthly GoGo pass and couldn’t believe what I was tell her. OF COURSE… I directed her to OMAAT website.. searched for IPASS… and now she is a subcriber… and an IPass subscriber! Thanks so much for the best tip lately!

  21. I am having the same issue as davidc, I have been using it on DL flights for a month, but on two occasions the iPass app kept saying “service is not yet available” and both cases were 2ku equipped flights.

  22. Big FAIL with this offer. I got an email from United that Gogo inflight would be available on my flight and it was not. Also, I did not find any iPass enabled hotspots on my trip. US Mobile would not refund my $10 as this offer is not guaranteed to work.

  23. beware of this scam company. I paid $768.00 for a yearly subscription and it rarely works. They are desperate for customers and after they have your CC info, you are in your own. Their customer service is non existent. I have numerous emails back and forth where they claim that they don’t provide service on flights that I am currently flying on, and emailing them from, after having been forced to repurchase a pass that should be in the subscription. I am seriously considering a lawsuit to recoup my losses. Just for the principal. They should not be trying to lure any new customers, when they know their service does not work as advertised.

  24. The service was working great for last month until I just updated the recent version for IOs11. Now it’s asking me to activate with a company email address. It no longer has my credentials. Does anyone else have this issue?

  25. iPass, with which USA Mobile partners to deliver this service, has pulled this product to make “improvements.” If you previously purchased, it will not renew after 30 days. I don’t know why they had such a bad partnership agreement to let this happen, but apparently they are having folks sign up for a waitinglist to be notified when it is back.

  26. Seems like they have run out. K2U is an issue and I think I know why (because of the extra window that comes up announcing the higher speed service, which needs to be dismissed before logging in, I am pretty sure the iPass PC app is not programmed to deal with that window). I’ve raised the issue with people I know at Gogo and at iPass. When I had it and I wasn’t on K2U it worked well.

  27. Anyone know what is the next cheaper alternative for international flight wifi?

    Too bad – iPass was really great imo

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