500 Free & Easy Lufthansa Miles

I like free miles, and that’s exactly what Lufthansa Miles & More is offering right now. Lufthansa Miles & More members who download the Miles & More app and log-in for the first time by September 30, 2017, will receive 500 bonus miles. There’s no registration required, and the bonus miles should post automatically.

Typically I share these deals because getting a small sum of miles can help you reset the expiration of your mileage account. However, in the case of Lufthansa, miles expire 36 months after they’re issued (unless you’re an elite member or have their co-branded credit card), and that’s regardless of how much activity you have on the account. So this will help you build your mileage balance, but won’t help you reset the expiration date of those miles.

Miles & More miles are most valuable since they can be redeemed more than 15 days in advance for travel in Lufthansa first class. So if you want to lock in a Lufthansa first class award ticket with advance planning, Miles & More is the way to go, since partner loyalty programs only get access to that space at most 15 days out.

So I wouldn’t sign up for a Miles & More account just to take advantage of this offer, but if you have an existing mileage balance already, you might as well earn some bonus miles.

(Tip of the hat to @IadisGr8)


  1. I already have the Lufthansa app downloaded on my phone but have never logged into my Miles and More account on the app. Will I still get the 500 miles or does the app have to be downloaded recently?

  2. Would this also work if you re-download the app since I have been using this app a lot already…

  3. Ben,

    I see that Miles & More miles do not expire if your have their Miles & More Credit Card Gold World Plus issued in Germany (as a listed benefit), however it is not listed as a benefit for their Barclaycard Miles & More World Elite Mastercard issued to U.S. residents (which presently has a signing bonus of 50,000 miles). Do you know if the 36-month expiration deadline also applies to barclaycard cardholders?

  4. Are the fuel surcharges for economy redemptions still ridiculous? Like $300-$400 for a one-way to Europe? That’s the only thing that has stopped me from going all in on the M&M program.

  5. Gilbert, US cardholders of the M&M card have their miles extended indefinitely so long as they use the card at least one per calendar month (not per statement period) to make a charge of at least $1 or more.

    However if you miss even one month then miles start to expire 36 months from that date. There is no opportunity to correct missing the month. Be aware that because of a bug in the Barclay system LH sometimes does not enforce this rule but you can’t depend upon that.

  6. @Steve,

    I can attest that holding the BarclayCard for 36 months and making a purchase in each of those months is NOT required.

    I have the card, and missed making purchases for more than 12 months. I got a notice on the Miles and More website saying a chunk of my miles (the oldest ones) were about to expire this summer. I then made a purchase a month or two before expiration and the notice went away.

    I have been making a purchase every month ever since, and I still have all my miles.

    Having said all of that, redeeming miles is not my priority, but if it is for anyone, it doesn’t make sense to hold on to them that long with this card. The card has been upgraded since I got it to now include two business lounge access tickets. There is no way for me to upgrade to that card. And that is also without taking into account one devaluation that has happened in the last 3 years. I shared more details about this in flyertalk.

    Finally, thanks Lucky for letting me know about the 500 miles! I always enjoy reading your blog. Have done so for years. Keep up the good work in spite of some hateful comments you get every now and then. There are still many of us who find your site very useful!

  7. Thanks everyone for your answers.

    Not to hijack this thread, but does anyone know if LH charges outrageous fees for redeeming Miles & More miles for intra-Europe flights?

    I’m tempted to apply for the barclaycard M&M credit card to redeem for intra-European flights only.

  8. downloaded app, signed in. No miles added. Signed out, signed back in, still no miles added. Will see what tomorrow brings.

  9. Thanks for the tip, just downloaded the app! Ugh just checked my balance to note that two roundtrip flights within Europe on Swiss only scored me a total of 500 miles. Lufthansa is definitely the WORST program for accruing miles.

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