Hong Kong Airlines’ New Los Angeles Flight Is Now On Sale

As I first wrote about in early July, Hong Kong Airlines was planning on making their US debut later this year. They just started service to North America this summer, as they launched a Hong Kong to Vancouver route, and didn’t take long to announce further expansion.

However, the airline is taking delivery of their first A350 shortly (they have a total of 17 of these on order), and they have big growth plans with that, as they want to launch a Hong Kong to Los Angeles flight. Their A350 will feature a total of 334 seats, including 33 reverse herringbone business class seats, and 301 economy seats.

Well, Hong Kong Airlines’ new Hong Kong to Los Angeles flight is now bookable for travel as of December 18, 2017, with the following schedule:

HX68 Hong Kong to Los Angeles departing 12:10PM arriving 8:55AM
HX69 Los Angeles to Hong Kong departing 10:45AM arriving 6:20PM (+1 day)

The flight will operate 4x weekly through January 12, 2018, and daily after that.

I’ve been wanting to review Hong Kong Airlines for a while, and there’s no better way to do it than on their brand new A350. However, unfortunately they don’t have much in the way of introductory fares.

A business class roundtrip ticket from Los Angeles to Hong Kong costs ~$5,300:

Meanwhile a business class roundtrip ticket from Hong Kong to Los Angeles costs ~$4,300:

One-way business class pricing is significantly more than half the cost of a roundtrip:

Now, the flight was literally just loaded into the schedule, so there’s a chance we’ll see a fare sale, and they just haven’t had time to load it yet. If they do, I’ll certainly book. Hong Kong Airlines is going up against stiff competition here — Cathay Pacific operates 4x daily flights between the two airports, while American operates a once daily flight. Hong Kong Airlines is going to be have to compete on price if they want to gain market share.

Unfortunately Hong Kong Airlines doesn’t have much in the way of airline partners, at least as far as I know, so there aren’t many opportunities to earn or redeem partner airline miles on these flights. They do partner with Virgin Australia, but those two airlines don’t offer reciprocal mileage redemptions yet.

Hong Kong Airlines is known for their great premium fares, so here’s to hoping we see those on the Los Angeles route as well.


  1. Alaska is a partner in the Fortune Wings Club so you should be able to earn points that way.

    I have a HK based colleague who last summer redeemed Fortune Wings points for a bunch of AS tickets for his family on a West Coast visit.

  2. Hong Kong AirIines is a subsidiary of Hainan, I believe. You can’t earn Alaska points on it, but you can definitely earn Fortune Wings points. So that could be the source of the confusion.

    I flew them last year HKG-BKK in J. My recollection is that the lounge in HKG was dark (no windows), but otherwise comfortable. Decent selection of food and drink. On board the A330 the hard product was fine. Staggered lie flat seats with all aisle access. 1-2-1? I took one for the team and was in the exposed window position so my wife could have the inside window position. On the return flight it was angle-flat seats in a 2-2-2 configuration. As I recall, service was friendly but not very polished. Slippers were offered, but Champagne not proactively refilled, that sort of thing. Food was very forgettable, enough so that the lounge food was definitely better in recollection. Flight was a bit late, which is apparently common on that route. I don’t know about their other routes. Equal number of take-offs and landings.

    Looking forward to reading Lucky’s experience with this airline.

  3. Lucky:

    You can book Hong Kong Airlines from Vancouver RT to HKG….and the fare converted into USD is only around $2300.00 with the current exchange rate….I however have heard, that while their inflight staff are very good, the soft product aka food needs upgrades….

  4. I will also warn everyone about this “Z” fare. For some reason, HX is selling these discounted business class tickets as “Z” which is usually HX’s redemption ticket code. I don’t know what is going on with HX, but have sent them an inquiry. It will be pretty bad that you can’t even get any miles a $4000USD ticket. FWC is already pretty weak, but no miles is an insult. While HX is part of Hainan Airlines group, it cannot earn miles through Alaska Airlines. It will be natural for HX to have some deals with Alaska, but then Alaska is also partnering with CX, so we will have to wait and see. HX can be a mess sometimes when it comes to things like fare codes. It sounds pretty crazy that Z is your redemption ticket code, but you will sell “Z” fare tickets on your own website. YVR-HKG oneway ticket is also Z. HX still has lots of room for improvement and its IT department basically needs a major boost. Given the speed of thing, I will wait for another week or so before booking on it. Given this price, I won’t worry about flights selling out. Their Y fares from LAX to HKG is $1300USD RT, which is not too bad for Christmas, but given their lack of brand recognition, they need to really lower the fares significantly. I don’t think their A350 business class will be revolutionary. If that’s the case, they better do a press con soon!

  5. LAX-HKG on sale now for $420 RT on this airline in economy. Prices are going to be down in business too.

  6. Just to weigh in on Z class
    For some reason these are now the default lowest fare business ticket across the network and none earn mileage which is terrible. I have no idea the logic here of selling these previous redemption and your group tickets online when J used to be the lowest biz ticket sellable online. Also to add insult to injury theyve raised the business ticket prices on many routes as well. When the lowest economy fare is still earning mileage you have to question whether someone had a grasp of how loyalty schemes work. If mileage is important to you check the fare code carefully!

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