A Gol Smiles Promotion That’s Too Good To Be True

Gol is a Brazilian airline that has a solid loyalty program. Per View from the Wing, at the moment they have an incredible deal available through their hotel portal (with uses the Rocketmiles platform), and it’s too good to be true. Gol Smiles is offering first time users of their hotel portal triple miles on their first hotel booking, and in many cases that means you’ll earn miles that are worth more than the cost of your stay.

Just as one example, take a look at a one night hotel stay in Los Angeles, where you can earn 150,000 bonus miles for an $859 stay at the Ritz-Carlton.

Gol has a bunch of airline partners, including the following:

The issue is that they don’t publish many award prices online, though based on everything I’ve seen they’re fairly reasonable. I just can’t actually find any specific pricing at the moment. Or maybe since Delta owns a stake in Gol, that’s quite intentional?

Now, there’s one catch, and that’s in the terms:

1. The participant duly enrolled Smiles Program, resident and domiciled in Brazil, with valid CPF that between 10:00 AM (Brasília time) on July 21, 2017 and 10:00 AM (Brasília time) on 08/31/2017 (“Term”) to purchase a hotel daily in the Smiles area with the partner RockeMiles whose CheckOut is given until September 15, 2017, using only money (credit card) can accumulate 200% (two hundred percent) in Smiles Miles Bonuses on the amount of Smiles Miles presented at the time of booking that will be accumulated with the reservation and overnight at the chosen hotel (“Bonus Miles”).

They say you need to be a resident of and domiciled in Brazil. Whether or not they’ll enforce that, I don’t know. But in general I want to make sure I’m 100% following the rules when I’m taking advantage of a promotion that seems too good to be true. Nonetheless I know have some readers in Brazil, so maybe you guys can use this promotion.

But I guess bigger picture I still don’t get this promotion. Clearly they’re not intending to offer the promotion this way, but where exactly did they go wrong? Or are they? It just doesn’t make any sense.

Bottom line

Personally I’m not taking advantage of this promotion, since I’m not a Brazilian citizen, since many partner award tickets have to be booked by phone, and there’s just too much risk. However, if you are a citizen of Brazil, or if you’re less risk averse than I am, this is a crazy deal.

Anyone plan on taking advantage of this promotion?


  1. As SkyMiles, Smiles cannot be redeemed for first class tickets. But I’ll absolutely try to use it.

    Just a quick trivia: the Smiles program is part of Varig’s (the former brazilian airflag carrier) legacy. Gol bought the program and some european airport slots, but just uses Smiles as it is today.

  2. “However, if you are a citizen of Brazil, or if you’re more risk averse than I am, this is a crazy deal”

    I think you mean “less risk averse”…

  3. Please note that after the last “buy GOL Smiles miles” promotion where people snapped on QR F seats from mispriced charts, they started shutting down non-Brazilian accounts.

  4. Smiles can be used for first class redemption. It is just ridiculously expensive, and limited to certain airlines.

    GOL has a record of cracking down accounts that purchased miles but did not have a valid CPF and/or Brazillian address depending on the T&C of the promo. I do have a valid CPF (you can apply at the Brazillian consulate for free even if you have zero relation to Brazil) but not the address, so I will pass this one.

    BTW eHarmony didn’t fail. It was a great success for me.

  5. This won’t work, Gol will quickly shut down people’s accounts, they do enforce the rule about being a Brazilian citizen

  6. I think everyone is confused. I’m an American but lived in Brazil for 6 months and have a CPF. Like someone mentioned before it is very easy to get a CPF.

  7. “…with a valid CPF”. That is the equivalent to the US social security number. Good luck trying to cheat to get this offer if you are not Brazilian.

  8. @Sean To be fair, I did very well with eharmony, I was refunded but the miles stayed in my account

  9. Rocketmiles is great, now they’re promoting Asiamiles also, after you stay 2 nights in an Eastern european hotel by spending ~US$180, you can get 9000 Asiamiles miles.

  10. I saw that yesterday morning, and now they cut the miles in half already. I found a hotel that for 300 usd I could get 105.000 miles, now the same day and rate is 69.000

  11. @keitherson and CP

    Well, that’s odd. My wife has diamond status with them (their higher tier) and when we looked for tickets to Asia with QF and EK, they didn’t show first class availability. Not even to say it was sold out.

    But hey, if it has, better news. Thanks for the reply.

  12. Been living in Brazil for 7 years, Smiles is sneaky one of my favorite programs. They consistently offer 50-100% bonuses on purchased and transferred points – just be aware of when the bonus points expire, which can be as quick as 30 days.

    You can book first class tickets, even the Ethiad Apartment from GRU-AUH-JFK for 250k Smiles (GRU-AUH is on a 777).

    They also have a pretty decent Points + Cash program. We will be flying LGA-ATL-GIG next month for 12k + R$420.

    I do have a CPF….

  13. Like everything else in brazil I sounds like a scam or ;catch…btw they ALREADY lowered to 35,000 miles….LOL…I should know better ima Brazilian …….cant trust it

  14. Anyone tried this and received their miles? Is there a place that more people are talking about this deal? I have a refundable booking..wondering what I should do.

  15. In Smiles, all the partner award tickets can be booked by their website, don’t need to phone them.

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