Limited Time: Get Starbucks Gold Status After Just One Purchase

Starbucks is back with a similar promotion to what they offered last year, back when their program went revenue based. The catch is that this time the promotion isn’t valid for existing Starbucks Gold members.

Through this promotion, you can earn Starbucks Gold status after making a single purchase with the app or a registered Starbucks Card between July 20 and July 31, 2017. Ordinarily you need to earn 300 stars, which requires $150 of spend, in order to earn Gold status. There’s no registration required, and your account should automatically be updated with Gold status if you otherwise meet the terms.

In terms of program benefits, Green members receive the following perks, which include things like a free birthday drink and free in-store coffee refills:

Gold members receive the following perks (the most significant being that you can redeem your stars towards free drinks and snacks):

Bottom line

Starbucks Gold isn’t life changing, but if you do happen to be making a Starbucks purchase anyway between now an the end of the month, make sure you use their app or a Starbucks Card so that you earn Gold status.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this offer?

(Tip of the hat to Doctor of Credit)


  1. Totally unrelated to you blog, BUT, heck, why not?!? 🙂

    I sure will be taking an advantage of this offer. Thanks for heads up..

  2. No way, when have fecal bacteria in their overpriced drinks.

    I never waste my money at this crap place

  3. Lucky I absolutely love this blog though I would appreciate if it it was just kept to travel and points as this post isn’t

  4. Gotta love the complaints above. This blog is about miles and points, which are part of loyalty programs. That is exactly what this post is about (albeit not Travel related). If nothing else, it’s just a helpful tip.

    Here’s a mind-blowing idea: if you don’t want to read it, don’t click on the post.

  5. @Morgan I mean hey, it is indeed related to loyalty programs points and status. Not to mention just one drink. So we all definitely take advantage of that. Unless some of us earned status the hard way

  6. I’m not a fan of Starbucks. I make my own coffee at home, which is not only cheaper, it tastes much better. With one exception: when I’m TRAVELING. Even in Europe I’d rather go to a Costa, or an Einstein, but sometimes the only US style coffee shop around is Starbucks.

    So yeah, this post is about loyalty programs, points, program ‘hacks’, and travel. Just exactly what this blog is all about. 😉

    One complaint though, European Starbucks locations won’t accept an American Starbucks card. So don’t load it up expecting to use that outside the US. 🙁

  7. Starbucks just continues to devalue their loyalty program. I’ve earned GOLD STATUS the hard way every year since 1978, and now all these over-entitled DYKWIAs are going to clog up the queues demanding their gold cards and double stars on select days of each month.

    I’m done with Starbucks. I’m switching all my coffee to Costa, or maybe going private. Dolce Gusto here I come.

  8. “With one exception: when I’m TRAVELING.”

    Buy an AEROPRESS and take small bricks of espresso with you wherever you go. Total weight will be less than one pound and it doesn’t take up much space in luggage (I use an ebags weekender and never have more than 8kg/17 pounds).

  9. I finally got around to doing this today. I mostly buy the bag coffee at CVS, Walgreeens or Target, whichever is on sale, and enter the starcodes but showed up at my nearest store today and got a Gouda, bacon and egg sandwich on ciabatta bread. It was fine, maybe not twice as good as an egg McMuffin from across the street, especially since I put ketchup on eggs and my Starbucks does not have ketchup. But I’m Gold now so thanks.

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