A Great SPG Amex Targeted Spend Offer

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If you have a bunch of credit cards, odds are good that you get emails every so often for bonus points if you spend a certain amount within a specified period. I’m not talking about the initial credit card sign-up bonus, but rather bonuses for incremental spend.

Card issuers analyze the spend patters of cardmembers, and based on that will often send our targeted deals. I get these offers every so often. Sometimes I think they’re worth taking advantage of, other times they’re not (my credit card strategy is complicated enough without having to keep track of these offers as well).

Well I just received a targeted spend bonus for the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express, which I plan to take advantage of. Through this offer I can earn earn 10,000 bonus Starpoints if I spend $10,000 on the card by September 30, 2017.

Registration for the targeted offered is required by August 15, 2017. You can see if you’re eligible for the offer on this page. Again, it’s targeted, though you can log-in with your SPG account details to see if you’re targeted or not (in the past I’ve sometimes been targeted without actually having received the offer by email).

The SPG Amex is already one of the most rewarding out there for everyday spend, given that it offers one Starpoint per dollar spent, and I value those points at ~2.2 cents each. That means through this promotion I’d be getting a return of ~4.4% on spend, assuming I can spend $10,000 during the promotion period.

That’s a fairly high spend threshold, given that I have just over two months to complete the offer. Obviously it doesn’t make sense for me to put spend on this card when I could otherwise be earning 3-5x points per dollar spent with other cards in select categories. So I have to look at this offer in terms of the opportunity cost of spend, and therefore would want to use this card for non-bonused spend when I don’t otherwise have a credit card minimum spend to reach.

I’ll do my best to complete this offer, and if nothing else will pay my quarterly taxes on the card. I can pay my taxes by credit card for a fee of ~1.9%, so that’s like generating Starpoints for under a penny each.

Were you targeted for this SPG Amex spend promotion? If so, do you plan on taking advantage of it?

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  1. Am I missing something!? $10k!?!? …for basically a signup bonus? That is more than “steep.” SPG points are valued more than others but can you give me an example of where this makes sense?

  2. J, not everyone wants to sign up for credit cards all the time. This is basically 2 Starpoints per $1, I’d take that on all of my non-bonused spend (in fact I did a few months ago when I was targeted).

  3. Well it certainly makes sense if you planned to put that spend on the SPG card anyway. Many use this as one of their every day spend cards due to the strong value of SPG points. Or maybe if you only expected to put on around 5-6k in that time period…it would certainly be worth shifting a few extra thousand to make the 10k threshold to claim the 10k bonus points. Seems like a great offer for existing card holders.

  4. Never got targeted on previous promotions, but was able to add this to mine. 10k bonus points for $10k spend. Thanks!

    And like IKC pointed out, 2 starpoints on non-bonus spend… When you factor in what value you can get for these points, then its great!

  5. Alas, not targeted. It’s a shame really, because I could see myself meeting the minimum spend furnishing my house over the next month. I’ll probably still put all of that on my SPG Amex…

  6. Have used this as my main card for 17 years and have never been targeted. So much for

  7. I got targeted a couple months ago for 5k points for $5k spend. At first made sense, but when I crunched the numbers, the value wasn’t there.

  8. I took advantage of targeted “Spend $5K and get 5K bonus” offer earlier this year. $10K spend it quite steep!

  9. I received the offer, and accepted today,so when does the spend start,

    I soent $2500.00 on the card yesterday…

  10. I did not receive an email alert but did find an offer of Earn 15K Bonus Pts After $15K Spend by 9/30/17.

  11. I got this offer on my business SPG card last quarter. Spent $10K on estimated taxes at 1.87% and earned 20K SPG points. Figured “buying” SPG points at $0.00935 each was worth it.

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