Insane: Potentially Get Up To $55 Off A $60 Amazon Purchase

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Last week I wrote about a great opportunity to save $30 on a $60 Amazon purchase, which I know many of you took advantage of. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of that promotion it’s still available. And if you have, there’s yet another great bonus that will save you $25 on a $50 Amazon purchase if you have a card that accrues Membership Rewards points.

Best of all, the two offers are combinable, so for some this will be an opportunity to save $55 on a $60 Amazon purchase.

This is incredible, as savings with Amazon are basically good as cash to me.

Recapping the previous Amazon deal: $30 off a $60 purchase

The previous promotion (which is still available) offers $30 off a $60 or more purchase with Amazon. Here are the instructions for taking advantage of this offer:

1. Add $60 or more of eligible products sold and shipped by to your shopping cart.
2. Under “Choose a payment method,” select your Membership Rewards eligible American Express Card and pay for at least a portion of your order with Membership Rewards points, then click “Use this payment method.”
3. Enter the promo code AMEX17PRIME in the box provided on the checkout page, then click “Apply.”
4. Up to $30 of savings will be reflected on the final order checkout page.

After you’ve added at least $60 of eligible items to your cart, go to the “Payment method” section and make sure you select an Amex card that accrues Membership Rewards points, and is also enrolled in the pay with points option. I recommend selecting just a penny as the value for which you want to redeem points. Then enter AMEX17PRIME in the “add a gift card or promotion code” box.

As I explained, there are potentially some reasons you could have issues with this promotion:

  • You’re purchasing something that’s not directly being shipped by Amazon
  • The limit of the first 100,000 people to take advantage of this promotion has been reached
  • You’ve redeemed Membership Rewards points towards the cost of an Amazon purchase within the past 12 months, in which case you’re not eligible
  • You’re not an Amazon Prime member

The new Amazon deal: $25 off a $50 purchase

Doctor of Credit shares the details of yet another great offer. If you took advantage of the previous offer, this is an opportunity to save $25 off a $50 purchase. If you didn’t take advantage of the previous offer, you can potentially combine both offers and save $55 on a $60 Amazon purchase.

First follow this link to see if you’re eligible for the offer. On that page click the “Click here to qualify” button. If you’re eligible, it should say that the coupon has been clipped. If you’re not eligible, it will say that you’re not eligible. There’s no guarantee you’ll be eligible, though this does seem to be pretty widely targeted, at least.

I was eligible for this offer despite the fact that I also took advantage of the last promotion. With that in mind, here are the steps of using the offer:

  1. Click on the button below to activate this promotion credit. Note that you will NOT receive the credit unless you click on this button.
  2. Add $50 or more of eligible products sold and shipped by to your shopping cart.
  3. Under “Choose a payment method,” select your Membership Rewards eligible American Express Card and pay for at least a portion of your order with Membership Rewards points, then click “Use this payment method.”
  4. Up to $25 of savings will be reflected on the final order checkout page if the items in your order are eligible for the promotion credit.

I decided to buy a $50 gift card for $24.99 plus one Membership Rewards point. Amazon sells all kinds of gift cards, so I figured I’d pick up a pick up a Starbucks gift card for half off.

Bottom line

It’s worth checking to see if you’re eligible for this offer. If you are, this is a great opportunity to get half off a purchase with Amazon. And if you haven’t taken advantage of the previous offer either, you can potentially get a crazy $55 off a $60 purchase.

Were you able to take advantage of either or both of these offers?


  1. Worked! $50 Regal gift card … use 0.1 cent rewards points and paid $24.99 for the card.


  2. Update … went back and got another $60 gift card and put the $30 in credit on it.

    Bottom line … I was able to get $110 in Regal gift cards for $59!

    Terrific value! Thanks for the tip!!!

  3. Just ordered $67 worth of things, got $25 and $30 discount, used 1 MR point for a total cost of $13.08 with taxes…

  4. A couple weeks ago, I tried the 30 off 60 promo and it didn’t work. And, I’m glad because I tried again last night and got the combined deal! I ordered a $50 Ulta gift card and a $14 cookbook. I used $1 of MR points and my final bill was $8.56!! If you’re having trouble, follow the directions carefully! Thanks Lucky and DOC

  5. I tried the first offer a couple days ago and it didn’t work. I tried both offers last night and they didn’t work. But this morning I put some different items in my cart and was able to get both discounts. Be very careful to ensure you are purchasing eligible items–they must sold and shipped directly from Amazon.

  6. Wow! Thanks for the information. I followed your instructions and got a credit for $55.00 on a over $300.00 purchase. Keep up the good work! I check you web page every day.

  7. Eligible for both offers. Got a $75 Safeway grocery card for $19.99 plus one Membership Rewards point.

  8. Thanks Lucky! Got a $60 Whole Foods gift card for $0 by also using the $5 credit for purchasing a $25 Amazon gc from earlier in the week.

  9. $55 off for my work scrubs! All shipping from Amazon. Thanks for the heads up!
    P.s. I clipped the $25 from/using the Amazon app , so I didn’t have to use the Doctor of Credit link.

  10. Awesome! Spouse was eligible for both, and I was able to use them for a purchase that I was planning to make anyway 🙂

  11. I got it with DOC email last night. I got both $55 off 2 cases paper haha

    This is first time I have received these time or number limited offers

  12. Amazing! I bought a $60 Whole Foods gift card for $1.16 ($30+$25 promos + $3.84 promo from Amazon Move). Thanks Lucky!

    Make sure to read the fine print … I tried a multitude of gift cards before I got this one to work. The promo doesn’t work on Amazon cards or Visa cards, for example.

  13. The $30 and $25 credits stacked for me and I didn’t even intend to apply the $25 credit. Clicked Lucky’s link just to check it out and the promo was automatically applied.

  14. Thanks Ben! Couldn’t get last week’s offer to work despite trying & soon gave up. Tried again today and got both offers! Weird that somethings don’t count even if it says sold & shipped by Amazon. Just keep trying!

  15. Unfortunately all the stuff I’m looking to buy on Amazon isn’t sold by Amazon, but I did get a $60 Whole Foods gift card for $4.99. Figured I’d spend that money anyways.

  16. Thanks Lucky! Got a $100 Starbucks gift card for $44.99. Got both offers. To get both to work, need to use your AmEx card, use 1 AmEx membership reward point, and put in the AmEx promo code in the appropriate fields. Amazon’s great since it gives you a screen of your purchases and discounts to show you whether everything is in place before you pull the trigger. Now I hope that this will also get me the 2000 membership reward points, which is another promo I think was also mentioned here, if you spend $50 on Amazon. (I had ordered earlier something else on Amazon, which should get me above 50.) Thanks again!

  17. Thank you for this article! I wasn’t eligible for either offer, but my husband was eligible for both! He got $55 off of a computer component he was planning to buy soon. What a great deal!!

  18. So apparently, Sephora gift cards aren’t sold by Amazon? Whatever. Not eligible for the 2nd promo, anyway.

  19. No luck for me on the new one but the one last week worked, plus the 2k MR points, plus whatever JetBlue points I end up with from it. I’m disappointed this one didn’t work but I’m glad I got at least one of them!

  20. Worked perfectly. Got both the $25 and $30 off a purchase of stuff I would have bought anyway. Made me realize I had to update some things with my amex card linked to my amazon account which was great. Thanks for the free cash OMAAT 🙂

  21. You really need to mess around with these offers some, because it doesn’t work with a lot of stuff including some direct amazon purchases. I ended up paying $4.99 for a $60 netflix card.

  22. AMEX17PRIME didn’t work for me last week and now it says expired.

    The $25 off clipped coupon offered did work. $25 free is still good for me.

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