Great Deal: Get $30 Off A $60 Amazon Purchase With Amex

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who makes most of my purchases through Amazon. The way I see it, savings with Amazon are more or less worth their face value.

It’s possible to redeem some points currencies for Amazon purchases, though it’s almost never a good deal. For example, you can redeem your Amex Membership Rewards points for Amazon purchases. I value those points at ~1.7 cents each, while you get at most a penny per point of value when redeeming Amex points towards Amazon purchases.

However, sometimes there are promos that make this more than worthwhile. At the moment, you can save $30 off an Amazon purchase of $60 or more when you use Membership Rewards points towards an eligible purchase.

The good thing is that you can redeem just a single point to save a penny off the purchase price, and then you’d receive the $30 discount.

Here’s how Amazon describes the process of taking advantage of this promotion:

1. Add $60 or more of eligible products sold and shipped by to your shopping cart.
2. Under “Choose a payment method,” select your Membership Rewards eligible American Express Card and pay for at least a portion of your order with Membership Rewards points, then click “Use this payment method.”
3. Enter the promo code AMEX17PRIME in the box provided on the checkout page, then click “Apply.”
4. Up to $30 of savings will be reflected on the final order checkout page.

After you’ve added at least $60 of eligible items to your cart, go to the “Payment method” section and make sure you select an Amex card that accrues Membership Rewards points, and is also enrolled in the pay with points option. I recommend selecting just a penny as the value for which you want to redeem points. Then enter AMEX17PRIME in the “add a gift card or promotion code” box.

Then you should see the credit reflected in the payment section.

In case you have issues with this promotion, the reason is likely because:

  • You’re purchasing something that’s not directly being shipped by Amazon
  • The limit of the first 100,000 people to take advantage of this promotion has been reached
  • You’ve redeemed Membership Rewards points towards the cost of an Amazon purchase within the past 12 months, in which case you’re not eligible
  • You’re not an Amazon Prime member

Lastly, keep in mind that last month there was a targeted Amex Offer for 2,000 bonus Membership Rewards points on an Amazon purchase, so if you were targeted for that you can stack these two promotions to get an even better deal.

Were you able to take advantage of this $30 off Amazon promotion?

(Tip of the hat to Doctor of Credit)


  1. It worked for me. Thanks! You do have to make sure that you pick items that are sold AND shipped by Amazon. So I focused on some books I’ve been wanting to read–can’t get more “Amazon” than that.

  2. I’m getting “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to this purchase.” Not sure why. All items shipped by Amazon (although some are “add on items”) and I’ve never redeemed MR points on Amazon.

  3. @ snic — For what it’s worth, they seem to be weird about what they consider to be sold directly by Amazon. The things I first put in my cart said they’re shipped by Amazon but weren’t eligible, but then I put something else in my cart that worked. So maybe try again with some other items?

  4. Had the same item with items “fulfilled” by Amazon not working. Had to be shipped and sold by Amazon. Grabbed a 60 dollar gift card sold by Amazon and the promo worked just fine. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Still no luck. I added only “shipped and sold by Amazon” items totaling $63, applied $.01 of MR points from the Everday Amex, and tried to apply the promotion. And I’m a Prime member. Same “cannot be applied” error.

    Oh, well.

  6. There was a link while checkout advertising this deal. When I clicked it it told I was not eligible. Never used Amex points at Amazon either.

  7. Thanks for the tip! I was able to use the promo, stack with the spend 50+ get 2,00 MR points, and used a gift card as well.

  8. Yeehaw. Used a card that had AMEX offer for 2k points for $50 Amazon purchase. Grabbed a book and an Ooma voip device. $30 promo applied, 2k points coming for the purchase. Book was needed as a gift (my wife will be glad I’m getting my Dad’s bday present early this year!)

    Be aware, however, that you MUST apply any existing promo amount in your account in order to use the $30 promo. I had $8 sitting there from past order problems and there was no way to leave that $8 alone and still use the $30 from this promo.

  9. @Rob. Yes. It was a restaurant group gift card. Was hoping to get a new portable battery pack but everything I looked at didn’t qualify.

  10. American Express reports that you will need to contact them regarding your account status before you are able to use Membership Rewards points. You may contact American Express at 1-800-AXP-7500.

  11. 1:30pm Pacific Time

    Worked with 5 MR point redemption + Amex card. No need to call Amex or do anything special. Entered points, added code, checked out.

  12. Anyone successful with a business card? I tried to register and Amazon said, “American Express® reports that you do not have a Membership Rewards® account.” I have a new Business Plus card.

  13. Unfortunately, I received the error, “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.” Even with just a $60 Amazon gift card in my cart. Hope others have better luck than me!

  14. Thanks for sharing! Worked for me! But please note you need to apply the $0.01 in the box to pay with MR points first, then AMEX17PRIME in the promo code box. I tried adding the promo code first and got the error that it could not be applied to purchase. When I added the $0.01 first, then I was able to add the AMEX17PRIME code and get the $30 discount. Good luck!!

  15. 5:59 pm PT. Worked on a Whole Foods gift card sent via email. None of the Fulfilled and Sold by Amazon items worked for me. Nor did an Amazon gift card. Weird promo but just got a $60 Whole Foods card for $29.99 plus 1 MR. Thanks!

  16. This didn’t work when I tried to apply it to an order on amazon and customer service explained it only applies to items SOLD BY and SHIPPED by amazon. A lot of products you buy on amazon won’t apply.

    They still gave me a credit because I received the banner ad in an order that it couldn’t possibly apply to (good job, Amazon!) but that will likely explain the problem some commenters are experiencing. Also, the code was different on the day that I tried to apply it (but the promotion was the same)

  17. Tried whole foods gift card, didnt work. tried a bunch of sold by amazon stuff i was buying anyway, nothing worked. This type of promotion had worked in the past, so i dont know…

  18. Worked as of 1:08pm MT on Friday. I did have to rearrange my cart so that everything was sold by and shipped by Amazon. It didn’t work when I had items fulfilled by Amazon.

  19. 1) Make sure all are bought from & fulfilled by Amazon.
    2) $60 is before tax, before coupons, but after other discounts (scored $22 box of chia bars with a 30% off Prime deal PLUS a 30% off coupon; net cost about $4 after the promo).

  20. Used an Amex Platinum for $66 worth of books, redeemed $.01, and the code worked fine for $30. I’m not a Prime member.

    Thanks for reporting the code.

    Ben, how did you learn of this offer? I didn’t get any email from Amex, and it did not appear in my Amex offers.

  21. After a lot of back and forth and finally getting this to work, I’ve become somewhat of an expert on this deal. Here’s what I know:

    • As of 5pm Pacific on 7/7, this deal still works. There’s a 100,000 customer limit but considering the previous $25 off $50 deal had an 80K limit and lasted for months, this deal will likely time out first.
    • Items can be sold and shipped by Amazon, OR “Sold and delivered by ACI Gift Cards, LLC., an Amazon company.”, which is most gift cards on Amazon.
    • If you’ve just added purchase with points to your account and can’t get the deal to work, wait up to 24 hours. I added my account and tried this deal last night at 10pm and read somewhere that it might take some time. I got it to work 5pm the next day with the exact same products and parameters.
    • The Amazon phone reps can’t find anything about this deal except on Google. This code doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere except on deal sites.

  22. Cant get it to work with amazon gift card 🙁
    Havent used MR points ever and I am a prime customer. Anyone knows if its dead?

  23. Actually just saw this in previous comment
    “If you’ve just added purchase with points to your account and can’t get the deal to work, wait up to 24 hours. I added my account and tried this deal last night at 10pm and read somewhere that it might take some time. I got it to work 5pm the next day with the exact same products and parameters.”

    I did just connect my card, so will try again tomorrow.. 🙂

  24. Still working (for me); just picked up a $60 restaurant gift card for $29 and a few MR points.

  25. Still working – both the 30 and the 25 applied for some amazon products (bed pillows) and then separately on a different account (my moms) 45 bucks for a 100 dollar whole foods gift card.

    We share the prime account so we didnt even need to have paid for two prime accounts. Lucky, this was gold. thanks.

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