The US Electronics Ban Is Now Lifted For Qatar Airways Flights

There’s more good news! Qatar Airways has just announced that they’re no longer subjected to the electronics ban for US-bound flights, with immediate effect. That means you can once again bring your laptops, tablets, cameras, noise canceling headphones, etc., into the cabin of Qatar Airways flights bound for the US.

That makes Qatar Airways the fourth airline to announce that they’re no longer subjected to the electronics ban. Emirates announced it was lifted out of Dubai earlier today, Turkish announced it was being lifted out of Istanbul yesterday, and Etihad announced it was being lifted out of Abu Dhabi a few days ago.

I’m pleasantly surprised to see this being lifted for flights out of Qatar. Given the accusations that Saudi Arabia has made against Qatar, I was expecting perhaps this might be a bit more complicated, though it looks like it’s not.

Remaining airlines impacted by the ban include EgyptAir, Kuwait Airways, Royal Jordanian, Royal Air Maroc, and Saudia. We’ve heard that Saudia expects to have the ban lifted by July 19, 2017, though I haven’t heard anything about the other airlines and airports. I suspect we’ll find out soon enough, as I’m sure this is something they’re all anxiously working towards.

I’m excited to see Qatar Airways no longer subjected to the electronics ban, given the consistently excellent business class fares they publish. I’ll likely be booking one of these soon in order to requalify for status with American, especially given that they’ll soon be offering the Qsuites to New York.

While I hope the restrictions are lifted for the remaining airlines, at this point the four airlines with the most flights to the US have been “cleared,” so that’s exciting.


  1. Really happy to hear that. Anyone has any idea if the ban to UK will be lifted as well if airports like CAI and AMM are exempted from the ban to the US?

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