Restrictions On Electronic Devices Lifted For US-Bound Emirates Flights

The good news keeps coming as it relates to the US electronics ban, that had been in place since late March. Emirates is the latest airline to announce that large electronic devices are once again allowed in the cabins of their US-bound flights. So if you’re flying Emirates from Dubai to the US, you won’t have to check your laptop, iPad, camera, etc.

This makes Emirates the third airline to announce that the electronics ban is no longer in effect — this follows the ban being lifted for Etihad three days ago, and the ban being lifted for Turkish yesterday. All of this is possible thanks to last week’s announcement that the US is introducing enhanced security procedures abroad, and as part of that, the electronics ban will be ended as long as airports comply with the new rules.

Remaining airlines impacted by the ban include EgyptAir, Kuwait Airways, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, Royal Air Maroc, and Saudia. We’ll see how long it takes the other airlines to update their policies — for what it’s worth, The National reports that Saudia expects for their ban to be lifted by July 19.


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